Skylar's Revenge

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Prolog (v.1) - The Beginning

Submitted: June 22, 2017

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Submitted: June 22, 2017




They say time moves fast when engaged in something interesting and slows when involved in something tragic,for me time didn't move fast or slow,it stopped.

"Is everything set for the vistors honey?"My daddy asked my mother who had just placed a big bowl of chickens on the dinning table.Daddy was dressed in a black suit which meant we're having important guest again.

"All Set".

Mom replied daddy giving him a peck on the cheek.Dad smiled and checks himself in the bar mirror,he was really good looking at his age being really tall and slim,I was always proud of him because not all the kids in my school had good looking dads like mine.I sit on my little chair with cherry my doll imagining it's Jess,my dog's head I'm stroking,he is in save hands with my best friend Josh but I still miss it regardless. I watch as my older brother and sister are busy putting the house in order because daddy said the meeting could change his life,I'm sure mommy would say I'm a lazy girl doing nothing but I have no idea of what to do.Daddy catches me staring at him and walks towards me smiling.

"Hey Princess,You're okay?".He asked bending a little to meet my eye level.

"Yeah,the people must be special".I said. "Oh yes honey,they are very special and I trust that you would be of good behaviour,this means a lot to daddy".

"I will but why are they special?".I asked confused.He tucks a strand of my hair behind my ear,kisses my forehead then drops his phone at my side.

"You won't understand now,when you grow up I will tel you why".I nod even though I don't understand what he means by that,he stands and walks to the dinning table to see the plates of food. "This feels like a dream,a big miracle".I hear mommy whisper in his ear.

"Yeah it is".

"Just hope those assholes won't try to ruin it".Dad immediately tense and look at her seriously.

"They won't,I earned it,nothing they can do about it". I was about to shun mommy for using that type of language because there's a rule that anyone who speaks that foul language should drop a coin in the tip jar for Amy's college fee when there was a loud knock on the door.If the vistors were so special,why we're they knocking like that?

"What's going on?"Asked Jimmy,our focus were now on the door and the loud pounding coming from it.

"Everyone stay calm,I'll check it".Dad walk towards the door slowly,I had a feeling that whatever was knocking wasn't going to be good.Dad bends and peeps into the door peek hole and then I see the way the colour drains out on his face.He turns to us to steady himself on the handle so he won't fall.

"What's wrong,What's happening?".Mom asked her voice filled with panic.Amy and Jimmy are looking at each other as if they would find the answer of what was happening on their faces.Dad looks at her and sighs like he's been defeated.

"They sent him here...and armed".Mom's hand immediately files to her mouth,her eyes wide with fear and hands shaking,the way she's looking at daddy like she knows what he meant.I don't know anything,I just want to go to Josh house and play with him and Jess my dog.

"Daddy...what's happening? ".I asked from were I'm sitted hidden by our fridge.Dad ignores me or he doesn't hear me and starts pushing everyone towards the backdoor. "We have to get out of here now! Fast!..Everyone hurry..let's go now!!".

"Not till we know what's going on!".Jimmy yelled.Dad rolled his eyes at him because he and Jimmy aren't on talking terms with dad destroying his computer for what knows what.

"Jimmy,I will explain later,we don't have time for this now!".

"Oh so now you want to explain but you didn't even let me explain before you destroyed..."Dad cuts in pushing him a little hard on the chest that he stumbles.

"For pitsake,there was porn in there!!"

"I didn't put it!".Jimmy yelled back.

"Seriously!! We're doing this right now?!"Amy said as she glares at both of them while moving to the backdoor.Me? I'm just confused by this.

"Skylar get up! It's not a time for you to be lazy now".Mom said.We all rushed towards the back door as a secret place to leave the house when we are faced with a man pointing what seems like a gun at us.

"Not so fast Y'all".As he moves further,we move backwards.Being so tiny and small,I crawled back to my chair hidden by our fridge and pick up daddy's phone to call the police,dad taught me that 911 was for emergencies. ..

"It. .It doesn't have to be like this,it's me you guys want,leave my family out of this".Dad said,his voice a little shaky,don't worry dad,I'll get us out of here...just need to know the code for your lock button.

"Oh yeah,it has to be this way".

Our front door kicks open and two huge men in black comes in,pointing their own guns to my family.It try the code 911..but it doesn't work,I try still it didn't work!

"What were you thinking Williams? That today was the fee day,that you will have your breakthrough,sign the contract with them and what about us huh? What about the deal we fucking made".I wanted to tell him to drop a coin for that but I couldn't,I tried the code again and again and again...101,123,555...but nothing works.I wonder why dad needed a pass code for this phone. "I never made a deal with you guys...and I thought you guys were legit when I worked for you, till I found out what you are,what all you are!!".

Dad yelled at the top of his lungs,I've never seen him this angry before,his hands balled to a fist and I could see his vein popping out,I turn my attention back to the phone and try different codes again but nothing works and then. ...... I see you have five tries remaining.

"You're such an ungrateful little son of a bitch. ..and you know what happens to sons of bitches? ...They pay,with their family that's the order I was sent to carry out". "No please,leave my family out of this! I beg you,I beg you,I will pay you,I will pay you guys everything,I'll split the profit even though you guys don't deserve it...just leave my family out of this".I start to get worried and even more worried when the phone warned me it remained two tries,I don't know what would happen,if it would blow up or something so I spend time in thought of what random number daddy might have used.

"We don't deserve it?....well we do deserve it and we don't need you or your money anymore"

.Said the roughly looking man in black."and you don't need it either,I mean..what's the use of money when you're dead huh?". Dead?!..I remembered when daddy wad teaching me maths he told me a joke how one plus one equals eleven and two plus two equals twenty two. I tried in 1122 on the phone and it worked! Yes I did it! The phone was normal now Immediately I called 911 but it was too late...and that for me was when time stopped. In a blink of an eye I didn't take note of time when my brother came from behind to hit one of the men, as the mean menacing man shot Jimmy through the heart,didn't take notice of the screams,my dad standing up to fight in anger,my mom wailing and hitting the other one with her fist, the man bringing the gun directly to my dad's face and shooting him. My sister screaming as the other dragged her and raped her while my mom watch as she was being held by the man.

"No! No!....Leave my daughter No!..You will regret this,go tell the others,tell them that with their plans no matter what...They won't suceed".She screamed,tears streaming down her face,I'd never seen my mom cry that way before.

"News flash....We already did".He said then shot her in the stomach as she fell limp.I put Cherry in my mouth to stop me from screaming.The man looked at my sister with his dark cool eyes. "Guess,it's just me and you princess,Now what should we do with you?...I could kill you, you want that?..You want to die like your parents did? My sister cries and shakes her head rapidly,I notice the blood stain on her on the floor from her gown and I wonder if she had been shot too. "Good,you're coming with me".911 what's your emergency 911 what's your emergency? I couldn't say anything,I jut stared blankly at the scene,I'm sure I died at that spot.I couldn't move,couldn't breathe,I just wanted mommy and daddy to stand up and fight this men like in the James bond movie but nothing happened

"I'm going to ask again for the last time...what's your emergency?".I dont reply and the phone disconnects,there's no emergency ...its all over. The rugged looking man pick my sister up and drags her towards the door.

"This one might as well established useful,but assuming the boy didn't flip, he might have been better than her".

"Well at least this one is in for a big screw".The other one says laughing while looking at their bodies on the floor

"How do we take care of this mess?" "I have people who would take care of it don't worry,there's nothing our money won't be able to do".He smiled smugly and slapped my sister from behind.

"Move faster you bloody bitch".They walk outside but before my sister shuts the door,she looks right at me...A tear falls from her eyes down to her cheeks as she winked at me,I nod...understanding what she meant.

We've got this,no matter what.My legs could finally move so I ran to check on my dad and Jimmy.

"Dad,Jimmy...wake up please...Please wake up!".

"S..Skylar".My eyes grow wide and I run to meet my mother,her beautiful face was unusually pale,her eyes cold and dark. "Mom! Mom..You're awake,let me call 911 again,I'm coming ". I'm try crawling back to were daddy's pone was but her cold hands stopped me.

"Don't. .It's too late f..For me..Im...d..dying".It's start to cry louder.

"Mommy please don't leave me please,I'm so scared".I say in between sobs,confused by everything.

"Don't be s..scared don't c..cry sskylar;be strong...For Ightfield for this...For us".Her weak voice said. "Mom please!".

" Revenge Skylar,let them pay,all of them".As a five year old I couldn't understand what she was saying to me. "Make them pay Skylar,make them...your".She begins to inhale and exhale harshly trying so fast to get words out.

"A secret code..1122..A box filled with..With all what you need". A tear falls out from her eyes as she struggles for more words.

"He was innocent Skylar,He was. ..Don't..D..Don't be lazy make them pay".With that she sighed heavily and closed her eyes.

"Mom! Mommy! Mommy Please".I cried and cried.Within a blink of an eye people gathered into the house,dressed in what looked like doctors clothes,check in my parents and brother.

Maybe they might wake them up. They asked me if I was okay but I stare blankly at them crying.

"Please wake them up".Before I knew it,I was inside a van.

I was just five years old and I had to watch through all that,just five years and my mother's last words to me was make them pay...Please don't be lazy. I won't be lazy matter what I promise you,Daddy,Jimmy and Amy,I would never be lazy.

I would make them pay.


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