The Terrific Two II-Rise of the Fearsome Four

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Chapter 34 (v.1) - More Surprises

Submitted: June 16, 2018

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Submitted: June 16, 2018



Chapter 34-More Surprises


Mike decided to clear his head and flew into the night. Many thoughts came to his mind as he zoomed over the slient streets. The city was still under a strict curfew.

All were at a loss as to exactly what to do. At least the president and first lady were returned safely and unharmed. This "Rustler" character appeared to be a man of his word, even though he was a major psycho.

The federal team that was sent from Washington had made little progress. They knew one thing, however. They were dealing with a technology never before encountered.

And nobody had any answers.

The menace they were facing was unlike any other in history. Appearing out of nowhere each time, and seemingly could go anywhere on the globe that they pleased.

And what of this robot? All had deduced this thing was the result of a technology not of this world. Mankind had only skimmed the surface of the potential of robotics.

And what of Ray and that sorceress? Did she take him somewhere? If so, what in God's name could she be doing to him?

Mike looped around one of the skyscrapers. It was now 1:43 AM and he wondered why the lights were always left on in some offices. "Could be they are a twenty four hour operation, " he surmised to himself, " seems like that is the way the world was heading. Everything eventually becoming a round the clock organiztion."

Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his shoulder. He looked over and saw the end of a dart protruding from it.

A few seconds later he started getting dizzy. Then he blacked out.and started plummeting to the streets below.

Only to be scooped up by the arms of Clint, who, with Johnny Thundercloud, zoomed towards an opening portal.


Ray sat on a bank by the emerald green stream and watched the beautiful fish, of all colors, swim and jump.

He sat crosslegged, just staring into the sparkling waters. It had been about an hour after their lovemaking.

Xana came and sat down beside him. putting her arms around his shoulder. She knew his thoughts.

"Your partner is safe and unharmed,"  she said ."I sent him back to your home."

Ray just remained silent.

"Forget about that horrible world you came from," she said. " you're here with me now in a wonderful place. Aren't you happy?"

"Well," Ray said, "there is not doubt this is a place of such beauty that I would never have known something like this would even exist, except for perhaps heaven itself. But it just isn't in me to abandon my world and my partner. I know him just about better than anyone else, and I know he would continue to fight this enemy until his last breath."

Xana stood up and walked over to a batch of flowers. She picked one that was a deep purple color and just stared at it. The she said "I know you are very close to your friend. And I know of your great sense of duty to protect your Earth. But I think your planet is destined for doom anway. Your countries are always at war with one another. As of late, you race has developed super weapons of mass destruction. Forget about them. it is hopeless.  And as far as your friend is concerned, I could bring him here to be with us."

Ray was quiet for a few seconds. Then said "Not all of our race is bad. There are a lot of good innocent people as well. And my partner and I made a solumn vow some time ago to protect them. I'm sorry but I have to go back. Will you come with me and help me to defeat our nemisis?"

Xana was silent and just kept examining the flower in her hand. Finally she said "I have had intimacy with the leader of the group. I know everything about him. I have the power to penetrate his mind and soul, as I did yours, when we were together as one. He was given his powers by a god like entity named Ebon, who is quite insane itself. The Rustler does not know it yet, but he is almost totally indestructible. By your technology, anyway. His strength and madness grows each day. I also saw some of the future. He will not stop at destroying the ones he seeks revenge on at present, but his madness will enventually take him over entirely. He will go to other dimensions and recruit armies and beings of great power. Then he will take total control of your world. There will be many many deaths and untold miseries. He will rule with an iron fist. And there is nothing, not even you, your partner, or I, can do to stop him. It's too late. Forget about your planet. It is a lost cause."

Ray got to his feet and looked Xana in the eye. "Transport me back," he said

Xana just looked back at him. "I see there is no changing your mind. Very well, then. But you and your friend will be killed. There is only one way he can be defeated."

Then she turned away.

Ray raised an eyebrow, He walked to her and turned her around to face him.

"This has to be done, Xana. You must tell me how."

Xana's eyes were filled with tears. She touched his face for a second, then she began.

"Centuries ago, this world we are on, Pleadia, was like yours. Filled with hate and war. Then the ruler of a great kingdom here had had enough and turned to the mystic arts, just as I did. Others did also. Eventually, with the use of sorcery, he and the other wizards finally made this planet a peaceful one. And so it was as long as he was alive."

"As he grew in years," she continued, " he knew he would not be around much longer, and the threat of evil returning grew to be very real. He decided to get with the other sorcerers to try and come up with something to insure peace would remain."

'They ventured to other worlds and, one day, returned with a mystical orb.'

'This orb had great and fantastic powers. It's radiance, which covered the entire planet, kept the peace. It would not allow any sort of evil to manifest here.'

'The Pleadians have been able to develop this world through centuries of technological advancement. What you see was created by them many many years ago. The race now lives underground and pursues their own travels into other realms. Every once in a deacde, or so, one or a few will come up and visit this paradise for a short time.'

'The orb is the only thing that would have the power to destroy what we face. We must get to it and take it back with us if you intend on defeating him. But it will be all but impossible to do so.'

"Why is that?" Ray asked

"It is on an island on the other side of this world, " Xana replied "it is buried very deep in a huge vault. The island has flying ape like creatures and other monsters on it's surface which guard it. Down in the vault, it is also guarded by over a dozen huge robotic type hounds. Attempting to take this orb would mean almost certain death."


End of Chapter 34.

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