The Terrific Two II-Rise of the Fearsome Four

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - The Encounter

Submitted: January 19, 2018

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Submitted: January 19, 2018




Chapter 14-The Encounter


Heinrich slowly made his way into the vast living room and switched on the overhead lights.

There was no movement or sound. He walked around the room, observing every inch.  Still no movement and it was as quiet as a tomb.

Finally he sat down on one of the leather sofas next to the fireplace.

Then he saw it.

On the table between the two sofas was Forbes Magazine. And who was on the cover?

None other than Eric and Rita. Rita was standing in front of Eric who had his arms around her. Facing the same direction, both of them were smiling and looking slightly up. Heinrich picked up the magazine and turned to the article about them.

The article said that Rita, who had been promoted to vice president of operations (second in command of the company) had been singularly responsible for discovering the largest offshore petroleum source in history. It heavily emphasized the fact that she was a woman and was in charge of the engineering department, made up of nothing but men.

It also said that she and Eric were now engaged. The wedding date was unknown at this time.

Heinrich thought he was going to throw up. The very idea of them putting this sorry bitch on some kind of pedestal!

Not only that,but they way they glorified the spoiled, lazy, coke snorting Eric made him even sicker.

The article also emphasized how the value of the company's stock skyrocketed almost overnight.

There were othe pictures as well. One was of Rita in a hardhat flying on a helicopter with a oil drilling platform in the background.

That was enough. He rolled up the magazine and threw it across the room as hard as he could.

The magazine hit a small statuette of the god Pan, flute to his mouth, on the fireplace mantle.

It did not knock the piece to the floor. Instead, since the magaazine hit the upper part of it, the upper half  bent to the side. It was hinged! The bottom part stayed where it was at.

Heinrich walked over to check this out.  He stood gazing at a very surprising sight.

It so happened that there was a button on the flat face of the bottom part of the piece.

He stood looking at it for about thirty seconds, wondering if he should push it. Finally, since this was his home and there should be no mysteries to him, he pushed it.

A small part of the large bookcase opened, like a door. Hienrich wandered over to see just what in the hell was there

It was an elevator!

A few seonds later, Heinrich was in it and on his way down. Soon, the elevator stopped and opened

He stepped out and gasped at what he saw with widened eyes.

He was looking into a vast cavern. On the far wall was some kind of huge tunnel. There was a swirling kalidescope of colors! Reds, greens, purples, and a few others he did not the tunnel

A little ways a way and to the side of it was Charles, standing behind some kind of panel. A few others of the estate staff were right behind him

Charles seemed to move slightly as if he were adjusting something on the panel and the humming sound came again. It was loud and Heinrich covered his ears. The swirling colors changed and the motion started going in the opposite direction

He had not been seen yet. All eyes were on the tunnel.

A presence got inside Heinrich's mind and started making him move towards the tunnel. Slowly he walked until he was almost right in front of it.  He was very mesmerized by what he was beholding, and the force that had taken over his mind was much too strong for him to resist. 

All of a sudden, the others saw him.

"No, Master Lance!! Get away from it!!" shouted Charles.

However,  it was too late. Heinrich was sucked into the tunnel. He felt himself soaring through space at an unimaginable speed.

Finally he slowed down and landed.. The totally bewildered scientist sat up, shaking his head.

It was very dark and silent. "My God," he thought, "what have I gotten myself into?"

Right then, he saw a movement out of the corner of his left eye. Something large, surrounded by a purplish light was quickly coming his way. It was floating.

Heinrich stood up and looked at this new possible menace. 

This thing had to be a good fifteen feet tall. It had on some sort of black gown and it continued to glow with the purplish light.

But the most frigthening thing was it's face. It was similar to a preying mantis, with bulbous red eyes and a small fanged mouth.

After a few seconds, it's eyes started to glow and Heinrich felt that presence, which forced him into the tunnel, enter his mind again.

 It was so heavy and powerful that it drove him to his knees.Heinrich  screamed as the force went through all his memories at an incredible speed.

Then he felt calm. Heinrich opened his eyes and the creature's eyes had stopped glowing so bright.

Next, the purplish light exapnded from the creature and encompassed him.He was paralyzed but still had the calm feeling resonating throughout his body

An instant later, he felt power rush into him. Power that he had never ever experienced before.


He felt as if he had enough strength to pull a California Redwood out of the ground!


End of Chapter 14



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