The Terrific Two II-Rise of the Fearsome Four

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Chapter 36 (v.1) - Hell in a Pit

Submitted: July 17, 2018

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Submitted: July 17, 2018



Chapter 36-Hell in a Pit


The first thing Ray did was shoot towards Xana. His plan was to get her and blast his way out of there.

But he was caught in mid flight.

This nightmarish beast moved incredibly fast and grabbed him when he was only a few feet off the ground.

It lifted him straight up in the air and opened it's mandibles. Ray blasted it in the face and it immediatley roared and and dropped him.

He made another attempt to blast it, but the thing swung a fist, knocking him against the wall.

Then it was on him. Ray bashed and bashed it's face, stopping it for a few seconds.

All the apes were still hooting and jumping up and down.

Suddenly Ray noticed something. The monster had chitinous skin, similar to armor. No wonder it was so tough!

Ray flew straight up but the thing grabbed his ankle and slammed him on the floor.

Dodging another blow, the battered hero flew to the side this time. He rose about twenty feet into the air and and fired a freezing beam at his advesary

In the next instant, it was covered in ice.


The Rustler gleefully watched as his force, with it's newest member, level another petroleum company's headquarters. This one was in Curacus, Venezuala and was one of the worlds larget.

With the building in flames and ruins, the four took to the sky once more towards and opening portal. 

The Rustler looked over to Mike. "You did very, very well," he said with a grin.

Back into the lab they came. They all landed. except Mike. He had a little surprise for his new controller.

He suddenly blended in. The Rustler was startled for just a second.

But that was all Mike needed.

Putting all he had into it, he slugged the head villain in the mouth.

The Rustler slammed against a wall. Then Mike blasted the robot and Johhny.

Suddenly he was covered in fine metallic dust. He looked over and saw The Rustler with a large spray cannister. He could be seen now!

Mike was shocked. He put everything he had into the blow, but his target was hardly affected.



The hellish beast had broken out of the ice in just about three seconds.

Ray blasted and blasted the abomination but it didn't have much affect.

Now, with all the super strength that he could muster, he floated in front of it and rained blow after blow on to it's head.

But he was paying a heavy price. The thing had long sharp claws and was raking him over and over.

Blood fell from Ray's body. The pain was incredible.

Yet, he continued. 

 Ray flew around and got on the thing's back He put his forearm around it's neck and squeezed as hard as he could.

It's head was about twice the size of basketball. It roared and bucked but Ray held on and continued to squeeze it's throat .The force would have crushed a concrete block.

Finally the putrid beast started slamming Ray against the wall with  backward thrusts. It put all the strength it had from it's six huge legs into it.

Ray fell from the creature's back. 

With one last look from it's towering form, it turned and went after Xana again.

Ray simply was not going to let this happen. Right before the beast could close it's mandibles around Xana's head, he was back on top of it. This time he grabbed the mandibles and held them apart.

The beast roared again, spinning around, trying to get him off.

Then it thrust it's head downwards and Ray went flying off once more.

He tried to get up but it was on him again, raking and raking him with it's deadly claws.

He was loosing a lot of blood.

Ray suddenly lay very still. 


The creature turned it's head to Xana again.


End of Chapter 36

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