{Generation 1}{Search For Evil}{Saga 1}

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Generation All-Stars: {Lyons` Pharaoh} {Kamikaze` Jermaine} {Oliver` Megan} {Tokugawa` Mifune} {Carter` Ere} {Sal` Mandy} {Akira}

Chapter 14 (v.1) - "Never give in...!"

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Submitted: June 26, 2017



Jermaine’s swinging at Pharaoh with fists of what I believe might be Demonic Energy, but Pharaoh can dodge the incoming attacks, and can even send a High Kick to Jermaine’s face, however he’s releasing something of a Demonic Wave that’s strong enough to send Pharaoh crashing into a nearby building.

Megan- *clashing against Mifune* *glancing at Pharaoh’s battle* *in her mind* “He is tough, I know for a fact that he will be just fine...Yes, I believe in Pharaoh’s strength…!!”

As Megan and Mifune are clashing against each other in the middle of the street, Mifune manages to hit Megan in the stomach with the hilt of his blade, causing the rookie Astral to gasp out in pain; as she’s gasping for breath, Mifune’s striking her once again, making her stumble back before she’s hit in the face by the hilt of his blade again, and that time the force was enough to make Megan hit the ground.

Mifune’s aiming to stab Megan straight through the stomach, however she’s able to release an Ice Ball from the palm of her hand right before Mifune’s blade can reach her, but Mifune is fast enough to shatter the attack with a single slash; after he destroyed the Ice Ball, it causes his blade to become frozen in ice, giving Megan the moment to hop up from the ground, and even letting her slice Mifune’s cheek wide open in a split second.

Blood is leaking from the wound, but Mifune isn’t paying any type of attention as he’s charging for Megan, unsheathing another blade from the police type.  

Pharaoh’s rushing straight at Jermaine, slashing at him using the Excalibur Blades, but he’s able to clash back by just using knives; Jermaine’s jumping back from Pharaoh after a couple of minutes of slashing, conducting Demonic Energy throughout his knives as Pharaoh’s analyzing him.

Pharaoh- *blade stance* *analyzing Jermaine* *in his mind* “Something doesn’t feel right about him, or the Energy that he’s charging….I better activate my eyes to be safe, I can see precisely what he’s plotting with my Cataract!!” *activating Cataract*

After activating the Cataract, Pharaoh’s vision became increased by ten, allowing him to flawlessly see the incoming Demonic Wave, and the Energy swirling inside of it.

Pharaoh- *defense stance**Cataract activated* “I see….!!! So, you have special Energy, huh….?!”

Pharaoh’s getting consumed by the wave, and it’s exploding right after swallowing the boy; the explosion sent Pharaoh flying into the air, and as the boy’s falling back to the earth he’s blasting the blue flames from his mouth straight at Jermaine, but the boy is able to grab the flames with his bare hand.

Pharaoh- *falling to the ground* *Cataract activated* *stunned* “What…?! Impossible, he just grabbed my flames like that….?! Nobody has ever been able to touch my flames before; what the hell is he?!”

Pharaoh was able to land on his feet like a cat right before he hit the ground, regaining his stance as Jermaine’s blasting the blue flames combined with Hell Fire back at him; Pharaoh thought fast, swinging his blade in order to release an enormous wave of blue Energy, and the wave was enough to neutralize Jermaine’s attack alongside burning Jermaine’s arm just before the boy can dodge the oncoming wave.

Pharaoh- *amazed* “Whoa, the hell was that?! I didn’t even know I could do that!!”

Shadow- *manifesting behind Pharaoh* “Careful, Pharaoh….If you hit zero with your Energy, that other me will rip out of you, fight wisely, brat!”

Pharaoh- *confused* “Wait, so you mean I have to fight melee for this one?! What the hell do you even mean?!”

Jermaine - *healing his burned arm* “Hearing voices…?! That move was weak as hell….!!!! Is that the best you have?!”

Pharaoh- *serious expression* “You mocking me…?” *charging Electricity in the palm of his left hand* “Don’t flatter yourself….! “

Pharaoh’s rushing at Jermaine, acting as if he’s to attempt to stab the boy, but he’s turning the attack into a flipping kick, however Maine was able to kick him straight in the stomach, making him cough out blood before hitting him with a Demon Force Palm, making Pharaoh fly pass Wendy and smash into a street pole, then right through a brick wall.  

Wendy- *scared expression* *looking at the broken brick wall* *in her  mind* “Maine is that strong...He sent that boy through a brick wall with a single move...I really hope he’s still alive...Maybe I can heal him, I don’t want anyone dying around me, or at all…”

Jermaine- “Don’t worry about it, Wendy, that attack had to have killed him…You saw the blood he coughed up, he has to have died from the impact of my attack…” *analyzing the building* “Yeah, I think I killed him…”

As Jermaine and Wendy are analyzing the hole on the brick wall, the building is suddenly collapsing inside of itself, smashing the many residents inside, including Pharaoh under a pile of rubble.

Wendy- *horrified expression*  “OH MY GOD, THE CIVILIANS, CIVILIANS WERE INSIDE THAT BUILDING, MAINE!!! We weren’t supposed to drag the innocent into the battle…!! Maybe I can save someone, I hope I’m fast enough…!! I don’t want death…!!!!”

Wendy started running over to the pile of rubble, however Pharaoh’s Flash Stepping out of the rubble straight past Jermaine and Wendy; he’s only turning around after he got some distances from them, and he’s cuddling an infant in his arms, much to Jermaine and Wendy’s surprise.

Pharaoh- *dirty and beat up* *placing the infant in the grass* “Now, I actually have to fight you seriously, eh, Maine, was it?” *flaring the Cataract* “You know, my duty involves me protecting the people of this city, including this baby...I didn’t put on the badge for them, but for myself; when I wear it I live by a set of morals that involves me reaching my goal while deciding what is right from wrong, and I WILL protect these lives alongside my OWN personal vendetta!!! I won’t let ANYTHING stand in my way, including you…!!!!”

Jermaine- *flaring Demonic Energy inside of his right palm* “I’ll send you and your vendetta to the Cremation Center! I never lost a fight, and I’m making sure I die like that! I’m sixty and zero, so in order to make sure MY record is three thousand to zero, I’m taking you out here, Cataract mut!”

Pharaoh- *charing Blue Flames as armor* “Better make the aim three thousand to one because I’m not losing to you either! I WILL surpass you….” *glancing at the infant* *in his mind* “I just barely managed to save this baby…” *remembering the mother’s words* *in his mind* “I promise you that I’ll protect your baby...I’ll keep my promise to you...And when he’s older, I’ll tell him your words like you asked of me, I’ll make sure they reach him…” *shedding tears* “I’m sorry that you're affected by our bullshit, Mercury…”

Ere and Mandy are standing inside of the Training Ring, awaiting Krause, however the man is currently drunk, and he’s puking by the school, making the rookies very uncomfortable as they’re waiting on him…{This might not be my place to state, but isn’t he one hell of a great ass teacher?! No wonder Pharaoh and Megan can skip whenever they want, the damn teacher is drunk all period!}

Mandy- *putting on her boxing gloves* “I really hope Lord Fourth can see our match; I’ve been training with him, and I wanted him to see that his time hasn’t gone to waste on me!”

Ere- *fidgety* *in her mind* “Yeah, and you want to use me as proof...I can’t win, I can’t beat this girl...Maybe...Maybe I should quit before I get myself seriously hurt…”

Tara- *cheering* “Come on, Ere, you can do it, I believe in you! Win this match for Team Tara! You can do it, ERE…!!!!”

That made Ere crack a smile as Krause came stumbling inside of the ring; he’s aiming his pistol into the sky, but I can tell his aim is highly off.

Akira- *walking inside of the ring* *taking Krause’s weapon* “I’ll start the match; you better sit down, and sleep before you kill one of us, and catch a case, Krause. What a shame that your student has to take over your role, “Master”...”

As soon as Akira fired the pistol, Mandy came charging at Ere, attempting to strike the girl in the face; Ere is managing to block some of the hard packed punches, even landing some strikes of her own, however Mandy has enough durability to shake off every hit she receives from Mandy.

Ere decides that jumping back from Mandy is the best decision at the moment, but Mandy is that fast, catching up to her before giving her a dazing punch to the jaw that made Ere stagger; Mandy just grabbed Ere’s shirt, repeatedly punching the girl in the mouth before letting Ere hit the ground, and then after that she’s jumping on top of the girl to continue the assault.

Akira- “Holy shit...I didn’t know Ere was that feeble...Actually, I’m lying because she never trained with me, or anyone, all she cares about is shopping, but I mean, fight back or do something. Does she even have any Abilities achieved…?”

Jackie- “Where’s my amigo, my friend, where’s Pharaoh…? He’ll love to see Ere getting her butt kicked!” *addressing Han* “Oh, Han, Pharaoh texted me, and said that he might be back tomorrow, he had something he had to finish with Megan.”

Han- “Meaning I get my kiss…!!”

Jackie- “OH HELL NO, there’s only one boy I want to put my lips on without using my Omnilingualism Ability! Besides, we made the deal that if he just skipped, and the boy texted me to warn me that he’ll be here tomorrow, so as far as I care our deal is off! Like I said, he isn’t running from you, pota, Pharaoh will be here to kick your butt for trying to kiss me!!”

Brandon- “I don’t think Pharaoh cares about people wanting to kiss you, Jackie, hell, he doesn’t even want to, but you did find the loophole.”

Jackie- *sulking* “Me Encanta…”

Mandy just slammed Ere’s head into the ground, making the girl cough out blood as she’s crying like a newborn baby; Mandy was about to strike Ere once again, however she stopped before her fist could reach Ere’s face.

Mandy- *getting off of Ere* “You can’t be serious...Are you seriously crying, rich girl…?”

Christian- *laughing hysterically* “Didn’t she call me “untalented” and “useless”...?” *cheering* “KICK HER ASS, MANDY…!!!!! YOU SUCK, ERE….!!!!!”

Ere’s rolling into the fetal position, still coughing blood as she’s crying.

Mandy- *holding out her hand to Ere* “You have to stand up, and fight me, Ere, you can’t just quit...Your rich daddy has the money, so have him buy you out of being an Abilitist, and just let us protect you if you don’t have the guts to NEVER give up. Members of DeKalb City will always continue fighting back until we’re killed, so if you seriously feel more comfortable on the ground, you’re not one of us, so take off that badge…Or….Stand up, and fight me until one of us can’t stand up anymore, and earn the pride of wearing that badge…!!! It isn’t for fashion, you know…”

Ere’s gazing over at her comrades at ringside, and she can see that Tara has a worried expression, but...she can also see the belief in Tara’s eyes, which gives the rookie enough strength to actually stand to her feet without taking Mandy’s hand; she’s wiping the blood from her mouth before charging and manipulating her Energy around her fists as Energy boxing gloves, making Mandy smile.

Mandy- *proud smile* “THAT is what I’m talking about…!!! Fight me, you rich bitch…!!!!!!”

Mandy and Ere are getting into their boxing stance, circling each other in the style of some type of boxing match, glaring at each other with determination!


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