The Terrific Two II-Rise of the Fearsome Four

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Chapter 26 (v.1) - The Rustler Shows his Hand

Submitted: April 18, 2018

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Submitted: April 18, 2018



Chapter 26-The Rustler Shows his Hand


Big Kahuna sat in his easy chair and took a sip of his beer while he watched the news. It showed some of the hostages being reunited with their familes; all the hugs and tears.

"How the fuck did they figure out where they were?" he thought to himself. 

There was really no need to worry. His henchmen never knew his identity. And he always commnicated with them by cell phones that were for only one time use, bought and paid for with cash. After he used them, into the stream they would go. He would always communicate from different areas, not too close by, and toss them out the window from his car into a stream right below a bridge he took on his way home.They could trace the number to cell towers, but what good would that do?

They were given a number of a payphone to call if they needed to talk to him when something was going down. The answerer would then relay the message from the pay phone.


It looked like he was going to have to come up with some other way of getting rid of his competition. 

These "Terrific Two" had been interfering with the local crime lords operations for quite some time.They had busted bank roberries and helped the cops with arrests of his boys. 

Big Kahuna decided he would have a meeting with the other crime lords and maybe they could figure out how to bump off these "Terrific Turds".


The crime boss had always made sure nothing would be traceable back to him should something go wrong. All their vehicles had been stolen or bought at auctions with cash on the barrelhead, paid for by his boys with false ID's

If any of his boys appeared to get too curious about who they worked for, they would first be shot in the knee caps, then the balls, and then the head after they had begged for death for a long enough time. All it took was a demonstration one day and then complete obedience ruled.

Big Kahuna switched over to the Scyfy channel and saw the Twilight Zone was on. It was one of his favorite episodes, the one about the creature that was on the wing of one of those commercial airplanes. 

He chugged his Iron City beer, got up, and got another. He was halfway through with it when the maid came in. She started dusting.

The maids were paid good money. The were from the street and were controlled by their drug habits. The family always kept a good supply. However, they were controlled just enough to where it would not interfere with their work, which included a clause that said "as well as any other duties deemed necessary by management". And Big Kahina, and the other family members were, of course, the management. They were never allowed to leave the premises.

The maids were required to wear the traditional French Maid outfits: with short black skirts, black stockings, stileto heels, and garter belts. Panties were not allowed.

The large Samoan got up from his chair and grabbed the maid, a small Asian, by her long black hair and forced her to her knees. She gasped in surprise.

"Gimme a blow job," Big Kahuna said 


Ray and Mike stood in Commsioner Archer's office and watched a recording of the breaking news of The Fearsome Four destroying the headquarter skyscraper of Petromex in Houston.

It showed  The Rustler holding the CEO by his ankle, dangling him upside down, just out of range of the SWAT team's weapons.

If any helicopters got close they were struck by purple lightening bolts unleashed by Xana. 

By the time the police started arriving, the building was practically demolished. Clint and Johnny blasted the police and SWAT vehicles before they got too close. 

The Ruslter lingered in the air for a while, just so the world would see. He raised the CEO up so he could hear him.

"P-P-Please let me down," the CEO wimpered, "I have a family."

"Hah!" The Rustler replied, "probably a buch of coke headed brats and some middle aged arm candy whose had a bunch of liposuction and botox!" he replied. Then he added "that suit you're wearing could probably give a couple hundred starving kids in this town a meal if you sold it, you greedy fuck!"

"PLEEEASE" he whined.

"OK! If that's what ya want," was The Rustler's reply. Then he dropped him

In the distance, The Rustler saw a couple of jets coming. He radioed the group to follow him

They soared into the sky as a small multicolored hole opened in front of them. Then they dissapeared into it and it closed.

The commisioner swiched off the TV. He looked over at Ray and Mike

In the past few months, they and several other higher ups in the NYC police deparment had become acquainted, since The Terrifice Two had been helping them. The police, of course, did not know their true identities.

Ray, leaning back against the wall with his arms folded, said  "We fought this guy and that big ass robot about four weeks ago when they attacked the ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria. Now it looks like he has a few more in his merry crew."

"You know they spray painted their calling card at the scene we just saw," the commisioner said, "apparently they call themselves The Fearsome Four. And it's pretty obvious they don't care too much for big oil companies."

Chief of Police O'Reilly, also in the meeting, turned to the commsioner and asked "Has that Rita woman come out of her shock yet sir, enough to where we can talk to her?"

"Negatory, chief," he answered, ":and the doctors have no idea when she will recover. She's on heavy sedation right now and is pretty much a vegetable."

Ther was silence for a few moments. Then Mike spoke up.

"What would everybody think of the idea of setting a trap?" he asked


End of Chapter 26.

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