The Terrific Two II-Rise of the Fearsome Four

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Terror at Thirty Five Thousand Feet

Submitted: July 08, 2017

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Submitted: July 08, 2017



Chapter 3-Terror at Thirty Five Thousand Feet


Mike sat in the first class section of the 737 on it's way to Atlanta. He was going to spend Christmas with his sister and her family.

It had been over a year since he had seen them.Last Thanksgiving to be exact.

She had a teenage daughter and son; both good kids. She was also on her second marriage to a good and decent man. He was a stock broker and they did right well for themselves.

They had departed JFK just about an hour ago. The traffic had sucked on the way to the airport and Mike was a little wore out. It was late in the afternoon and he decided that he would recline the seat and take a small doze.

Mike had noitced the man across the aisle was acting a bit nervous. He had snapped at the stewardess a couple of times for practiically no reason.

He looked to be in his mid thirties and in pretty decent shape.

Something told Mike to somewhat keep an eye on him.  As he dozed in and out, occasionally he would slowly turn his head, his eyelids very slightly raised, and give the guy a quick look.

"Something is up", Mike thought to himself.

About an hour and a half later, after the drinks had been handed out, the man got up and opened the compartment above. Then he opened a bag and took out a corncob pipe.

"A corncob pipe certainly doesn't seem to be something this guy would use," Mike thought to himself.

The man turned his head to see if anyone was looking. Mike closed his eyes the rest of the way. Then the guy quickly lifted his front shirt tail and stuffed the pipe into his pants. He quickly proceeded to the restroom.

One stewardess was in the back sitting down and the other had gone into the captain's cabin. In the restroom the man sat on the lid of the toilet and took off his right athletic shoe. It had a thick heel held together by adhesive. He peeled it back and looked down at the row of four darts inside of it.Then he took the corncob pipe and unscrewed the tube from it.

The darts were of very hard plastic.

Mike tapped on the pilot's cabin door. He was going to tell them there was a suspicious character in the restroom and what he had taken in with him. The restroom was very close to the pilot cabin.

The stewardess came out. "Can I help you?" she asked

Right at that time the restoom door opened. The man already had a dart in the tube, raised it to his mouth and aimed it at the stewardess. She gasped.

Mike kicked the tube out of the man's hand . The terrorist dived for it but Mike was on top of him in an instant.

The copilot and navigator rose to see what was going on. Then they saw Mike pinned down with his advesary trying to stick him with a dart.

The two crew members grabbed the terrorist and hauled him off of Mike, but the guy was as strong as a bull and had lightening fast reflexes. He stuck them both with the dart and they instantly collapsed.

Mike had gotten to his feet by now and charged the man. He grabbed his right wrist and slugged him. He then pounded his enemy's hand that had the dart against a wall, but the terrorist would not drop it.

A man had got out of his seat and tried to join the fray, but was jabbed with the dart. Down he went also.

The terrorist put his palm on Mike's face and they rolled against the wall until they got to the main emergency exit door. The criminal heard a noise and turned to see three burly men closing in on him from behind.

Knowing all was lost now, he reached above Mike's head and pulled the latch, opening the door. All went flying out.

The pilot was already on the microphone with shouts of "Mayday! Mayday!"


Tumbling head over heels through space, Mike reached inside his inner sport coat pocket for his glove. However, right as he did, one of the other falling men slammed into him and his glove went flying.

Mike looked around and saw the five others plummeting. He had no idea where his glove was now as he continued to fall.

Righting himself in a skydive type position, hands a little away from his sides, he scanned  the space around him.

Suddenly he saw a cobalt blue type glow off to his right. It was getting closer.

The glove was coming to him!

Finally reaching it, he put it on and was instantly transformed. 

Having come from thirty five thousand feet up, he saw that he still had some time, albeit not much.

The superhero raced towards the stewardess and grabbed her. Then to the next closest one and grabbed him. 

He shot over to another one. "GET ON MY BACK!" he shouted.

With two in his arms and one on his back, he streaked down to an open meadow and set them down.

He looked up in time to see another with about seven or eight seconds left before he hit the ground.

Mike soared and grabbed him just in time, then set him gently down.

Realizing he had one left to save, he heard screams and glance over just in time to see the last man slam into the earth.

Looking at the others, he realized the one who hit the ground was the terrorist.


End of Chapter 3

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