Bernice Webster: Her Story.

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A woman up in years shares her story.

Submitted: June 22, 2017

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Submitted: June 22, 2017



My name is Bernice Charlotte Webster.  I used to live in Louisiana (born there, too, in Lafayette); however, about ten/eleven years ago, I moved to Tennessee (Nashville, to be exact), when the pastor at our church left to start a new church there.

I am one of the "founding members" of the church I now attend, New River of Life Assembly of God Church (formerly known as Christ Community Assembly of God Church): I've been there since day one, and I've seen this church explode in growth, from just a few people to over 4,500.  The growth of our church has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Prior to the church I go to now, I attended New Hope Assembly of God in Lafayette, Louisiana, which was a very tiny church: it had fewer than 80 congregants total!

I am married to a wonderful man named Garfield.  We've been married for over 50 years; our marriage is a match made in Heaven.  We have four wonderful children, two sons and two daughters; they, in kind, have given us ten adorable grandchildren, who are the lights of our lives.

Life hasn't been all that sweet lately, especially for me.  You see, a few months back, I had a very bad fall in my home.  Garfield was the one who found me lying on the ground, crying out in pain.  We both knew that my hip was broken: it hurt like hell, for lack of a better word.  We both knew that a very long recovery lay ahead for me (and, quite possibly, surgery).

I was scared, very scared.  I didn't know what would happen to me.  I was afraid I'd end up in a nursing home, which was the very last thing I wanted (it was probably my biggest fear).  My mother died in a nursing home, and I didn't want to suffer the same fate.  (Mother died of abuse at the hands of several staff members; it was horrific, brutal; years later, I am still haunted by flashbacks and/or nightmares).

Well, I eventually had the surgery.  While it has been quite painful, every day that goes by finds me hurting less and less, and a wonderful physical therapy team is helping me get back on my feet.  I am now staying in a convelescent home until my hip fully heals; then I'll go back home, where I'll (hopefully) be as good as new.

Since my terrible fall, I haven't been able to go to church; it's been very hard missing Pastor Bilkey's teachings/sermons, let alone, the wonderful music and seeing the familiar faces of my fellow church family members.

Thank God for people like Effie Tottinger, Wilma Belton, Annie Groess, Louisiana Sandusky, and Hiram and Helen Needles, who come to see me on a regular basis and fill me in as to what is happening in our church family!  If it were not for them, I'd have gone stir crazy long ago!

Hopefully, soon, I'll be able to return to church; right now is not the time.  So church comes to me, in the form of visitations and/or weekly services (held Saturday nights or Sunday mornings, as well as Sunday evenings and again on Wednesday evenings). Or I read the Bible and pray, which I do, every single day.

Well, it is time for me to go; more therapy. *Sigh*  Seems that lately my life is nothing more than one big, unending therapy session!  It is no wonder I sleep so much: they work me to death!

I will write in here again soon; until then, this is Bernice C. Webster saying so long and may God bless you richly!


Bernice C. Webster, Nashville, Tennessee.  

*To be continued!*

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