The Terrific Two II-Rise of the Fearsome Four

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Chapter 37 (v.1) - All Hope Lost?

Submitted: July 28, 2018

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Submitted: July 28, 2018



Chapter 37- All Hope Lost?


The hideous beast started towards Xana's hanging form. But stopped all of a sudden. Something had a vice like grip on it's hind legs and it turned it's huge head to see what it was.

"Ain't ya ever heard of playing possum, ya big asshole?!!" Ray shouted

He went straight up, legs still in his hands. The beast roared and started slamming Ray againt the wall again.He fell once more.

Then it heard someone shout "HEY!". and turned to see who did.

Then it was blasted in the face by a couple of mystical bolts.

Xana had freed herself!

Ray had heard her also and was on his feet. He staggered at first because of all his loss of blood but then he zoomed upwards again. He hovered in the air and turned his gaze towards Xana.

"MAKE HIM STILL AND I'LL FINISH THIS BIG BASTARD OFF!" he shouted amongst all the roaring.

Xana did just that. The beast stood stock still.

Ray got about five feet in front of it and hit it's face with a heat beam

A few seconds later, it's head exploded.

Ray then flew next to Xana.. All the apes were roaring in anger and from the corner of his eye he saw the big one stand up.

"We've got to combine our power and blast our way out of here!" Ray yelled

They both raised their arms and concentrated their powers on the highest part of the dome. The apes had left their seats now and were heading towards the pit with their weapons.

The dome wasn't giving. Ray put all his mental energy into it and his energy beam got darker. 

The dome still did not give

Xana's bolts got darker also. Then she screamed.

The dome first cracked and then blew apart in shards.

Like a shell from a Howitzer cannon,they shot out of there and into the sky.

The leader of the apes had stayed where he was in case something like this happened..

He rose into the air, roared, and waved his arm for the others to follow.

Fortunately, the apes were a lot slower than who they were pursuing.


Mike woke once again in the lab. He had been forced to beat his head against the wall until he was unconscious.

And he hurt like hell.

The face of The Rustler came into view.

"Have you learned your lesson?" he asked.

Mike just glared at him.

"I would like to introduce you to one of my prizes I brought back from another world. Follow me." he said.

Mike was let up from the table. He walked behind The Rustler, followed by Clint and Johnny.

They went into another room and his captor switched on the light.

In the large room, sitting down with a beam shining on it, (Mike surmised it was another energy negator) was a huge two headed, giant.

 It had to be about twenty feet tall and each head had one eye. It was similar to a human as it had a human flesh covered body.

And it stunk like shit.

"This is Corky, " The Rustler said, "and if you misbehave again, you get to spend some time with him alone. And with an energy negator on your glove, of course."


Xana spotted a cave. She pointed to it and then they landed on the ground in front of it's entrance.

Ray looked back up in the sky. No sign of Shitty Joe Young and his pals yet. 

"Come on," Xana said, "I can put an obscurity spell on the cave entrance. At least for a while; and it won't be seen."

They entered the cave slowly, with Ray shining a light beam in front of them.

The cave was large and wide. It's roof was about ten feet up and it had soft sand as a floor.

They both collapsed. Ray and Xana lay on it's floor in the darkness.

Xana conjured a small orb that gave light.

Suddenly the healing light from the glove started flowing over Ray's body

Xana lay next to Ray, holding his hand. She said a silent prayer.


Little did they know a pair of eyes from a huge head was watching them.


End of Chapter 37.

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