The Terrific Two II-Rise of the Fearsome Four

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Heavy Price for a Hero

Submitted: November 17, 2017

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Submitted: November 17, 2017



Chapter 10- Heavy Price for a Hero 


Heinrich looked around to see if anyone was watching. Then he pulled Lance's body into the woods which was right behind the trailer. It was night now and he was sure nobody saw him

He went inside the trailer and waited unti it was about 1:30 AM. He then went back outside and looked around once more. It was as quiet as a tomb and still he saw no one.

Heinrich dug into Lance's pocket and got the keys to his truck. He then pulled the truck out of the way and backed his car into the space where the truck was.

Lance had had a bicycle and Heinrich put it into his trunk. Next he lifted and placed Lance's body into the back seat of his Lincoln.

Heinrich went back inside the trailer and came out with a dark blanket which he threw over Lance's body. About a minute later found him exiting the trailer park and driving toward his destination on a dark road.

The now murderer stopped at a 24 hour Walmart and bought some bricks and duct tape. He then made his way out of town and drove on winding country roads for about fifteen minutes.. Then he turned onto an old dirt road and drove about another five minutes until he came to a lake.

He and his friends used to come to this lake and do some swimming and fishing when they were kids. He knew it was very deep.

Heinrich got out and looked around again. Nobody was in sight. Then he took out the four bricks and tied duct tape around them.

He took the bicycle out of the trunk and put it aside. Next he turned Lance's cadaver over and took his wallet and keys out of his pockets and replaced them with his.

After placing the bricks on the gas pedal, he put it in drive, and closed the door. The Lincoln made it's way into the lake and was soon out of sight.

Zipping up his jacket, he climbed onto the bicycle and started heading back to the trailer.



Ray and Mike made a plan. They would put the two terrorists in the room out of commission and get the family out of there first. Then Ray would get the bombs and throw them in the large lake close to The Hall of Presidents while Mike did clean up duty with the terrorists.

Still blending into the night's darkness and hovering right outside the window, the two focused their heat beams on terrorist's hands which held their weapons, The yelled in pain and dropped them. Then Mike and Ray , fast as lightening, crashed through the window. Mike grabbed the two children while Ray knocked the terrorists unconscious and grabbed the two adults. A few seconds later they were down and safe on the ground, standing in front of a bewildered crowd.

The two then rocketed back to the castle. Ray scooped up the backpacks that had the bombs and flew back out the window just as two more terrorists came into view, running up the hall, guns blazing.

Mike hit the floor and blasted both of them with energy beams. They went flying backwards. Unfortunately, while this was occurring, the leader of the group pressed the button on his radio controlled detonator

The bombs exploded in Ray's arms.


End of Chapter 10

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