The Terrific Two II-Rise of the Fearsome Four

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - The Attack!

Submitted: February 08, 2018

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Submitted: February 08, 2018



Chapter 17-Attack!


With the help of the creature, or diety may be a better word, Heinrich made an excursion through a multitude of dimensions.

He entered a massive city where there was nothing but mechanical beings, mainly robots, and retrieved one which looked just like Gort, the eight foot tall robot in the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still, just as he had planned.

Heinrich used a lasso that he had constructed, whiched caused paralysis in the victim. It did not exaclty cause such in this robot he had captured, but it did cause it to short out.

Heinrich took it back to his lab and opened it up. After about an hour, he had figured out how it functioned, despite it's extreme complexity.

After another two days work, he had it fully repaired and programmed to follow his every command. 

On the third morning, he took it out back to the woods on the estate. It weighed over a ton, and lumbered  along like a giant. The best way to describe it was as a robotic cyclops.

Pointing to a boulder, Heinrich commanded "Clint, destroy that rock!'

Clint's visor opened and a large red beam produced, blasting the boulder to pieces.

"Clint, pull that tree our of the ground," Heinrich said next, pointing to a very sizeable tree.

A few seconds later, the tree was almost effortlessly torn out of the ground and tossed aside

Heinrich giggled and cackled at the sight. "Oh what a good time we will have at the party," he thought.


The next morning Heinrich and Clint started working on the robotic horse.  They were able to find a device that would control magnetic fields, controlling gravity and used this as the horse's main drive. They fashioned it's body to have no legs, but a small platform instead.It could reach incredible speeds, hover, and turn on a dime.The unit fed on solar powered batteries.and powerful energy beams could shoot out of it's eyes.

Heinrich went to a western apparel store and got boots, jeans, and several hats and coats. He also got a bandana to cover his mouth so he would look like an outlaw.

He also bought a couple of pistols which resembled the "six guns" he saw in the westerns, along with ammuntion making equipment and gunpowder. He fashioned the ammo to consist of rounds that exploded..

That evening he ,dressed in his full cowboy regalia, and Clint went out to the woods again. Heinrich wanted to try out his horse and new six guns.

He climbed on his horse, whom he named Thunder, and carefully elevated above the ground. Then he was off, soaring into the sky. Heinrich turned and rocketed back towards the trees, firing the horse's energy beams. The trees exploded into many pieces.

Heinrich then took out hi six gun, fanning it, causing more trees to expolde.

He rocketed through the skies again, turning over and over and somersaulitng in the air.

"Yes," he thought to himself, "Clint and I are ready."  Then they flew back to the castle.

Heinrich , now The Rustler, thought again of his Greta. His eyes stung with tears. "Her death shall be avenged tomorrow!" he thought, "HOW THEY SHALL PAY! HOW THEY SHALL PAY!!"


Ray stood out on one of the veranda adjoining the grand ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria, getting a bit of fresh air. It had gotten a little hot and stuffy in there. He glanced again at his reflection in the glass door, checking himself out in his tux. It had been a while since he had wore it and he felt a little tight in it.

The band had aready started up. Mike was still sitting at a table, wearing a white dinner jacket,in conversation with a couple.

The invitation was just for Ray and Mike, so they couldn't bring April and Sarah.

Ray looked out over the city and sipped his martini. It seemed there was really nobody that interesting to converse with there; he had tried but was mainly met with nothing but snobbery

All of a sudden Ray heard something like a small jet coming their way. He turned and saw two figures rocketing towards the building.

What appeared to be a large robot and someone riding a flying horse went crashing through the glass doors to the ballroom.

"WHAT THE SHIT?!!" Ray yelled.

The band stopped and the room came to a standstill. The Rustler just hovered in the air and the robot landed next to him.

"Clint! Blast them!" he shouted as he waved his arm towards the rest of the ballroom

Clint's visor opened and he swept the whole room with his energy beam. There were explosions and screaming.

Mike had managed to avoid getting hit and reached for his glove in his inner jacket pocket. But just as he did Clint swept the room again with the beam, hitting a table which slammed into Mike, knocking him unconsciuos.

Eric and Rita just stood there in shock, looking at the two invaders. Heinrich lowered the bandana, which was covering his mouth. He grinned widely.

"YOU!!" Rita screamed


End of Chapter 17

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