The Terrific Two II-Rise of the Fearsome Four

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Chapter 20 (v.1) - Race Against Time

Submitted: March 09, 2018

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Submitted: March 09, 2018



Chapter 20- Race Against Time


The spirit of the glove jarred Ray awake. He turned over and saw several figures standing over him through his blurry vision. As they came into focus, he recognized that they were policemen

"You OK fella?" one of them asked.

Ray didn't have time to say much. The glove's spirit was screaming in his mind that his partner need help. NOW!.

"I'll be fine, thanks," Ray replied as he stood. Then he soared like a missle out of the skylight as the cops watched in disbelief.


Clint turned and bolted out of the deep. He broke the surface and flew into the night as The Rustler had radioed him to head back to the mansion.

An instant later Mike's glove came to life. It strongly tightened around his wrist and rose, bringing Mike's arm straight above his head. Next, with Mike in tow, it shot out of the water. Seconds later it lay Mike down on a dock. It was now night time so nobody was around.  The glove pulsated with a strong,  deep blue glow.

The glove's commands guided Ray towards the harbor. Then he saw the glow of Mike's glove.

Seconds later found him kneeling next to Mike. He rolled him an his side and pounded his back. Water started coming out.of  Mike's mouth

Next found him coughing.


Two weeks had gone by. 

A dark figure wearing a blue fedora hat and a black trenchcoat stood in a cemetary, looking down at a headstone. It was dusk

The Rustler just gazed. 

"Greta Rose Ottoman. 


Dear and Faithful Wife

Loved Beyond Words"

it read.

The man who had once won awards for science projects, extruded kindness, and gave fruitfully to charities was now no more. This ugly world had turned him into a monster, and part of him in the deep recesses of his soul knew this. When it tried to wrestle itself to the surface of his conscious, a stronger force would push it back to where it had come from.

It started to rain. The Rustler climbed into his Jaguar and drove back to the estate.

His mind wandered to his recent skirmish with those superheroes. It won't be long before he would seek out that stinking bitch that got away because of them. He would not only rid her of this world, but he would take his sweet time doing it. He would cause her more pain and humiliation than she had ever known possible, taking her to his cavern and making it last for days. Weeks maybe. Then he would seek out the two that had foiled his plans and deal with them as well. But they were strong and very very formidable. 

An idea suddenly came to him. What if he made another journey into the vastly numerous dimensions and found more to recruit? Yes, that was the answer. There were probably a lot more just as powerful as Clint. And likely, even more.

He pulled into his garage and took the elevator up to the mansion's first floor. Heinrich made a brief stop in the monitor room and checked all the security screens.. All was quiet and still. If anyone broke in they would have Clint to deal with. If Clint and he were not there, then poisonous gas would do the job.

Later that evening he sat down with a glass of brandy and turned on the news.  His eyes widened at what he saw.

The Deepstar Platform  had exploded that day. There were an undetermined number of deaths and injuries.  The screen showed that some parts were still on fire. Heinrich leaned closer and turned the volume up.

Helicopters and boats surrounded it. The fire was bing hosed and people were being rescued.

A few moments later he switched off the TV and sat, gazing at the blank screen.

It appeared that what he had tried to keep from happening happened anyway. He hoped that that Rita would fry like a fish on Fridays for this.

Now, after the investigation, Fathom Exploration would be ruined. The friends he had known for so long and were like family to him would soon be out of work. And worst of all, they would be associated with this tradgedy.

Lightening and the sound of thunder suddenly came from outside. Many thoughts ran through Heinrich's mind as he watched through a window.


End of Chapter 20.

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