The Terrific Two II-Rise of the Fearsome Four

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - More Surprises

Submitted: November 28, 2017

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Submitted: November 28, 2017



Chapter 12-More Surprises


Heinrich sat in back of the shiny Lincoln limousine as he watched the estate came into view

"Estate?' he thought to himself. "more like a Bavarian castle."

The estate hearing had gone extremly well. Nobody was there to contest it and eveything went to Heinrich (in the guise of Lance Buchanan,of course)

It was short and very very sweet.  The estate chauffer greeted Heinrich in the attorney's lobby and said he would be glad to take him to Townsend Manor and return him to his truck when he was finished seeing his new home.Heinrich gladly took him up on the offer.

The chauffer had to be a good six foot four and about 280 pounds. He was caucasion with blonde hair and blue eyes.

He was definitely also no stranger to physical conflict.  His muscles bulged from underneath his uniform.

With the familiar New York accent,he told Heinrich as much as he could about the estate, Doctor Townsend,and the estate employees as he negotiated turn after turn, climbing an elevation.

Totally awestruck, Heinrich took in the view as the limo drove straight toward the main building.

It was old and gothic, with a large tower on the west side. The German scientist could not help but think of the sinister looking castle in the movie Citizen Kane.

There was nothing cheery about it, that was for certain. In addtion to the tower, the main part of the manor had to have at least four stories. It looked old but well preserved , mainly of brick structure.

The chauffer opened the car door for Heinrich and escorted him to the huge place of entry,where upon he opened it and beckoned Heinrich to enter.

The room that it's new owner stepped into was enormous; even bigger than some houses he had seen.

To his left were ten people, all dressed formally in a line with large smiles on their faces.

Heinrich just stood there and looked  around. The walls had large ornate tapestries and paintings which appeared to be of considerable age. The tapestries depicted flowing contrysides and historical battles. The colors, mainly browns,greens,and blues, were considerably faded.

Several gigantic chandeliers hung from the ceiling and a spiral staircase presented itself on Heinrich's right. The bannister, as all the other wood in the room, had a heavy shine, indicating the amount of work that was put into the overall upkeep.

The chandeliers were of breathtaking beauty as were the vases, statuettes,and the many other decorative pieces in the room.The air had a very desirable fragrence of forrests and the fresh outdoors.

A tall rather elderly white haired man stepped up and presented his hand to Heinrich. He was dressed in a navy blue suit with a vest , conservative red tie and white shirt. His shoes were so shiny it looked like pearls had been melted onto them.

"Good afternoon, Master Buchanan," he began, "my name is Charles Rothschild. We all wish to warmly welcome you to Townsend Manor."  His accent was very clipped and Bostonian.


Mike shut the door to Ray's bedroom and sat down to finish his breakfast. He read  the headlines on The New York Times as he sipped his coffee.

Ray was still unconscious but the healing was very obvious. His blackened skin was almost totally back to it's normal color and the bruising was a lot better.

Mike surmised that the gloves kept Ray in a deep sleep while they did their work. The clear flowing blanket of unknown substance with the silver tone sparkled and flowed gently over his body

"HOSTAGES SAVED BY MYSTERIOUS SUPER HEROS"  was printed in large black bold at the top of the newspaper's front page.

It had accounts from the hostages and the law enforcement elements which had been on the scene.

It turned out that the terrorists had made it into the castle disguised as maintenance workers.Their weapons were in multiple pieces and them, along with the bombs, were carried in toolbags so as to not attract any attention. It was an inside job and the FBI and local detecives were trying to run down any leads regarding anyone else involved, which there had to be. So far they had nothing.

Mike switched on the TV only to see more arguing between politicians about gun control legislation, illegal immigration, and the war on terrorism. Disgusted, he turned it off.

The he heard Ray weakly call his name


End of Chapter 12


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