Larry's Story.

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A man in his prime enjoys life to all that he has.

Submitted: June 22, 2017

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Submitted: June 22, 2017



Larry Richelletti's my name, and livin' life to the full is my game.

I'm seventy five years young (almost) and I feel that the years coming up are gonna be among the best that I have ever known.  I live in a retirement community here in Florida and am a widower; but I have plenty of friends who look out for me and keep me young.  Why, I even have a girl interested in me; her name's Marge and she's a looker (still think my wife, Melba, arranged this; she knew I needed someone to look out for me and my interest at heart!).

I love to do many things: I travel (go on cruises; seen the world, but Alaska remains my favorite; going there again in the fall; it will be my fifth time, and yes, Marge is going with me; it will be her very first time!), sing (sing opera; sing the songs of the masters: Pavarotti, Caruso, Domingo ... ), dance, read (I read all the time I'm not doing things with my pals or singing for my people, my fans), watch television (I especially love older movies and the classic shows), and go to worship services every week at the chapel.  I serve a few weekends a month as a greeter and love sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with others.

I accepted Christ into my heart when I was but a boy back in my native Brooklyn, New York, and haven't looked back.  Think Jesus's the reason why I'm still here, kickin' all these years later.  Jesus gives me the joy in my heart and the spring in my step; why, I can even put those young whippersnappers to shame: they can't keep up with THIS old dog! 

Well, hate to rush off like this, but going to go to the Golden Corral Buffet Restaurant with Marge and some of the other biddies and cronies from the retirement community and just enjoy each other's company and some good, pipin' hot, fresh food to boot.  Sure am looking forward to it; I always do!  We're then going to go bowling and maybe to the movies; looks like some good shows are currently playing.  I will write in here again soon, another day; until then, this is your friend, Larry Richelletti, signing off here.  May God bless you mightily!  

~Sincerely, Larry R.

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