The Terrific Two II-Rise of the Fearsome Four

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Chapter 30 (v.1) - The Search

Submitted: May 12, 2018

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Submitted: May 12, 2018




Chapter 30- The Search


Mike and Ray stood in the commisioner's office watching the video of the last newscast about The Fearsome Four. The mayor, Chief O'Reilly and the commander of the New York National Guard as well as the Yew York City SWAT team commander were also in attendance

Suddenly Mike saw something. It was at the very last part of the newscast. "Stop it right there, " he said. Then he walked over and stood very close to the TV screen

"Everybody look at that," Mike said as he pointed to a small faint circular object. Then he said "Start it again."

It showed The Rustler and Clint flying straight towards this object and disappearing into it. Then it closed up.

"Appears to be some kind of opening," Commisioner Archer said.

"Well," Ray said, "there is such a thing as interdimensional travel. We've experienced it."

"This must be how they're getting away so fast without a trace," General Thorton, the NY National Guard commander said, "I've scrambled jets out after them and they've always come up with zilch."

"They move so damn fast on top of that, too," the mayor commented, "how the hell can we catch them?"

"I think we shoud try and take the fight to them, sir, "Chief O'Reilly put in, "we should keep the city under martial law and do a massive search for anything we can find that may help us."

"Good idea, Chief," the commsioner said, "and we should probably do it at night where it won't interfere with anything."

"When should we start?" Ray asked

"I say we start tonght," General Thorton said


Clint lay out on a long table as The Rustler worked on him. Xana stood next to him and watched.

"I am finished for tonight," he said, "we should have him ready by late tomorrow."

The Rustler and Xana got in the elevator and went back up to the mansion. Soon they had showered and lay in bed together. Xana had started sleeping with Heinrich about two weeks ago.

They started making love. Xana, being a sorceress, knew how to really enhance things. Not only would they have sex, but she would take the pleasure to very high levels. They would soar into different realms.

When they were finished, they lay in each others arms. Xana stared into the darkness.

"Heinrich," she said, "I must confess to you that I'm starting to have very bad feelings about what we are doing. I'm......well i'm starting to feel that what we are doing is wrong. Not all of those people we are attacking can be bad. I just don't see it."

"Do not feel that way, my love," Heinrich replied, "those who are trying to protect them are just as evil. Remember what they do."

A few moments later, Heoinrich was fast asleep. Xana just stayed awake and listened to the hum of the ceiling fan.


Helicopters, miltiary vehicles and police cruisers started from one end of the city and slowly made their way across it, like a river flowing with many tributaries.

Ray and Mike had split up and started combing the city as well, Mike starting on one end and Ray the other.

The massive search elements moved slowly through, looking for anything that could help. 

The task force eventually exited the city and moved northward, into the wilderness.

After a while the sun started coming up. The task force commander, General Thorton, gave the command to stand down and for all to head back. The plan was for all of them to meet in ths mayor's office at three o'clock that day.

Mike and Ray flew back home.

The search had rendered nothing.


The Rustler, Xana, and Johnny sat in the living room in front of the fireplace. Clint, fully repaired, kept his sentry duty while the others talked.

"I say we should call it quits, man: those forces that are going against us are just getting too strong." Johnny said.

There was silence for a few seconds. The Rustler stood and wlked over to the window, He looked up at the full moon and then turned to them.

"No!" he said, " we will not give up!"

Then, glaring at them, he said  "Those two meddlers set a trap for us last time! Now we'll set a trap for them! Once they are destroyed, nothing will stop us!"


End of Chapter 30



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