The Terrific Two II-Rise of the Fearsome Four

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - The Rustler

Submitted: February 01, 2018

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Submitted: February 01, 2018



Chapter 16- The Rustler


After Heinrich did extensive cleaning , he contacted the poilce and said his staff, who went for a nature walk like they often did at dusk, never returned. He told them that he had got in his car and did an extensive search, but could never find them. Soon the police were on their way.

Heinrich had moved the button to the elevator door behind a light switch plate. You had to take the plate off to get to it.

He also tore the large oval rug , which had extensive blood stains on it, into pieces. All this, along with the body parts that he had put in large plastic trash bags,  he put in the elevator and took them down into the cavern. 

He sealed the bags with duct tape and put them, along with the carpet scraps, into a storeroom.. 

He knew it was going to be a long night. Not only did the poiice come in droves with their helicopters and their K9's, but relatives came too.  It was a massive search.

Heinrich had always been a good actor. He answered all the detective's questions, putting on his best role as being super stressed out.He also wore sunglasses so no one would see his bizarre looking eyes, explaining as he had grown older he had developed eye problems; specifically sensitivity to light.

After everyone had left in the wee hours of the morning, he knew there would be an extensive forensic investigation. He also knew they would use a chemical called luminol to detect where blood stains had been.

The change that came over him also gave him an IQ, if it were measureable, into the five or six hundreds. He could go through websites at super speeds. 

By mid morning, he knew what he had to to to counteract the luminol. Heinrich drove into the city to a specialty chemical store and got what he needed.

A few hours later, the police were knocking at the door with all their equipment.

Heinrich told them he would be in the study and would be glad to help them in any way he could. He also set up coffee, water, and juice for them on a TV tray in the living room.

In the mid afternoon they finally left, having found no clues whatsoever.


Right after that, Heinrich took the elevator down to the cavern and walked over to the control console which was not too far from the tunnel. He powered it on and climbed into a suit.

After a while, he more than agreed with Charles that the excursion was absolutely incredible. He saw all manner of places, cities, and creatures and beings that would defy the wildest imagination. 

Heinrich finally returned after being gone for an unknown amount of time.  He was hungry, so he removed his suit and went back up to the kitchen. Then he saw the clock

It said he was only gone for three minutes! Heinrich was absolutely dumbfounded. He knew he had to have been gone for  at least several hours!

He put his pot pie in the microwave and sat down, quite bewildered. This was impossible! Or, maybe it wasn't.

A little while later he swiched on his TV and saw that El Dorado, one of his favorite movies had just started. He loved John "The Duke" Wayne. He was his favorite actor, hands down. And he also loved westerns.

When the movie was over, he walked back into the large living room. It was a little cold and he wanted to start a fire and sip on a glass of brandy.

Then Heinrich saw it again, lying on the floor. That magazine with King Shithead and Queen Nastybitch on the front.

He started a fire in the fireplace and started tearing the article out, page by page, and tossing in into the fire. Then his eye caught something in the first sentence of a particular paragraph.

It so happened they were having a big charity gala, where they would offcially announce their engagement, in just a week.

"Oh really?" he thought to himself, "wouldn't it be amazing if I crashed the party? Litertally!" Then he threw back his head and laughed. And laughed.

"I could go there dressed up like Duke Wayne, with a bandera over my mouth like an outlaw! And we sure couldn't forget my six guns!'

He laughed again, almost hysterically. Then he started getting more ideas.

"I'll travel into more dimensions and get what I need,"he thought, "I'll build a robotic horse that can fly and a robot to help me. One that will resemble the one in The Day the Earth Stood Stiil that could shoot rays out of it's eyes.! A week should be just the right amount of time I need.!"

He paused for a moment and then thought "I'll call myself The Rustler, and my robot will be named Clint, like my second most favorite actor! Oh they'll have a party that they will NEVER forget! NEVER!"


Heinrich lay in bed later on that night and looked at the ceiling fan. He couldn't wait to get started with all his plans

Suddenly, the creature he encountered in the other dimension appeared before him at the foot of his bed. Heinrich gasped.

"Do not be afraid," it telepathically communicated, "I am here just ot explain to you why I did to you what I did."

Despite what the creature relayed to him, he was still forzen with fear, but he kept his mind clear enough to discern what the creature was telling him.

"When you stood in front of you tunnel," it began, " your emotional state was so intense I detected you. Then, really to satisfy my own curiosity, I pulled you in. Next, as you'll remember, I invaded your mind and your memories. Then I knew the source of your great anguish.'

There was a slight pause, then the creature continued. "I gave you your great powers to enact revenge on those who caused the great tragedy and sorrow in your life."

More silence followed. Then the being dissappeared.


Mike and Ray came out of the movie theater and got in the car. On the way back, Mike looked over to Ray and said "Did you see that invite we got in the mail?"

'You mean the one to all Fathom Exploration major stock holders like us inviting you and me to the gala?" Ray replied

"Yeah, "Mike said while driving, " it's black tie. Do you want to go?"

Ray thought for a moment "What the hell?" he replied, "why not?"


End of chapter 16

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