Tainted Beast Mother

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Submitted: June 22, 2017

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Submitted: June 22, 2017



The skies rain gravel . On my happiness. Breathless sighs seep chemicals on the wind. Posion giver of life. A bell that rings in the night . Gun tears ring. In a misting atmosphere. She holds my rampage in drastic rage. A summer storm braces my belief. Highway warm , sing haunted melodies. Dream with me in the light. That shines a shadow that hides In fright. The beast is free.

Blood flows on through her lifeless veins. That live on torrent burning streams. Drenched in misery , and frightened screams. These eyes can't stand the sight of murder. Of a pure true heart. That never stopped. Beating for you, in a battle fought. To win back peace. That comforts me. A staff with lightning cursed the sea. Of a symbol of love. That always was to be . Now it's dark And I can't dream. Because the beast is free.

Time slips on hands that wave. Their goodbyes , to an early grave. While the demising sun sets behind my back. Can love go so wrong ? When I cry she sings along . And I dim the light to enter darkness again .. Run away my wounded heart . To a land of light far apart. From the beast , where ruins arrive at home. The urgency of sound. Mutters help from a faultered ground . Where I live in agony ... As the beast walks free. Without her I can't live ... But the darkness has ... nothing left to give..

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