The Terrific Two II-Rise of the Fearsome Four

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Chapter 29 (v.1) - Round One

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Submitted: May 05, 2018



Chapter 28-Round One


Mike and Ray soared through the night back to their penthouse. It had been a dissapointing night as thier advesaries never showed up. Both were sure that with the element of surprise and the firepower they had, it would have put an end to the nightmare that had been occurring over the last couple of months.

Suddenly, their gloves started to glow. A blueish light climbed up their arms and into their heads.

It was the spirit of the gloves, practically screaming at them, telling them to go back.

The pair stopped in mid flight and looked at each other. A second later they were rocketing back to the Hyatt


The Rustler landed his mount on the ballroom floor. He climbed off and saw movement from the corner of his eye. He hit the floor as a bullet went whizzing over his head.

He whipped out his six gun and fired back, causing an overturned table to explode. Then he saw a woman laying face down behind the pieces. He wandered over to her, gun still drawn.

She was still alive, lying on her stomach. She raised her head, looking at him, and then she raised her weapon. The Rustler kicked it out of her grasp.

He then squatted down and looked into her eyes

"What's your name?' he asked

"Th-Thelma," she replied, "please don't kill me."

The Rustler stood back up. "Well, Th-Thelma, I'm afraid I'm going to have to. You see, you intefered with my plans. And nobody does that and lives. NOBODY!"

He stepped back about twenty feet and leveled his six gun at her. But before he could pull the trigger, a blueish energy beam blasted him off his feet.

He landed on his stomach and looked up, seeing Ray hovering in the air.

"Well, if it isn't Supershit!" he said, "or is it Captain Fuckstick?" Then he leveled his gun at Ray

Ray blasted the gun out of his hand. The Ruslter tried to push the small keypad on his wrist to activate Thunder, but Ray was on him in an instant, slapping his hand away from it.

"I'm not gonna screw around with you, Rustler, or whatever the hell you call yourself!" Ray shouted.

Then he picked him up like he was serving a tennis ball and punched him in the chest. His advesary went crashing through a window.

Ray went over to the policewoman lying on the floor. He bent down next to her,  but her eyes fixed on something else. She gasped and pointed.

Ray turned his head and saw that Xana had just entered the room.


Mike had circled around the skyscraper and the huge robot and a dark hovering figure came into view. This figure was firing some kind of explosives at the cars that were attempting to escape  The robot was blasting the building to smitherines.

Mike fired his freeze ray and put the figure in a large block of ice. It plummeted to the street below while the robot turned it's gaze towards him.

Mike zoomed into a dark alley while the robot followed. He knew the only way to defeat this mechanical behemoth was to outsmart him. The super hero heard the crash of the ice block and hoped that that had put this new character out of commision.

The robot stood at the alley's entrance, searching for his enemy who was hiding behind a trash can. Mike popped up and blasted Clint in his one eye with a heat ray.

Clint knew he was about to be destroyed so he shot into the air straight up like a missle. 


The Rustler's mount zoomed out the window and down towards it's falling master. The dark villain was able to latch onto it's neck about ten feet from the street.

Ray made himself blend in with the background as he circled his new enemy, trying to make out just exactly what he was dealing with now. 

"I can still see you," Xana said, with a raised eyebrow and a smirk on her lips. She then conjured a large ball of putple lightening, which sailed over to Ray and then encompassed him.

Ray was jolted and shook and shuttered in pain as the lightening danced all over his body.

Suddenly the spirit of the glove took over and leveled the glove at Xana, blasting her off her feet. She screamed in pain and surprise.

Ray fell on his back, only in time to see The Rustler come back into the room. 

The super hero tried to get to his feet, but energy beams from Thunder's eyes knocked him back down.


Mike and Clint were looping around in the dark sky, blasting one another. Mike wasn't sure how much longer he could hold out. Then, for some reason, the robot stopped, turned it's head, and zoomed off back towards the Hyatt.

It was then that Mike saw the dark figure he had put in ice rocketing towards him.

Mike dropped and blended in. The only problem with blending in was that it could never be done for very long as it required a tremendous amount of energy.

The figure, Johnny Thundercloud, hovered in the air, looking around. While he was doing this, Mike flew way out, then back towards him at lightening speed, ramming him.

Johnny tumbled and tumbled, but regained control of himself and shot back towards Mike, who could not longer stay invisible.

Mike raised his hand and blasted at him, but Johnny dodged the beam and slammed into him. Then, grappling with each other, they fell to the ground.


it was The Rustler's intent to finally destroy this nemisis he was facing. Ray tried to stand but Xana blasted him with bolts. One again, he went reeling.

Clint landed in the room. They all started moving towards Ray, who was now a struggling figure on the floor. The Rustler grinned and drew his weapon.

"This is it for you," he said, "and then it will be for your partner. I could almost respect someone like you, but you cannot get in my way any longer."

Suddenly, there was a blast from about twenty feet away and Clint was blown off his feet.  He rolled on the floor, sparks flying out of his damaged body.

All eyes turned towards a figure standing in the doorway. It was Chief O'Reilly, shouldering a Stinger missle launcher.


Mike found himself in a parking lot in an intense fist fight with the new villain. He deduced that the armor this guy was wearing was what was making him so strong.

Johnny laced his fingers and hit Mike, causing him to tumble backwards and land on his stoamch. The hero started getting up, but fell back down as an explosive arrow sailed over his head, blasting a large tree behind him into nothingness.

Mike then flew straight up and aimed his gloved hand at Johnny's wrist; blasting one and then the other. His advesary raised his hands and tried to fire, but it didn't work. Then he shot back into the air towards the Hyatt.


Ray took advantage of the shocking development  and blasted both his active enemies, who slammed against the wall. As he got to his feet, he looked over at the Chief who now had his gun drawn and was making his way into the room. The sound of helicopters suddenly came from outside. A few seconds later, SWAT teams were repelling onto the balconies and running into the ballroom.

"FREEZE!" the chief shouted at the Xana and The Rusller,"lay down on your stomachs with your hands behind your heads!"

The Rustler stood up and drew his gun. The SWAT teams and the chief began firing, but Xana had thrown up some kind of shield that the bullets couldn't penetrate.

The Ruslter turned to her and shouted something. The he mounted and flew out the window as Xana formed some kind of link of purple light, attaching itself to the robot.

With it in tow, she followed The Rustler. They met up with Johnny and soared into the night sky.


End of Chapter 28.



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