The Terrific Two II-Rise of the Fearsome Four

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Chapter 31 (v.1) - The Bait

Submitted: May 24, 2018

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Submitted: May 24, 2018



Chapter 31- The Bait


President Bernard Wilson hung up the phone. He had had a long conversation with the governor of New York.

This new and deadly menace that they had been facing for a number of weeks had to be put of commision. Enough was enough.

He had made a deal with the governor to turn operations over to the federal government. He would discuss with the joint chiefs tomorrow as well as the head of Homeland Security on just how they were going to handle things. Better yet, he would give them until seven tomorrow evening to come up with a plan. Then he would be briefed immediately afterwards.

He waliked down the hallway, saying good night to the Secret Service agents and past all the portraits of the previous presidents. There was one in particular, of course, that he always stopped to look at. His great great grandfather, Woodrow Wilson.

He studied the face of the man for a moment, admiring his stern but also gentle countenance, as he always did. 

Woodrow Wilson had always stood firm in the face of great adversity; World War One, resistance to the U.S. joining The League of Nations he had tried so hard to establish as a deterrent to war, and many other things. He had never backed down.

The president got on the elevator and rose to the third floor, where his Melanie would be waiting for him. He yawned and looked at his watch. The time was nine forty two PM.

Undoing his tie, and saying goodinight to another agent, he opened the door to see Melanie reading in bed. She looked up and gave him the warm smile he had always loved most about her.

He sat down on the bed and was very silent. Melanie got up and sat next to him, putting her comforting arm around his neck.

"There's got to be way to find out what the hell's going on in New York, Mel," he said " I'm making this a federal operation. I'll be sending the FBI, CIA, a military task force, and some of the greatest scientific minds we have up there. If they can't solve this problem, then I don't know what the hell we're going to do."

Melanie gently squeezed his shoulder, "You're doing the best you can, Bernie," she said, "and it may not be a bad idea to do some praying. That's all that can be done. Your great great grandfather was always a man of faith. And I know you are also."

Bernard looked over to her and smiled. He always wondered what he would do without her. They had been together over thirty years.

Suddenly, there was some kind of commotion outside.  The air was filled with the sounds of shouts and gunfire. The president and the first lady stood up. Bernard started towards the window. Then he thought better of it and stopped.

An instant later the bedroom door burst open and the agent who had been in the hallway shouted "We've got to get both of you to the shelter, now!!"

About a second later, the window and part of the roof was smashed to pieces. Then, hovering in the air, was a huge robot type figure.

One agent drew his gun and started firing while the other grabbed the president and his wife.

All in one motion, Clint blasted both agents and grabbed the two people he had come for.. A second later, he was soaring into the dark sky. 


Once again The Terrific Two stood in Commsioner Archer's office. The governor and a multitude of others were also there, watching the recording of a six o'clock news segement.

It was taken from a DVD thrown with a brick through the office window of the head of the New York NBC local affiliate station.

The screen showed President Wilson and the First Lady sitting outside somehwere, bound and gagged. Then it switched over to the face of The Rustler.

"I'm going to make this short and very clear!" he said, "the two meddling super heroes are to meet us tommorrow at high noon in Meteor Crater in Arizona. If there is any interference from anyone, anyone at all, what you are about to see will be the same thing that will happen to the two that we hold captive!"

With that, The Rustler drew his six gun and fired at a group of trees. They all exploded into small bits. Then the screen switched back over to him.

"I trust I have made myself clear," he said.


End of Chapter 31

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