The Terrific Two II-Rise of the Fearsome Four

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Chapter 21 (v.1) - Big Kahuna

Submitted: March 17, 2018

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Submitted: March 17, 2018



Chapter 21-Big Kahuna


Sam Konala, also known as Big Kahuna, sat with his feet on his desk and lit up another Marlboro, glancing once again at the picture of him and his platoon taken after Operation Desert Storm those many years ago. They were all like brothers to him. His mind wandered back as it had done so many times before.

Their special forces platoon of army Green Beret's had been the primary unit that spearheaded the assualt on Hussein's palace, engaging with his special guard. He can't rememeber their name, but he was surpised at how easily the were deafeated. They were 'heap big smoke, but little fire," he said to the others after the last did his dance of death when he riddled him with bullets. "A bunch of pussies," remarked another.

He was Samoan, his family having moved from Hawaii to a suburb of Newark, New Jersey when he was eight years of age. Big promotion for his father.

That is when his life changed so drastically. Being overweight was common with Samoans. The degree of bullying, for so many years that Sam had to endure had almost driven him to suicide. It got so bad at one point his parents pulled him out of school for a while.

Over the years, it was always the same jerks; the athletic ones who wanted to show off for their girlfiends. Sam had tried to stand up to them numerous times, but the results had always been the same. A severe beating. Always worse than the last.

Sam had lay awake at night and thoughts came to hs mind. Thoughts of revenge.  But how? Eventually a plan formulated.

He enlisted in the US Army about a week after he graduated from high school. His parents did not like the idea, but he didn't care. The recruiter had actually tried to dissuade him, but he would hear none of it.

Sheer will got him through boot camp. He exercised and ran even more, on top of his regular training. He also hit the weight room every other day. By the time he grduated boot camp at Fort Dix, he had lost over  sixty punds of fat and put on about twenty five in muscle. Sam then applied for special forces school and was accepted.

During the grueling and hellish times at Fort Benning, his constant thoughts of the bullies that had caused him so much misery kept him going. His mother had tears of pride run done her cheeks when he graduated in his crisp green uniform and put on his beret.He had three weeks before he was to report to Fort Bragg .

Back then, nobody had any reservations about putting their information in phone books.

And he knew the names of every one of the sorry bastards.

Sam bought a black ski mask and dark clothes. Then, wearing his heavy black Chochran boots, began to execute his plans. 

He waited for opportunities to present themsleves, mainly at night. He struck like lightening with each one. Then he would run off when he was finished to the other street where he parked his car. He sent each one of the four of them to the emergency room, with broken noses, teeth, and ribs.


In a few weeks, through a relative, he found employment through the local longshoreman's union. 

It turned out, though, that the company he now worked for, famliy owned and operated, was really a front for an organized crime. operation

He was paid well and the benefits were good, so this didn't really bother him. if cops showed up he would just haul ass out of the state.

Before long, he began to date the daugther of the owner. Then, about a year later, wedding bells were ringing. As the years went by, his loyalty, dedication, and hard work paid off. He worked his way up the ranks and was eventually put in charge of the company. The old man wanted to retire. The rest, as they say, was history.

He was given the name "Big Kahuna," as he was Samoan and a rather sizeable guy; six foot four and about three hundred pounds. He ran a tight ship, but was always fair but firm.

Recently Big Kahuna decided that he would like to expand his territory, which meant putting four other families out of comission. He had two kids and another on the way, which meant three college educations to pay for.

Reading the papers and watching the news gave Big Kahuna an idea one day. Why not get these superhero guys he had seen and heard so much about under his control?

And that was why he presently had twelve innocent people in an old abandoned missle silo in Wyoming all in one room, with two hundred pounds of dynamite rigged to detonate from a radio signal.

And that is why he sent a picture of them, all bound and gagged sitting next to the stack of dynamite, to one of the major New York city TV stations and told them to show it on the six o'clock news, saying these superheor guys had until six o'clock the following day to answer him about meeting his demands, or there was going to be a really horrible mess to clean up.


End of Chapter 21. 


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