The Terrific Two II-Rise of the Fearsome Four

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Chapter 22 (v.1) - Xana

Submitted: March 20, 2018

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Submitted: March 20, 2018



Chapter 22- Xana


With Clint by his side, The Rustler soared through the interdimensional tunnel, still facinated and mesmerized by all he saw.

All the spiraling changing colors and shapes. 

He wore the protective suit and had modified Thunder and Clint to allow them to freely go into the tunnel and visit other worlds, returning safely.They would also be able to cloak themselves so nothing or nobody could see them 

Instinct directed he and his mechanical wonders to enter one of the realms.

They found themselves under a dark purplish sky, with an enormous moon taking up about a quarter of it.

There was no sign or sound of life. He and Clint hovered about two feet above ground, checking out thelandsape, which consisted of mostly dark small trees and bubbling mud pots. It looked like something out of The Hound of Baskervilles.

The robot stayed in back of his master and kept rotating it's head, keeping it's vigil.Dead silence and absolute stillness continued to dominate.

Suddenly, the two heard a noise. They looked in the direction it came from and saw distant movement.

Still technologically cloaked, they sped toward the source.

As they got closer, it appeared a beautiful woman with crimson hair and white skin was being pursued. She was in a very dark gown like garment and was moving very fast, slightly hovering above the ground.

The ones after her looked to be very military. They were on vehicles similar to what The Ruslter was on and had cobalt blueish armor. They also had some sort of insignias on their shoulders, causing The Rustller to surmise that they were some kind of law enforcement.

One raised his weapon and fired. The woman was hit in the back and screamed. She turned and let loose purplish bolts from her fingers. It almost hit one of the pusuers, but was stopped in some kind of force field.

She was fired upon again and then fell down. She turned as they all surrounded her.

One of them started talking to her in an accusatory manner, like he was charging her with some crime. She just lay there, chest heaving, and glared at them. 

The Rustler knew what was about to happen. He turned to Clint. "Destroy all those except the woman, " he said.

Clint rocketed towards them and flew into each one like a battering ram. It was over in about ten seconds. They all lay dead with their vehicles smashed.

Clint stood and looked towards The Ruslter for his next command. His master floated down and climbed off his craft. He walked over to where the woman was, still on her back, looking up at him, terror in her eyes.

The Rustler removed his hat and  squatted down, about fifteen feet from her.

"It is OK," he said, "we're not going to hurt you." 

The woman just continued to look at them. Then, a cross between words and thoughts entered The Ruslter's mind.

"i don't understand your language," it said, "but I understand your thoughts. You saved my life, and I thank you for that."

"Do you have a name?" The Rustler asked

"Yes," she repiled,. "I am Xana."

"I am Heinrich and this is Clint, " he said , gesturing towards the robot.

"He's quite intimidating," she replied.

"Yes, he is. Who were those that were chasing you and why?'

Xana just looked back at him


Ray and Mike landed exactly where they were told to. They found themselves surrounded by about a dozen men in ski masks, hold heaving weapons. A couple had rocket propelled grenade launchers. Lights from six large dark SUV's shined on them.

A very big man got out of one of them and approached The Terrific Two. He wore a ski mask as well.

"Very good," he said. "you came here right on time with no police following you. Wise of you to tell them that if my men, who are patrolling the area saw any sign of them, our little group in captivity would be made into something resembling so many gallons of Minestrone soup."

Mike and Ray just looked at him in a very hostile manner.Finally Mike said "OK. Just exactly what the fuck do you want, clown?"

"Oh my goodness., Big Kahuna said, 'looks like I'm going to have to give you a little lesson in respect. Nobody talks to Big Kahuna that way. Nobody."

He stepped up to Mike and looked down at him. "And if you retaliate, I think you have a pretty good idea of what will happen."

The large gangster slugged Mike in the mouth, knocking out a couple of teeth. Mike just spit them out and wiped his mouth, still glaring at him.


End of Chapter 22



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