The Terrific Two II-Rise of the Fearsome Four

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Chapter 35 (v.1) - The Island

Submitted: June 30, 2018

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Submitted: June 30, 2018




Chapter 35-The Island


A blurry sight came into his view as Mike regained consciousness. He looked at his surroundings and surmised that he must be in some kind of laboratory.

The red eyed face of The Rustler suddenly appeared before him. Then Mike realized he was bound on a table with some kind of beam hitting his gloved hand. He tried to pull away but couldn't.

"In case you want to know, that's an energy negator projecting that beam onto your glove. Since we can't remove it, we figured we'd just put it out of commission." The Rustler said.

'Now tell me. Where did that betraying bitch and your partner go to?'

"I don't have a clue, ass breath," Mike answered, " maybe you should ask The Wizard of Shitville, where you came from."

The Rustler just chuckled.  Then he put a metallic collar around Mike's neck and then some kind of earpiece into his right ear.

" Ah, the wonders of interdimensional technology, " he said," Congratulations. You are now the newest member of the Fearsome Four!"

With that, The Rustler went over to a control panel and turned off the device that was projecting the beam hitting the glove. Then he released the bands that held Mike's wrists to the table.

Mike shot straight up.Hovering,  he raised his glove and aimed it at The Rustler. He also saw that both the robot and the armored man were there , but just standing and watching him.

Then Mike felt an irresistable force enter his mind.  "Spin around in the air," it commanded.

With no hesitation, he did just that.

"Ha!" The Rustler laughed, " now you are under my complete control!"


Ray followeed Xana's lead as she soared over an ocean.  After about a minute of concentration, just a little while ago, she had been able to discern where the island that had the orb was located.

The sea that they were now flying over was emerald green just as the stream was.  It was also calm at that particular time.

The island soon came into view on the distant horizon. Xana sped up and so did Ray.

A few moments later, they were circling it.

The island appeared to be just like any other; large plam trees, a beach, and dense foilage. There were all manner of plants of many different colors.

Xana communicated to Ray that they needed to blend in before they landed.

After circling once more, the two decended, landing in a jungle.

Ray looked around as Xana once more went into deep concentration. There was no sign or sound of life anywhere. 

Holding her forehead with one hand and with her eyes stilll closed, Xana made her way to a place right next to a large tree.

"The vault is under here; about fifty feet down," she said.

Ray looked around once more. There was still no sound or movement.

"Stand back," he said, " I'll start blasting our way down." With that, he aimed his gloved hand at the ground.

All of a sudden, there was the sound of roars from all all around. In the next instant, a net dropped on them from above.

They both looked up to see several flying beasts hovering in the air.

Each one appeared to be between ten and twelve feet tall. They were jet black with red eyes,showing their long fangs as they roared and growled. Each resembled a cross between an ape and a bear. Their wingspans had to be at least twenty feet each!

With all the strength Ray could muster (which was quite substantial as it was that of five hundred men) he managed to toss off the net. He then grabbed the hand of the equally surprised Xana and shot straight up.

But more flying creatures had arrived with rifle like weapons.

They formed a cross fire. Ray and Xana were hit and then both fell back down to the ground. By now they had lost all concentration to remain blended in. The were now visible!

The creatures, which now numbered about ten, dove straight for the two. In the next instant, however, Xana was able to form an electirical dome over her and Ray.

This repulsed the beasts, giving the two a slight reprieve.

"HOLD THEM OFF!' Ray shouted over all the roaring, "I'LL BLAST A TUNNEL FOR US! "

Ray started blasting, but Xana was hit by a couple of beams. Her dome disappeared and she fell back down, unconscious.

Ray grabbed her wrist and flew upwards again. blasting the beasts in a circular motion as he did. 

Most of them fell, but two were able to get off shots, hitting Ray in the back of the head.

Everything went black before his eyes.


Ray woke to the feel of soft dirt and a terrible stench. It was dark and it took a few seconds for his eyes to adjust.

He was in some kind of large, dark, circular pit. Above him was some kind of tranparent dome. 

Dozens of the creatures were looking down at him. That included a large figure that was sitting on some kind of large chair or throne.

This beast was about twice the size of the rest of the creatures. A true King Kong.  It's red ferocious eyes peered into Ray's. Then Ray felt a presence enter his mind.


Ray shook his head and turned his gaze away. 

Then he saw her.

Xana was bound, gagged, and hanging upside down by some kind of thick rope attached to the dome.  Right behind her was a very large opening which looked like some kind of entrance. It lead into pitch darkness.

Then Ray heard it. It sounded like something huge shuffling; coming their way.

Finally it emerged. Ray's blood ran cold at the sight of it.

About ten feet from where Xana was dangling, was what looked like a gigantic cross between a spider and a man. It had a heavily muscled human torso and a huge abdomen with six long legs. It was hairy and a mixture of black and brown and had a human head, but mandibles instead of teeth.

It also had to be at least fifteen feet tall and had jet black eyes!

It looked at Ray and then Xana.

Then it let out a roar of what Ray discerned was one of delight.

All the ape like creatures started hooting and jumping up and down.


End of Chapter 35



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