The Terrific Two II-Rise of the Fearsome Four

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Chapter 32 (v.1) - Round Two

Submitted: May 31, 2018

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Submitted: May 31, 2018



Chapter 32- Round Two


It didn't rain very often in Arizona. But it did today.

Ray and Mike stood in Meteor Crater and faced their advesaries for yet one more time.

The Rustler, Clint the robot, Johhny Thundercloud, and Xana the sorceress all hovered in the air about fifty feet up and on the other side of the crater from where The Terffific Two stood.

As Ray looked down and saw the raindrops fall into the puddle next to his boot, he was certain of one thing. So was his partner.

This was it.

This was final.

This would be a fight to the death.

They would receive no help as the consequences would be too high, which would be the death of the US president and the first lady. All The Rustler had to do was push a button on his wrist radio and a signal would be transmitted to a detonator at an unknown location where the two hostages were; sitting on fifty pounds of TNT. There would be absolutely nothing anyone could do to stop it.

As droplets fell from the brim of The Rustler's hat, he turned and gave the signal to the other three of The Fearsome Four.

Immediately the group split; Clint and Johnny went one way towards Mike, the other two flew towards Ray.

But The Terrific Two was not without a plan themselves. They both did their blending in and shot into the air, outflanking their opponents.

"He's there!" Xana shouted pointing at Ray, "I can still see him!"

Ray knew this would probably happen and wasted no time. His philosophy was the best kind of defense was an offense.

The Rustler wheeled his floating mount and fired it's eyebeams at Ray. He dove sharply, the beams barely missing him. He then fired a heat beam at the villain's six gun,melting it's barrel and causing it to be dropped.

In the meantime, Xana fired her purple bolts, nailing Ray on the side. Down he went.

The rain continued to pour. It started thundering and lightening as The Rustler cackled and opened a small hinged door on his robotic mount, producing another six gun.


Clint had thermal sensing capabiltiy. He fired his eyebeam at Mike, who tired to dodge it but was hit in the ankle. He yelled in pain and flew straight upwards. Johnny and Clint went after him.

Back  down he came, slowing down and hovering in front of Johnny, who still had a hard time seeing him. Then,quick as lightening, he dove just as Clint fired one of his bright red energy beams, blasting Johnny out of the sky. He fell to earth like a sack of potatoes.

Mike swooped around and,  before Clint could get a bead on him, blasted him in the back of the head. Clint turned and Mike opened up a heat beam into his one eye.


Xana and The Rustler started walking towards Ray as he lay on the ground.

"Be careful," The Rustler told Xana, "he fakes."

Just then, Mike, pushing Clint's body, rammed into The Rustler. Ray then instantly rose to his knee and blasted Xana. She yelled and fell on her back. Ray then froze her in a big block of ice.

In the meantime The Rustler and Clint started getting to their feet. Mike rocketed towards The Rustler, knocking him deep into the mud on a slope.

While this was going on, Ray grabbed Clint by his ankles and tossed him in the air and blasted him.Clint tired to regain his composure but before he could Mike and Ray both rammed him, knocking him deep into more mud.

They were winning!

Suddenly, Ray was blasted in the back with bolts and Mike with exploding arrows.

They got up to see the sorceress and Johnny coming straight at them, fast!

They both shot straight up, their two advesaries following them.

They looped and looped, blasting each other.

By now Clint had fully recovered and The Rustler was getting to his feet.

Clint rammed Mike from behind, sending him falling back down into the crater. Ray saw this, froze Xana again, blasted Clint and Johnny, and then flew towards Mike, who was lying on the ground, unmoving.

Ray saw from the corner of his eye The Rustler drawing his gun again, but blasted him before he could fire.

Mike was unconscious. Ray shook him but he did not move.

A second later Ray was encased in a chain of golden light which paralyzed him. Xana had done it. 

He fell down next to his partner.

The Fearsome Four started walikng towards the Terrific Two, who lay in a most vulnerable state. Ray struggled but the chain of energy was just too powerful.

"Fire all together at the one on the right! When he is dead then do the same to the other!" The Rustler commanded.

Ray glared at them as Xana raised her hands and the others their wepons. He knew it now had to be the end of him and his best friend, and said a prayer.


Suddenly, Xana brought her arms straight up. She said something and then waved them.


She, Mike, and Ray then instantly disappeared!


End of Chapter 32.


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