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Part Finale of ? Dream or Nightmare ?

Submitted: June 22, 2017

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Submitted: June 22, 2017



Part Finale: Heaven or Hell?

Continuation of part 2........ I guess I was confused too but, worried that she might think Im avoiding her question I answered back with a smile and a sigh, "I guess I really don't have much to live for... What's the point?  Nothing always goes my way and I'm sick of everything... Can't you see? I'm tired, sure other people has it much worse than me but this my life problem. I just really want to let go... you know?No one will miss me anyway, no one loves me .That's why I want it, I don't care who or what say or do. It is my decision and it's final!"

I looked away.... Saying to myself that this is what I want and I don't care what will happen after and...my friend was speechless, she probably was thinking how selfish and thoughtless I was, just giving up like that and just leave everyone and everything. But, when I turn to look at her, her eyes were filled with tears and pitied me that I felt that way. "I'm sorry you felt that way Snow, I really don't want you to go but if you're really hurting that much then I won't stop you....". The way she said it just made me felt guilty and now I think is this really a great idea to do?

After that, I ended up somewhere Im not familiar. I was....floating? or am I flying? Everything looked fine from up here, I thought to myself.... "Where am I? Heaven or hell?" Then I laughed and said "Does it even exist? Maybe I'm just nowhere at all, floating here for enternity.... " A few minutes later, everything started to change. The scene, the view...... It was a nightmare, burning buildings everywhere, demon like monster were flying around and killing people. Then I saw a woman in a car, shocked and afraid of what was happening she tried to hide but the monster found her and ripped the roof of her car  and killed her.

As I just watched everything happening, I feel...... I don't know what I felt. It was neither scared nor a positive feeling.... I felt nothing, my face was expressionless. Then I woke up!  Thinking that was the weirdest dream I dreamt yet and I like it, I enjoyed the part before the massacre and carnage, don't get me wrong nothing is okay of what I said about the hell like situation like that was not a good thing.

My dream and short story ends here, I'm sorry if it not a good thing to write about and sorry if this is not a short story type book, this is my first time writing a story and publishing it too. THANK YOU FOR READING THIS CRAZY AND SILLY STORY ABOUT MY DREAM, HOPE IT WAS AT LEAST A LITTLE BIT WORTH READING AND ENTERTAINING. Bye~

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