The Terrific Two II-Rise of the Fearsome Four

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Chapter 27 (v.1) - The Gauntlet is Thrown

Submitted: April 28, 2018

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Submitted: April 28, 2018



Chapter 27- The Gauntlet is Thrown


The crowd gathered below in the noisy street known as Madison Avenue in New York. They gazed at the two hovering figures in the sky.

A news van pulled up and a reporter and camera man got out. The camera man leveled his camera directly at them. 

The Rustler, with Clint next to him, raised a bullhorn to his lips. Police cruisers with lights flashing started gathering below as well.


A helicopter started approaching them. Clint blasted it out of the sky. Burning wreckage fell to the ground as screams erupted from the crowd while they fled.

The police opened fire on them. The Rustler's mount shot beams through it's eyes, blowing up a couple of the cruisers. They were well out of range of any firepower the police had.

The Rustler looked to Clint and smiled. Then they zoomed off like jets into the sky.


Canamco was originally a joint venture between a US and Canadian oil company. The company was now the second largest oil coporation in the world.

TheY had just completed a third pipline into the U.S.;thousnds of miles long from from newly explored lands in Canada's mid northern province to Nebraska.

They decided to hold a major charity ball in celebration. The main ballroom in the Hyatt Regecny in down town New York was the location and it was scheduled to happen that night


In reality it was a trap.

There would be a concealed SWAT team on the lookout in constant radio contact with the task force commander, who was Commsioner Archer. More teams would be hidden behind curtains, wielding heavy weaponry, including Stinger missles

Mike and Ray would also be watching from behind curtains.

This event was a subject for the media for a couple of weeks and it was talked about on TV, in magazines, on the internet, and in newspapers.

The ones attending the ball were really police in disguise. When the attack started, they would rush to the tables, turn them over, and get behind them. Then they would open fire along with the SWAT teams.


Mike and Ray had watched the destructive display the mad criminal and his robot put on as it was broadcast once more. More innocent people killed. More violent carnage. They had to be stopped. 

Martial law had been declared by the governor for the city and a very strict curfew was put into place.

Ray stood on the balcony of their penthouse and looked at the deserted streets below. It was stange; no noise or traffic. Mike came out to join him and there was silence between them for a few seconds

"We've got to make a solumn vow to stop them, Ray," he said, "we have no choice."

Ray lit up a Cigarello and stuffed his Zippo lighter back in his pocket. "We're going to need all the help we can get," he replied, "and hopefully we'll have it tonight. It was touch and go just taking on two of them last time. Not we have to face four."

The erie quiet from streets below continued to domnate the night as they went back into their penthouse.


Commisioner Archer took another sip of his punch as he turned his gaze to the dance floor. Not a whole lot of dancing or celebrating were going on. The band, set up to make a very quick exit, contiued to play Rhapsody in Blue

Chief O'Reilly, rather uncomfortable in his tuxedo, raised his walkie talkie to his lips. "Still nothing?" he asked the leader of the surveillance team.

"Negatory, Chief" he replied.

The commsioner looked at his watch and then made his way over to the chief's side. It had been a good hour since the supposed event began

"I wonder if they're gong to show," he said. 

"Maybe they're waitng until a lot of us get snockered," the chief replied.

Then Chief O'Rielly went to a curtian, opened it a little ways, and peaked in. The Terrific Two just looked back at him, Mike giving him a thumbs up sign in an effort to be optomistic.


The Fearsome Four stood on the rooftop of an adjacent skyscraper. 

About a half hour ago, Xana had directed them to stop and wait there. He senses had told her something was wrong and not to go any further. After they landed, she bowed her head in intense concentration and opened her arms to the sky.

A very fleeting view appeared above them. It showed SWAT teams and the Terrific Two hiding behind curtains. It only lasted a few seconds, but that was long enough.

With an evil smirk, The Rustler had said "Why don't we just trap the trappers?"


Another hour and a half passed.  Then the commisioner made the decision to stand down and for all to depart.

Ray and Mike made their way to him.  "Let's meet in my office tomorrow at nine AM," Commisioner Archer said.

The pair nodded,made theiir way to the balcony, and flew off into the night.


Xana conjured another sight, showing Ray and Mike departing and everyone else going down stairs and getting into elevators.


It was then that they struck.


The building was attacked from all directions. Elevators plummeted and the walls surrounding the stairways started crumbling. People were crushed.

Commisioner Archer raised the small radio, that he was given to by Mike, to his lips in a desparate attempt to contact them. But before he could an armored figure came crashing through a window, ramming him. He slammed against a wall and lost consciousness.


End of Chapter 27



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