The Terrific Two II-Rise of the Fearsome Four

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - The Fearsome Four Complete

Submitted: April 10, 2018

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Submitted: April 10, 2018



Chapter 24- The Fearsome Four Complete


Ray and Mike sat in their highrise penthouse in stony silence. Ray got up from his recliner and fixed himself a Cutty Sark and water.

After the meeting with the burly crime boss that night, when the two took to the skies, Mike had doubled back around and blended in. He put a small tracking device underneath one fo the bumpers of the SUV's.

In the initial DVD broadcated on the news, Big Kahuna said there would be a letter sent to the mayor with instuctions on where the meeting would be and for the Terrific Two to contact him. This prompted the mayor to bring the FBI in.

When Mike and Ray showed up to get the letter, the FBI gave them a tracking device to put on one of the SUV's. It proved, however, to be a dead end. All vehicles had been abandoned after the meeting.

Mike swithced on the news. There was a news flash. Another DVD had been sent to all the major networks and they had been forced to play it.

Big Kahuna was on the screen and in his ski mask again. To his left, was TV showing another man in a ski mask holding a shotgun to the head of a woman, who was gagged and kneeling. Tears steamed down her cheeks as she heaved and sobbed.

"Well, Fabulous Fuckups," the burly cirme boss said, "you really fucked up this time. Did you think we woudn't be able to find your chicken shit little tracking device?" He then took a drag from his cigarette. 

"Naughty, Naughty," he said wagging his finger, "what did I say about getting the police involved?"

Mike's eyes widened as he gasped. All the blood rushed from Ray's face.

"Tell ya what, though," Big Kahuna continued, "it's lucky for you I'm in a good mood because I got some really fine pussy last night. So I'm not gonna do away with them all, just one."

A moan escaped from the woman as her assasssin pumped his twelve guage Remington. He took aim as a man, not seen in the picture, answered a cell phone. Then the scene slighty rose as he pulled the trigger. Then it was dead silence. A second later Big Kahina filled the screen again.

"Ya know," he said "I don't feel a bit good about this. But I had to show you that when Big Kahuna says somethin, he means business. And if you assholes fuck up one more time, I think you know what will happen. And then we'll have to start ALLLLL over again." He took another puff of his cigarette.

Then he said "Sweet dreams"

The screen went dark.


After the news, Heinrich stood, walked to his bar, and poured himself some Crown Royale as Xana watched him intently. He then sat down next to her.

He told her about the big oil companies,and how greedy and selfish they were as they basically controlled the world. He also told her how he tried to stand up to them and how they murdered his wifer because of it.

"They are evil," he said, "all of them. And use of their energy, which they know has a strangle hold on our populace, is very bad for our environment. But they don't care. They just laugh about it.."

"But surely not all of them are evil," Xana said

Heinrich turned and looked out the window into the night. "I am not talking about all of them, just the ones who rule it. They are very very wealthy. They know that they hold us prisoner. They must be destroyed. All of them. This will also force our world to turn to alternate sources of energy, something that needed to be done a long time ago."

"How will we do this?" Xana asked

"We have great powers," Heinrich answered, " and we will utilize them. We will use our portal to get where we need to be and strike so quickly they will not have tome to adequately defend themselves. We must bear one thing in mind, however"

"What is that,?" Xana asked

"Clint and I encountered and did battle with two very formidable adversaries. They were very powerful and almost defeated us. I have a strong suspicion we will have to face and defeat them in order to achieve our goal. I'm not even sure the three of us could do it. That is why  I feel we need at least one more member."

Heinrich then opened the doors to the veranda and walked out. He looked up at the stars as he took a sip of his drink. It was a very clear night and the sky was filled with them. He even saw a shooting star. Then he felt his arm taken in hand.

"You saved my life," Xana said, "I will do as you ask."


The next morning, the three were soaring through the interdimensional tunnel once more. The Rustler had modifed his mount, Thunder, to extrude radiation that allowed all of them to travel freely between worlds.

The Rustler's instincts told him at what point to exit. The three suddenly found themsleves in a clear blue sky.

"I sense this place to be part of your own world, Heinrich," Xana said, "it is a place called Muscogee, Oklahoma, in your United States." Then pointing towards a bullding, she said "we must go there.'

As they got closer to the building, they recognized it to be a filling station. In the back of it were five figures. Four of them seemed to be ganging up on one. A couple of them were holding him while the other was punching him. Blood was running from his nose.

"How do ya like this, Chief Pain in the Ass!?" the one hitting the figure was sayng. 

The three swooped down. The Rustler fitwo enrgy beams from Thunder's eyes. The ground expolded next to them and they all jumped back looking up in shock.

"You assholes beating up on that guy better get the fuck outta here now!" The Rustler said, "or the next blast is gonna be at your balls!"

They ran like their asses were on fire. The three then landed about twenty feet from the young man, whose eyes widened in fear as he got to his feet. He started to run.

'Hey," The Rustler said, "don't run off. We won't hurt you."

"We're your friends," Xana said

The young man, who appeared to be about eighteen or nineteen, just stood still. He held his hand to his nose, which wa still bleeding.

The Rustler walked over and gave him his bandana. They then sat down under a large shady tree on soft grass. Clint just stood and kept watch.

"What's you name, fella, and why were those guys ganging up on you?'

"My name is Johnny Thundercloud" he replied, "and those creeps were beating up on me because I'm Native American."

Silence followed. "You want us to take you home?" Xana asked

"I really don't have a home," the young man answered," at least one I want to go to. My mom died a couple of years ago and my dad is a drunk. He's really big and he works me over sometimes."

"Doesn't sound like this is a very good place for you," The Rustler said, "how would you like to come with us to a much better place?"

"I don't know, man. I sure don't know you and you all are pretty intimidating, especially that gargantuan thing there"  the young man replied, pointing to Clint."

"Would I have given you my bandana if I was bad?" The Rustler asked, "and we can doctor you up and give you a hot meal and a very nice bed if you come with us. Then you can decide if you want to stay. If not, we'll bring you back here."

The teenager thought for a moment and then agreed.Next, they were off. Johnny sat in back of tThe Ruslter on his mount.

It didn't take long to convince Johnny to joing their group while they all had dinner together. The Rustler told him all that he had told Xana.

A few days later, they had fashioned him crimson and black armor with jet boots and miniature expolsive arrow he could shoot from his wrists. The armor also multiplied his physical strength many times over.

The Ruslter saw that he was a natural with the use of his jet boots, armor, and weapons. Johnny flew into the sky and fired his arrows as he swooped down, blowing up small trees and bolders.

A few nights later, all four of them were racing through the tunnel at blinding speed. The Rustler turned and looked at the others and smiled as they soared towards their first destination. Xana turned her head and smiled back.

"Nothing can stop us now," The Rustler thought to himself.



End of Chapter 24


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