The Terrific Two II-Rise of the Fearsome Four

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - BATTLE !

Submitted: March 03, 2018

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Submitted: March 03, 2018



Chapter 19-BATTLE !


The Rustler stood up and lept at Ray, who just moved aside and let him fall. He did it again but this time Ray delivered a kick which sent him flying through a brick pillar.

Enraged, the deranged villain stood and drew his six gun once more, blasting 


In the meantime, thanks to years of combat training and experience, Mike dodged another beam fired from the robot's eye and circled down behind him. He was still bewildered as to why this thing had not short circuited after it plunged into the harbor's depths.

Unfortunately the mechanical behemoth saw Mike do this and turned back towards him in mid air, firing his beam again.

This time Mike was hit. It felt to him like being kicked by twenty mules and being burned by a giant blowtorch.He went tumbling towards the water with Clint shooting straight after him.


Ray was astonished at the speed this advesary had with his draw. He was hit by three explosive bullets and went flying, landing on his back. Shaking his head, he rose just to be hit in the face by the villainous dime store cowboy. He lay still for a moment while The Rustler stood over him, pondering what to do next, thinking his foe was unconscious.

Ray raised his arm and blasted him, sending him slamming into his mechanical horse.

"Ain't ya ever heard of playing possum?" Ray asked as he stood.


The shock of hitting the cold water caused Mike to regain his senses. He looked up to see the maniacle robot's gleaming red eye coming straight for him.

Mike shook his head and rocketed out of the way as Clint crashed the surface and zoomed past him. The now exhausted and bruised hero flew out of the water, and then about twenty feet away . He hovered just a few inches above the surface, waiting.A few seconds later, Clint broke the surface. Mike leveled a blast at it's head, knocking it back into the water.


Ray was on The Rustler again in an instant. He now knew his enemy had to be every bit as strong as he was. Maybe even stronger. His saving grace was his hand to hand combat training and years of experience.

Battered and bruised, both stood again and face each other. Ray could hear more sirens in the distance.

"Give it up," he said "you're going to be severly outnumbered in just a very short time."

The Rustler took another swing at Ray, who just dodged, grabbed his arm, and judo flipped him.  He put his foot on his neck.

"Look dude," Ray said, "you've lost. It's over. You're obviously a sick man. Let us get you some help!"


Mike knew this mechanical beast was going to be soaring out of the surface again. He waited, hovering, knowing the thing would have a distinct advantage if he tried to fight it underwater.

He heard something break the surface about ten feet away behind him. Mike turned just to have his foe slam into him, grabbing his shoulders. Back into the water they went.

Mike slammed and battered his fists into the things face, knocking it's head back and denting it.


The Rustler snarled and raised his left hand. There was a small keypad on his wrist and he pushed a button. 

The hovering mechanical horse came to life. Ray turned towards it just to get hit by two red beams shooting out of it's eye, causing him to slam though another wall.

The Rustler picked up his six gun and hat and mounted Thunder. He looked across the room and saw Ray lying very still again. He was about to go over to him when he heard a door slam open and then someone shouted "POLICE! FREEZE!"

He then immediately soared out of the broken skylight, back into the dark skies.



An ugly word. A word nobody ever likes to hear. But as Mike started sinking into the depths, unconsicous while Clint watched ,the word suddenly became far too much of a reality.


End of Chapter 19



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