The Terrific Two II-Rise of the Fearsome Four

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Hell in a Mall

Submitted: June 28, 2017

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Submitted: June 28, 2017



Chapter 2- Hell in a Mall

Six months ago from the present time, Mike and Ray had been on an Air Force C47 heading back to Washington from Stuttgart.

During this long flight, they had to come up with something feasible to explain how they had survived the alien attack on The Seastar. If they told them the truth, they would both be transported to the mental ward at Bethesda Naval Hospital.

The duo agreed to the concoction of a story that  had them escape from the sinking submarine via the ALS craft and winding up on some barren European shore.They were able to parachute out of the craft just before it was blown to bits by enemy fire.Forthwith, it had taken a long time to get back to civilization.

The Department of the Navy at The Pentagon was somewhat skeptical, but none the less they decided not to make an issue of it. The important thing was that the war was over and the two were back safe and unharmed.

All who witnessed the two in combat had no idea who they were. When the battle was over, they had managed to find some civilian clothes to wear. They would never be able to explain how their navy tans had been camouflaged. They would just say their uniforms had been torn up going through rough terrain and some kindly old farmer loaned them some clothes. 

Their gloves were thin enough to fit in their pockets.

After obtaining a ride on an army jeep to the base in Stuttgart and having a long talk with the base adjutant (with a concoted story as well) they were identified by their finger prints in the enormous US military data base,  The two were then put up at the Visiting Officer Quarters for two nights. On the morning of the third day they were driven in an army sedan to the nearest air base, which was Ramstein.

Ray and Mike were both bachelors. Each had served twenty five years in the navy and decided to go into retirement.

With their combined pensions and a nice inheritance from Mike's father, they had been able to acquire a nice penthouse on the eleventh floor in Manhattan, New York.

The sprits of the gloves communicated to them that from now on, due to the decision they had made, they would help them to keep their identities secret. How? Each time they donned their gloves, their garments would turn into masked uniforms.

The uniforms were a dark blue, with an image of a  crimson pair of gauntlets crossed on their chests. Their masks would cover their eyes,  necks, and foreheads and would be integral to the rest of their uniform. There would be a crimson circle on their right shoulders with a  "2" inside. Their boots were black.

Addtionally they now had the power to blend in with their surroundings, similar to the alien in the Predator movies, so no one would see them coming or going from the balcony of their penthouse.

The news media had a frenzy after rescues had been made and crimes had been foiled, not to mention criminals being hunted down and brought to justice by these new mystery superheroes.

The pair had a CB scanner in their living room and bedroom. Sometimes one or both of them would go out 'for a cruise", but most of the time they listened to the scanner for opportunites.They took turns performing until they started alternating weeks.

It was all over the news and in the papers and the subject of many talk shows. Who were these masked heroes flying to the rescue like super men? Where did they come from? Were they aliens or time travelers? It went on and on.

The two never talked to anyone when they were on a mission and would fly as fast as they could in and out of a situation. Too much twisted litigation these days and there were laws against vigilantes.

Be all that as it may, every situation they listened to was a judgement call. If it was soemthing not very bad they would just let the police or whoever handle it. Afterall, the pair did have their own lives to lead. However, if it turned into a long chase endagering lives, or a hostage situation, or a horrible disaster like a fire at an apartment complex, whoever was on duty that week would answer the call. Seldom did they think both of them would be required.

With their return to the states, life had gotten much more inteersting, active, and complex.

But they never complained or backed down from their God given destiny.


Ray flew through the entrance, keeping very low. He swerved as best he could to avoid the panicked running crowd.

He got to the interior mall entrance of Macy's and crouched behind a window mannequin. 

He surveyed a lot of dead, men, women, and children. Down a ways on the left were some dead policemen and a lot of smoke. Apparantly they had smoke grenades also.

A police woman fired directly into the smoke, but flashing from return fire indicated it was not effective. Her head was blow off.

"Not only a good shot but obvious kevlar protection, " Ray surmised

The main causeway was clear now as all the security guards and police lay dead in that area. Ray also heard gunfire and explosions a lot further down.

A woman and her baby were not able to make it into a store or out an exit. She cowered in a corner as a terroist approached her, taking out the clip of his weapon, tossing it, and then replacing it. He got about six feet from her.

The woman was blonde and caucasion. "P-please don't kill us," she tearfully begged.

The gunman just smiled and leveled his wepaon at her baby.

"All you white ass infidels are all alike," he said, snarling, "cowards when it gets this way,"

Suddenly his weapon got too hot to handle and he threw it down and grasped his buring hands

"What the fuck?" he said 

Suddenly a large costumed individual was standing right in front of him, between himself and the mother and baby

Ray picked him up by his tie. He dangled and kicked and choked as he hung about a foot in the air. Ray looked him in the eye.

"All you brown, black, white, yellow, or red ass terrorists are all alike," he said. "murderous walking heaps of rodent excrement whose very existence is a gigantic insult to the planet earth."

He tossed him in the air like a badmitton birdie and punched him in the chest, sending him sailing through a skylight window above.  The terrorist landed on the Christmas tree a couple of miles away in Trump plaza, then fell, dead,  on top of Rudoplh the Rednosed Reindeer in front of the tree.

Ray turned his attention towards the woman and her infant to see if she was OK. The woman looked beyond Ray with widened eyes and pointed.

Ray turned and saw the other terrorist come out of a store. The killer stopped and stared at his new foe.

"Oh shit,!" he thought, "it's one of those superhero guys I've seen them talk about on the news!"

He raised his wepon and began firing. The suit Ray wore was impervious to small arms fire. Then the new menace started firing at Ray's head, but his gloved hand shot up and caught all the bullets. He flung them aside.

The terrorist pulled the pin of a grenade and raised his hand to throw it, but Ray froze it to his hand. He didn't take time to watch it explode, though, as he turned towards the sound of the gunfire way down the mall's main thoroghfare.

He turned to the woman, who was still lying there in shock and said "Get the hell out of here now!"

She was off like The Roadrunner.

Blending in with the surroundings, Ray zoomed down the mall's middle towards the sounds of the gun battle.

He was sickened at the sight he saw; dead men, women, and children.Children who will never know another Christmas.

He saw two more terrorists run out the side door. More dead police lay around.

The two ran out in the middle fo the road. Sirens wailed as police, ambulances, helicopters, and SWAT teams were closing in.

"WHERE IS HE?!!" one of them said to the other. Then the body of their gettaway driver landed next to them.

"Looking for this?" they heard a voice say from above. They looked up.

The pair saw Ray was holding a car above his head. They gasped.

Then Ray let the car fall on top of them. An instant later he soared into the night sky. He would pick up his car tommorrow. There would be cops there all night.


He didn't like terrorists. Not at all.


End of Chapter 2


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