The Terrific Two II-Rise of the Fearsome Four

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - The Storm Approaches

Submitted: January 08, 2018

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Submitted: January 08, 2018



Chapter 13- The Storm Approaches


Heinrich lay in the pitch black of his bedroom and stared up at the ceiling.  It was as quiet as a tomb, except for the soft sound of the rotating fan overhead.

This was the beginning of the third week that he had been there. His trailer and most of his clothes and a few other items had been given to The Purple Heart Foundation, which raised funds for disabled veterans and their families.

The total worth of the Townsend Estate had been estimated to be around twenty three billion dollars. He had been in the top twenty five of the wealthiest in the world.

After the Viet Nam war Allen Townsend started college under the GI Bill.  He earned a BS degree in Electronics Engineering from Brown University and a minor in Astrophysics.

Allen was able to get a business loan fairly easily as he was a US veteran and graduated in the top ten per cent of his class.

His company,  Townsend Surveillance, started in a small quonset hut a little bit south of the city, after two of his college friends accepted his invitation to become partners in the business. 

They designed and manufactrured custom drone systems and did a pretty damn good job of it.

As violence escalated across the world, the idea of drone useage became quite popular among the US and other governments.

Business skyrocketed.In just a decade, all three owners became multi millionaires.

The years went by and eventually the three owners made a deal with Honeywell, who wanted to get into the drone business. They sold the company to them and made an agreement that they would always get a certain percentage of the profits.

The rest was history. Townsend, who had his doctorates by now,published a lot of his works; both in science magazines such as Omni and his own personal books. He was involved in a lot of charity work as well. His funeral procession was miles and miles long.

Heinrich turned over in his bed and tried to put concerns out of his mind that someday the long arm of the law may finally reach him.

He had purchased a Piper Twin engine Bonanza (brand new, for the paltry sum of eight hundred thousand) and had hired the best (or supposedly the best) aviator instructor in New York. He had had an exhausting day with his lessons.

Suddenly, the stillness of his bedroom was broken with a large humming/vibrating sound. Heinrich sat up.

This was the third time he had heard it since he had been there. He had ignored it all the other times but now, since by God this was his home, he was going to investigate.

He slowly went down the stairs and stood in the foyer, listening. Once more it echoed through the halls.The sound seemed to be resonating from the main living room where the fireplace was.

Heinrich cautiously started making his way in that direction.


Sarah and Ray stood on the balcony of the penthouse. Ray got out his zippo and lit a cigarello; a slight wind blew the smoke adrift.

" I'm so glad you are feeling much better," Sarah said. It was slightly cold so Ray put his arm gently around her.

"Me too," Ray said, "it was a real drag staying in bed that long."

"Why didn't you got to a doctor?' she asked

"I've had this happen before,' Ray replied, "and there really isn't a lot that can be done, except ride it out and drink lots of Gatorade.'

Still staring down, Sarah asked "How is your book coming?"

"Well, a little slow since I'm taking lessons and writing at the same time," he replied, "but really enjoying it anyway."

Ray was writing a novel entitled  "Galaxy Quest." It was somewhat of a space age version of Jason and the Argonauts.

Mike leaned out the doorway and said he was ready. Ray finished his smoke and he and Sarah walked back into the living room.They were going out to dinner and a movie. 

As Ray waited for Mike, April, and Sarah to walk out the door before he locked it, he felt and itch on the back of his neck.

This only happened when trouble was not on the very distant horizon


End of Chapter 13.

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