The Terrific Two II-Rise of the Fearsome Four

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Chapter 23 (v.1) - The New Member

Submitted: March 27, 2018

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Submitted: March 27, 2018



Chapter 23- The New Member


"So what do you call yourselves?" Big Kahuna asked Ray and Mike

"We're The Terrific Two," Ray said

"Hah!" the massive gangster said, "how fucking lame! You couldn't do any better than that?"

"You're gonna be fucking lame if I ever get a chance to have some playtime alone with you, Big Kahshitass," Ray replied.

"Woo!" Big Kahuna said, walking over to Ray, "you guys have some mouths on you, don't you?" Then he took a swing at Ray who just blocked it. Ray's glare deep into his advesary's eyes caused Big Kahuna to back off.

"Maybe you should change it to the Fabulous Fuckups or something."  he added, walking away

Mike looked around. He counted at least ten weapons trained on them; machineguns, shotguns, and a couple of rocket propelled grenade launchers. The SUV's engines sill hummed in park, breaking the night's silence.

"Enough of this," the big leader said, "I'm going to get to the point. I like a hot meal and a hot fuck just like everybody else and this is keeping me from it."

His tone stayed low and gutteral, so it could not be identified.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out two lists. He then gave one to each of the duo.

"I'm going to be generous," he said walking around in front of them. "I'm going to give you both from the stroke of midnight tonight until the stoke of midnight forty eight hours from then. Your mission, and I think your shit will really be in the wind if you choose not to accept, is to make these people dissappear, never to be seen or heard from again. As in Vamoos! Adios! etcetera, etcetera. I think you get the picture."

The two shined the lights from their gloves on the lists.

"Ooo!" the crime boss said, "how neato!" Where did you get the gloves? Sent in two boxtops from your Frankenberry cereal?"

"Just finish what you have to say," Mike said

"When the job is done," Big Kahuna contiuned, " let me know by making the clock in time square strike one time at midnight. If you get it done early, then goody goody shit drops for you."

He stopped and took a breath.

"Now," he said, "being that a family can't function without rules, and we are all a family now, right? I'm going to lay them out in very very plain english. Number one, if I or any of my boys detect any police involvement whatsoever, then it's gonna be boom boom out go the lights for our ladies and gents who are sitting in the boom room. Number two, if something prevents me from checking in with two people as often as I should, it's gonna be boom boom out go the lights in that situation too."

He stopped pacing and looked at the pair.

"Am I clear on that, buckaroos? Remember, the only bad question is one not asked when it needs to be"




Xana and The Ruslter sat across from one another in front of the fireplace at the now Ottoman Manner.  Xana sipped hot chocolate that The Rustler had made for her. They still communicated by telepathy. Heinrich found it easier just to speak.

"Can I get you anything else?" he asked

"No thank you" she communicated, "you're very kind."

A few seconds went by and she communicated  " I was being hunted by my world's law enforcement. I am a sorceress and sorcery is outlawed there."

She sipped her coa coa and Heinrich just remained silent and listened.

"I became a sorceress to save my family. They had contracted a horrible disease. There was no known cure except through mysticism. I had found out many years ago as a child when my grandmother, who was a sorceress in secret herself, told me of this. She also told me where she had hidden her books of incantations, spells, and many other things. Then one day, years later, after I had grown and had a family, the disease struck and killed my mate. I knew it was highly contagious so I sought help from the mystical arts.I went to where the books had remained hidden for so long and learned the arts as fast as I could, out of desperation.I was barely able to save my children in time."

She stopped and stared at the blazing fireplace for a second.

"Go on," said Heinrich gently

"My jealous sister, who had always hated me since I as more attractive than she and always much kinder, therefore  getting more attention from relatives most of the time, found out I had taken up the arts and told the authorities. They came and arrested me and took my children away.  I had a trial and was sentenced to death."

She paused and sipped her drink again.

"Then I concentrated all the power I had and was able to blast out of prison. My execution had been scheduled for the following day. Then I was pursued. That is when you found me.I thank you so deeply for saving my life."

The Ruslter sat in silence and eyed her for a few seconds. She was strikingly pretty with her very light skin, crimson hair, and chisled features.

He rose from his chair and walked to one of the windows, contemplating. Xana watched him.

He wondered if he could enlist her to help defeat those two he had fought with, keeping them from interfering in his plan again. He decided that he would think this over for a while before approaching her about it.Then he turned to her.

"Come with me and I'll show you something," he said

They went into the TV room and he switched it on. He had just had a huge new Sony entertainment system put in.

Breaking news filled the screen as Xana and he watched. "We have something similar to this in the world I came from," she said

The newscaster said that a top executive at Norway Petroleum had come forward and admitted that he and others at his corporation knew about the risk factor of The Deepstar oil drilling platform, They had been told by a secret source. However, they had given their blessing to continue to drill in the area Fathom Exploration recommended anyway.

Heinrrich sat there in shock. How could they do this?

He stood and started pacing.Xana sat and watched, wondering why he was acting this way.

Rage clouded his face. This is just like so many of those greedy oil executives he had had to deal with, he thought.The final death toll had been twenty three. Fifty two more had been injured. Some very badly.

The Rusller sat down. "Those bastards!" he thought, " all of them are monsters! All they care about is themselves and how much money they can line their pockets with! All those killed and injured! And their poor families!"

It was then that The Rustler decided he would go after them all before they could cause anymore pain or sorrow. He would rid the earth of their sorry asses!


End of Chapter 23


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