It Remains/The Truth/Wish

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These three poems were written at a rather low point of my life. I am much better now emotionally so I no longer need to keep them to myself. I hope you enjoy reading them.

Submitted: June 22, 2017

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Submitted: June 22, 2017



It Remains

I'm sorry I'm sorry for all that I've done

I'm sorry I'm sorry no It can't be undone

Her feelings, this flower it has started to wilt

The past called memories is all that remains

Yes I would say she said. Unknown to her the feelings I felt

In the past we remain and in the past we shall stay

but unkown to me is the way I moved on


The Truth

I've discovered a dilemma a problem so obscure

I love her yet I want to forget her. It truly is torture

I find a flaw but I hide it within meaningless perfections

I'm a smart man. I've figured it out. There are no objections

Who I once thought as my queen I see now as a lesson

Don't let go you fool It's over. All you found was tension

So now I know. Listen to my heart and open my eyes 

I am over her. I hope she knows. I don't want to be a reason she cries

But I have to say goodbye. I'm starting again

On my search for love again. At least I know I'll always have my pen



I wish I could grow like the branches of a bush

Trim the least desired and leave behind the good

To be the man I want to be. To be normal in society

To be brave enough to say hello and strong enough to not let go

Find my courage to make you mine. Before I run out of time 

Thats my wish. A simple one. One only I could bring alive

But I lack courage, I am not brave, and strength I do not have

I only wish I could write my story

To live within my perfect life

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