Skylar's Revenge

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter one

Submitted: June 22, 2017

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Submitted: June 22, 2017



It's commonly known to  everyone that there are five stages of grief.Denial,anger,depression,bargaining  and finally acceptance.

For me there are only two,anger and depression.It didn't come in stages for me,it came together, me both dealing with depression and anger,mostly anger...I don't think I could ever pass through that stage...Hell I don't think I could ever reach acceptance until I make them pay...all of them.

I was only five when I watched family die,I would have been killed too if I didn't hide and all those years I've had a the back of my mind to make them pay.

Some people say revenge is never the best answer.Well,what I would tell them is to go down a raining street and hug a wet transformer,cause it's not just the best answer....its the only answer.

"Welcome to reach park,hope you have the best experience here".I looked up at the cheerful security officer and give him my best innocent smile.

"Ofcourse I would,heard a lot about here".

"Well you heard right".He said as he gave me the park ticket.He looks a little too cheerful for his job with his plain top and jeans,also on the lean side.I guess they don't have problems with criminal cases that they employ someone like him,with all my training if I wanted to cause a scene here,I could take him down with one hand.

I smiled at him again and walked into the spacious park,even people with a mind like mine needs fresh air to clear the mind and think things through.

I walk further and sit on the park bench,looking around at the people there.So much fun and laughter that I wonder if it's just as just fake as mine.

Parents playing with their kids,girls on a picnic , lovers having their romantic fun here.

"Fan-freaking-tatstic".I silently mutter with an eye roll while testing resting my head on the park bench.

It's been a long time since my parents were killed but it still felt like yesterday,I know by now they ought to all pay but I couldn't just start my revenge plan just like that,it's gotten me some years o be where I am today,at least I'm one step further and nothing can ever stop me now.

After my parents died,I was taken to a foster home who had messed up Dad and mom that I cried everyday for mine to come back but I thank God for it,it was my tears that pushed me further and kept me stronger everyday.

When I turned eighteen they kicked me out and that was when I started to map out my plan, first I was homeless staying in an uncompleted building but then I realized that beging  for money was part of being lazy so I started tricking men for money.

I remember tricking one man that he got so angry and tried to force me to sleep with him,I was pretty sure I was about  to get rapped when a black SUV car pulled over and shot the flat.I looked at the man that stepped out of the car with fear in my eyes,I remember feeling so weak that I wonder if I could ever be capable of a revenge plan.

The man was dressed in a black suit and had an aishan look,he put the gun back in his pocket  and bent down to my eye level.

"What's your name?".He asked,I noticed how funny his accent sounded.I shifted back unsure to talk to him,he just killed a man in a dark street right in front of me.

"Well,are you going to talk...Skylar?".He asked.

"Don't call me that!".I said through gritted teeth.

"Call you what? Skylar...your name?".He's eyebrows were raised confused,he should be.

"I'm not Skylar, not anymore,I'm different".He looks at me for a moment then laughs hysterically,I'M watch this middle age man laugh like the scene were me on the floor,a dead man by the side and him laughing like a maniack was delightful and entertaining to watch.

"You...different and what have you done about that huh,have done any change of identity legalising that you're different".I looked at him refraining myself from slapping him because he was right and  would probably  shoot me if I did,I realised that I didn't even tell him my name in the first place.

"Who the hell are you? And how did you know my name was Skylar?".

"Was Skylar? Well I am Hu - chi, I was a friend of your father".

"Never! You're no - one! My father didn't have any friends and if he did,he would have told me".I glared at him as he laughed again at my statement again.

"Well little miss I'm not Skylar,not anymore,did your father tell you everything? I mean if he did,you'd have known it all,why he was killed,who those people were".He knows too much,it wasn't good.

"How do you know so much?".

"I told you,I'm a friend  of your father's and i'm here to help you".

"Help me? Pfft! Go to hell yourself Mr Hun-shit,I've got it and I don't need any help".I say trying not to spit in his face,he smiles and slowly shakes his head like he's disappointed In me.

"You really don't? You've got it? Because I'm pretty  sure you were about to get rapped by a scrawny ass man whom you could have taken out if you "got this" like you put it,look at you Skylar,you're a mess,a confused mess,you can't avenge them like this and you know it,you or know who they are,you don't know they might be watching you,you don't  know how many they are,you don't know anything!! And you what? Want to take them out with those tiny hands of yours".I brushed him off as he lifted my hands to prove his point.He shakes his head and stands brushing the dust off his legs.

"Get in,we talk some more".He pointed to his car,I shook my head stubbornly,my mom gave me the responsibility to do this....alone,him helping me out is being sort of lazy.

"I don't trust you,you just killed a man without caring if you'd get caught or arrested,You just came out of the blues so excuse me of I don't trust you".

"Do you really have a choice. ..Skylar? No think of it,you come with me and I'd will train you,make you smarter,teach you everything you need to know so you're stronger and smarter than ever or I'll leave you here while you'd probably get rapped or killed,the choice is're never going anywhere until you take risks Skylar.

"Don't call me that!".He scoffed and walk towards the car door,magestically knowing I'd give in.

"Get in the car,girl with no name".He enters the car and I sighed defeated.

What have I got to lose? I looked down at the dead body,all my life I've had hope,even the tiniest bit of it,but what good is hope or the use of it when I'm killed?".I stand my up from the ground and enter Hun-shit car.

Eversince then,he's been my trainer,took me to Japan,taught me a whole lot,how to be smart,alert,how to cover my tracks,how to hack into secured systems...I learnt a lot,he became like a father to to me,the only person I could show my true colours too.He brought in the box my mom was talking about when she was about to die one day, I remember being so happy because I looked all over for it and couldn't find it.

"Where did you get this?It wasn't at the building".I remember asking him.

"Well,it had to be somewhere".

"Yeah but it's huge, you've no idea,all the people who planned to kill my family....They are all here..finally".I've reached out to touch it but he removed it away from me,I looked at him confused.

"Why won't you....".

"You see,your mind has a way of changing this for it might look into that box and see them and since you know know their faces,all you can think about is killing them.

"And what's wrong with that?".

"What's wrong is that you are not fully ready".I looked at him boiling in anger,he does this everytime,I'm so sick of  his I'm not ready yet speech!

"Not fully ready yet?! When will I ever be ready? I wake up so early and train so hard,I've been tested and tried by you do many freaking times,I've done all crazy stuffs...ever day I wake up with heavy pains,aches and sores but you keep on telling  me no pain,no gain, but when will the freaking gain come? When I'm old and wrinkled?! It's been thirteen years! Thirteen freaking years! Since my family died,I'm sure they all would have turned so far in their graves their backs will hurt!I'm mean what's the u second this freakish revenge plan when those assholes are walking freely,he'll I can't even remember the man who shot my father look like and my sister?! I don't even know if she's dead or alive but you know and you won't tell me!!".I heaved,breathing heavily as I looked at him in anger,I could strangle him,he looks calm and un affected like he's used to this,me talking.

"Are you done? Good,You're not looking at that box until I say you're ready period and get ready for training,today is going to be bea long pain,no gain".He winked at me and walked away with the box,leaving me to stare at his back in anger.

Ugh! Why is he so heartless.I asked myself but now,right now,I know he wasn't,because Lord knows I would have given up a long time ago if not for him.

"Whooo whoo!"The barking of a dog interrupts my thinking and I look around to see a white dog running towards me,my first initial thought is to defend myself but something about this dog looks familiar.The dog immediately jumps up on me and starts to lick my face,I relax a bit and look up  the dog who has now covered my face with its saliva.

"Well well,look who we have here".I say to its ears.

"Aren't you all grown up now".It jumps up  and down and licks my face again.I remove it's face from mine and look at it,smiling genuinely for the first time in years . It's an miracle,my Jess is still alive?.

"It missed you so much,and I thought you'd hate me for leaving you but look at you,missing me too,showing me the love I don't deserve".It smiled and tickles it,it falls and opens its stomach for more.

"Here,come here".Being a smart and trained dog it understood and sits upright,it smile and brush it's white fur I remember he liked when I do that.

"Okay,its still a suprise that you here and alive but I guess I have a small present for you.".I open my bag and bring out what I call my emergency spy tracking camera and hand it to Jess,it's been long so I don't know if it would understand but it's not like it could talk or tell anyone.

"I need you to take this and put this up".I demonstrate with my hands. "Up on Josh's shelf,so I can see and watch over you guys,some bad people might want to hurt you,so I want to be able to protect you and him,you guys are the closest I have as family. .okay?".It barks twice and I smiled giving it a peck and tickling it again as it falls.

"That's my Jess".It laughed as it jumps up and down probably hoping I would play with it.

"Jess! Jess!".It hear a guy call and see Josh running towards Jess.He stops running and bends to catch his breath.

"Where the...where..have you been? You just took off like a dog who smoked weed".Jess moves away from him and back to me jumping bringing Josh's focus on me.I try not to stare at how different he looked but it was hard,it's funny how people change with time,the last time I saw him,he was so little  now look and behold.Im happy he grew to be this handsome but it's also sad because I know he can't recognise who I am,I changed  a lot and not just physically.

"I'm sorry,was my dog disturbing you?".I'm stand and pick up my bag,I guess it's time it get out of here.

"No,he was actually fun".He runs his hand through his brown hair looking a little confused.

"That's weird,he isn't fun with anyone,just me and it's funny he ran up the way here to meet you ".I hated the way he looked at me,with suspicion.

"Oh..well, I guess he changed it's mind " He slowly nods but still looks at me intently.

"Yeah I guess,anyway I'm Josh and that's my abnormal old dog Jess".He brings his hand for an handshake but I just stare at it,I'm a little worried if I take it,he would have the sixth sense I was Skylar,I'm not her anymore,she died the day get parents died.I am now Auburn Phillips,a girl in search of an intern job,I cannot be known especially by my former bestfriend.

He drops his hand back to his pocket awkwardly and shrugged hiding the embarassment.

"I'm sorry, I should probably get going,I'm late for a meeting".That was kind of true,I'm actually late for something important.He nods and looks down  at Jess.I try to walk away but Jess follows.

"Jess don't be a bad dog".Josh says.I pat it's head and bend to look at it.

"Be good and take care of yourself".I say taking to Jess directly  and Josh indirectly.With that I walk away hearing Jess barking and Josh's eyes watching me...probably suspicion.

I won't worry at all,I'm sure i won't see him again,I guess it's time I start this game of revenge because as a player I just pressed....PLAY

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