Skylar's Revenge

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter Two

Submitted: June 27, 2017

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Submitted: June 27, 2017



My house is a small building,well that's what people thought it was,it's also what I make them believe.I opened the door and entered inside,everywhere waec cool,quiet and dark as normal.The living room is of a medium space,there are various paintings on the wall with the mixture of a white and blue curtains.

I slowly walk down the passage as my footsteps echos till I reach the door of my supposed "basement".Getting to the basement  I walk further and remove the small rug covering a tile.

One would think it's a regular and normal tile but it's not to me,as soon as I step on it,it recognises my footprints and takes me down to the very place  that is home to me.

My secret underground layer is like my hideout of all my activities and no one can enter ere except through my footprints.The place is quiet huge and more spacious,loaded with various systems and gadgets you could think of and I need,some of them are gotten from Hun-chi,some myself.

I don't worry about getting caught or bugged because I have an RF dector which is equipped with a hidden camera and lens finder and detects all types of hidden cameras. I slowly  sit on my special chair which is infront of a big screen and turn on my systems,they immediately start to display on the screen,the same thing,which is just my very first victim on my list,I haven't gotten assess ri the place where I can spy on those assholes but I feel pretty good watching this man.

A man who is being tied to a chair,a man whose face is messed up and covered in dry blood.He's sitted so still you will think he's dead but I know better,this was just the tip of an iceberg,he doesn't know what's coming for him,none of them knows.

Hun-chi taught me to be smart and tricky when it comes to my revenge plans,so I'm starting from the bottom till I get to the top.All my life what I have  always wanted was to kill them but what if killing isn't the only way of solving everything? Don't get me wrong I'm still going to kill the man that destroyed my family,infact I'm going to make him suffer so much he'd wish he were dead,then cut him,little by little un pieces till he eventually dies but moving away from that,what I'd killing wasn't the only way,what of they get killed but nothing changes,no regrets,then all I've gone through would be a complete waste.

What if there was a way I could make them pay,make them weep and cry so dearly,make them curse the day they came into this world? Yeah I'm still working on that but revenge like that takes brain and plans and I've got it,so I guess it's nice to have a first customer.

I look up at my first customer,he didn't have much use,just supplied the gun and together with his friends cleaned up the "mess" that was my family.I made him shoot his friends  because I had no time to waste,I would have just shot this one too but I'd like  for those assholes to see how he is,what's coming for two, I mean isn't it fun to get a notice that they are about to pay so dearly for what they have done,but not knowing the person or who sent it?. It's fun to see the fear in their eyes while looking straight at me with no knowledge of what I'm capable of.

I stand from my seat and wear my face mask and bass tune my voice,can't have him knowing who I was yet...Nah he's not the one I want to recognise or know me.

I walk towards the door of my "quiet cell" and pay my first customer a visit.A wave of familiarity washes over me as I recall.

"You sent for me".I said quietly while looking  at Hun-chi's back. It wasn't normal for him to just summon me by this time,plus the small room he called me in is so creepy and gross,I couldn't help but wonder what he wanted or if this was like his regular test.

He turned to look at me,studying my face intently,his eyes scrolls from my head to the toes.I've learnt how to be patient with him so I just wait for him to talk.

"How old are you?" He finally said.I raised my eyebrows a little confused by the question. What on earth did he want with my age? He knew my age himself.

"I'm twenty-one".I answered regardless.He nods and motion with his hand for me to sit on the bed.I looked at him for a moment before I slowly sat down.He sat next to me and moved closer...A little too closer,then placed my hands in his.

"Huh... Hun-chi,what is this about".I looked at him in total confusion.

"What do you think I'm doing Auburn?".He asked instead getting my name right this time

"What is on your mind right now".He's normally harsh and strict voice sounded soft and low.

"Ermmm. ...I don't know but I'm guessing you want to sleep with me?".I looked up at him to see his reaction but he doesn't have any,just kept looking at me intently.I'm starting to think that my initial joke might be real.

"Are you trying to...".I don't complete the sentence because I'm scared to,he's like a father to me so I don't know where this would end up.

"I've never even told you how your dad and I became friends,or why he was killed or even who the people are,have I?".

"Well,you never let me look at the box,said I'm not fully ready".I added.He nodded and took aft deep breathe.

"What I'm about to tell you Sky... I mean Auburn,is something for an adult,not when I met you as a kid".He said.

"Well,I was eighteen when we met so I was technically an adult".He  rolled his eyes at my statement.

"Technically not brainy so just shut up and listen or I would change my mind and summon Kyle instead,I know how much you two are competitive".I wanted to yell at him that I deserved to know and it was unfair of him to have kept it from me but I say nothing because I really needed to hear it.

"I'm sure even as little as five,you could recall when your dad was getting broke and things weren't as financially as stable as they were,I came to America for an intern job and I met your dad there,we became friends but then I had to go to my homeland for a real job but we still communicated.He informed me that the intern job which he later took for working in on full time was growing in debt a lot so he had to quit his job. Your father Skylar,was a very smart and intelligent man and I wasn't suprised when be called me one morning and told me he got a fantastic job

"He became like an ambassador for that company and helped a lot to make the company flourish but then he also noticed that the same company was also increasing in debt.Then your father got called in a meeting and was asked to go and supply some "goods" to a certain man who was also like a lawyer in a bigger company.He was curious to know what the supposed goods were and demanded by force to know.It was later told that the so called goods were drugs Skylar,hard drugs of different kinds and was worth billions of dollars".He stands and walks about the small room,I just stare at him,praying and hoping my dad never sold it,because and ll my revenge plan would be and ll complete waste.

"He didn't sell the drugs,did he?".I asked quietly and was relieved when he shook his head.

"He didn't,said he wasn't going to,said it was too much risk and was also illegal, they persuaded him Skylar,told him to take the risk for the company,it would help the company a lot.But he stood to his ground,the woman in charge threatened him that he will lose his job but he still refused and then they fired him.

"Your father being smart and intelligent dressed up in Al suit and went to the company, told them he could invent a machine and could perform various tasks in the company so it could run so smoothly.They loved the deal,promised your father if it worked effectively,they were pay to pay him over  twenty-four million and two billion to create more,that was when your father called me,said he needed help which I gave him,he contacted all family members,borrowed a lor,promised to pay back every penny once it sealed the deal.He worked so hard with all sweats and energy if you could recall the time when your dad wasn't around for months.After he had created the machine,they agreed to have a meeting to finalise everything".

I nodded,because it was all making sense,that was why he said the meeting could change his life.

"But then those assholes that sacked him found out,called him,telling him to split the profit so their company would be free of debt and back to normal,your father disagreed because he knew how hard he worked for it. They wanted to eat their cake  and have it,except now,the cake was never there's to eat in the first place.They warned Jim to share it and he was an ungrateful soul if he didn't,said they made him know the company in the first place, your father got angry,old them to go to hell and walked out of their company,that was why they sent Jude and those other men to take care of it,so they won't have half of the profit but all of it".

"I don't understand Hun-chi,I thought my father already signed with those people how...."

"They stole the machine,hired a man who knew your father's password,we're he kept it,had a lawyer to bring a fake document which stated that your dad had signed it to them,that they were  the sole owner,the one who sponsored your father all sorts of fake evidence.They not killed  your family but they took every single thing,all he had worked so hard for,they used the one meant for your father to sustain their company and stop it from going bankrupt and Skylar I'm talking about,thirty-five billion dollars in revenue,two point four million in profit,one hundred and sixty-two billon of assets and has combined market value of forty-four billon.All on your father's sweat,they reaped what they never sowed".He finishes and walks towards the cupboard bringing out the box he never let's me see and placed it right infront of me.I try to let all what he had said sink and I feel my hatred for all of them increasing.

"What about my sister?".I Skew as he began bringing out documents and pictures from the box,he pause and looks at me with a pitful expression.

"The truth Skylar is that I don't know...yet".

"Stop calling me that! Haven't we done change of identity? Skylar died with her family that day of the incident didn't she? So stop calling me that!".I said frustratedly then my brain fully registered what he had said before.

"What do you mean by you don't know? She wasn't killed but was taking as an hostage".

"I know that but I've looked everywhere for her,I'm sorry Auburn but there's a possibility that she's dead".I sighed and squeeze my eyes shut,I just pray there is a possibility that she isn't,that she's still alive".

"Maybe you didn't look for her hard enough".

"I tried my best at first because I thought she would be the one to take out this revenge because let's be honest,she suffered enough,more than you did but then I found you and I'm busy a lot with you...and Kyle".He said.

"How do you know so much Hun-chi? Do you just expect me to believe you are a good person that you don't have an ulterior motive?".

"You don't have a choice but to".He says in Japanese which if understood.He rarely speaks his language to me but if he did,that meant he was either disappointed or angry at me.

"Like o said earlier on Skylar".I rolled my eyes,hee never listens that if hated being called that.

"Your dad was smart man,heated knew he would be at risk and wanted his son to carry it out should anything happen to him,what he didn't know was that they would come after his family,he thought the court was justice and they would expose them,he didn't know there are lots of things money could buy,they made it seem like your family's death was a robbery,arrested two innocent men, but you are justice and you by justice will make them pay by Justice".

"You seem good at this,why not do it yourself?".I asked to test him.

"Because it isn't mine to avenge's yours".He arranges the photographs on the bed and starts to point at them.I try to hide my excitement....This was it,I'm  finally going to see the face of the people who one after the other had a part to play on destroying my family.

Entering inside my quiet cell,I close the door feeling my first customer flinch at the sound.I walk slowly towards him and fold my hands enjoying the view.His body face looks up at mine and his body that once so still before was now moving,forcefully trying to release himself from being chained.

"Let me go! Let me go! What do you want from me?...Money? I don't know what I've done to you heartless soul let me go!".

I chuckle and walk further,standing close to him. "I'm heartless?".

"Yes! You are!".He yells trying to control his harsh breathing.

"Pray tell,how am I heartless".He says nothing so I kick his kick his leg to talk.He groans from the pain but I don't care,I just really need to know how heartless I am.He still doesn't answer so I pick up a rod from the floor,I see recognison  flash as what I did to him replays on his face.

" don't you dare.."

"You didn't answer my question,tell me,how am I heartless?.He immediately start to shake his head in fear.

"I'm sorry,I take it back,you're not heartless".I chuckle a little and then studied him for a moment.

"I'm a kind person actually and I will show you how kind in am,I'm going to set you free on one condition.".He breathes heavily and looks up at my face,his dull eyes with a little hope.

"I have a job for you,I have a job for you".I tell him.

"A...A job?".

"Yeah a job,I have a message I want you to deliver and then..Whala! You're free".


Sitting on my bed I do a wicked check on Reynolds Inventory Company,I plan my undercover as working there as an intern . I've made a vow to myself and I won't rest till I ruin the company.Im not there to hurt innocent people,only the people who hurt my family and I have them all on my list.I recall Hun-chi's word.

"Here are your big time enemies but unknown to them,they are your friends".He showed me a lot that day,all the people involved and we how they got involved.He was telling me all bout all bout woman called Miss Palmer,my dad's secretary who snitched him and told them what he was up too and how they knew when my eyes caught a photograph. I recognise the man...A lot.It was Uncle Ross,Josh's father.I looked at Hun-chi confused.

"Wh...what is going on? What did he do?".

"He forged your father's signature".I shook my head in disbelief,none of it was making any sense.

"This is Uncle Ross,he used to come over and gives us things,he loved us,he was my father's bestfriend,his son is...was my bestfriend".

"To show you what people can do for the love of money,Skylar".

I closed my laptop and shut my eyes,tommorow is when my revenge fully begins....There are more on my list but I'll get to that later,I guess I will start from the bottom till I get to the top...The main people Ralph,Jude and Rita, I will be damned if I don't make them vomit that cake.

The sound of my phone ringing interrupts my thought,I oil it up and clear my throat. Caller ID: Miss Amelia. She is a "friend" I know and she works at Reynolds Inventory Company as an intern.

"Hello".I say into the phone.

"Hey girl! Just wanted to check intern if intern will still see you tomorrow".Her voice said.

"Ofcourse,I start work tomorrow,really looking forward to it...I guess it would be fun".

"Err..Fun isn't exactly the word,they put lots of us interns to work...those guys are pain in the asses.".I laughed and shrugged.

"Well now you make me look less forward to it".I joked.

"No please do come,I'd love to show you around and tell you the lastest gossips in town".

" I can't wait".I'd hear her laugh.

"Me neither,talk to you tomorrow,bye dear".

"Yeah...see ya".I cut the call and rest my head on the pillow,I guess tommorow is the dee day.I'm going to be a cool,charming girl who no one would ever suspect a thing.

Like Hun-chi use to tell me."Skylar,looks can be deceiving and that's all you're going to be about......Deceiving".

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