{Generation 1}{Search For Evil}{Saga 1}

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

{Yevia, the Dominion of Humanity, and the very first creation of God Jehovah and Mother Earth; within a day, containing seventy two hours, God Jehovah and Mother Earth created the land for food, the Sun for light, the Moon for night light, and the Animal Kingdom for companionship for those living within Yevia. Unbeknownst to all, Sin will hit all creation for God Quinn and God Saturn will air a cycle of conflict that will reach from the Ancient Life to Middle Life to the Latter Days.
Ninety five percentage of Humanity can accomplish a phenomenon called Abilities by manipulating Energy, an everlasting source power within the Atmosphere, be it within Heaven or Yevia. Abilities are like Superpowers, and the capabilities of them are indefinite, however I say nothing is without a price.}

Table of Contents

"The Lord of Sacrifice"

"For it is by Grace you have been saved through Faith. And this is not by your own doing; it is the Gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast."
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{”A girl with the stone heart curved of blood will clash against the beast in the year B4."}{Oliver` Megan}{Captain Hannah} {Captain Mike}{Lopez` Vivian}{Moon Blackwood}{Greenwood`
Tyler}{Greenwood` Rachel}{Serinine}
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“Prophecies: It will end here, or…”

Generation All-Stars: {Lyons` Pharaoh}{Greenwood` Tyler}{Greenwood` Rachel}{Oliver` Megan}{Moon Blackwood}{McCall` Tyler}{Sparrow` Brandon}{Volac}{Ka-Boom}{Mosquito}
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"Death is failure; the order to save Humanity?"

Generation All-Stars: {Lyons` Pharaoh}{Oliver` Megan}{Li` Alan}{Li` Abby}{Volac}{Ka-Boom}{Mosquito}{Chemistry}{McCall` Tyler}{Sparrow` Brandon}
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“A Cursed Bloodline”

Generation All-stars: {McCall` Tyler}{Sparrow` Brandon}{Chemistry}{Lyons` Pharaoh}{Joey The Cat}{Oliver` Megan}
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Generation All-Stars:{Joey The Cat}{Oliver` Megan}{Smith` Nina}{Sicario` Alexis}
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Generation All-Stars:{Smith` Nina}{Sicario` Alexis}
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“A week from war!”

Generation All-Stars:{Krause}{Hasisai}{Alberto}{Joey The Cat}{Megan}{Pharaoh}{Chemistry}{Mosquito}
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“Divine Law!”

"A Time for Love, and a Time for Hate; a Time for War, and a Time for Peace."
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