The Terrific Two II-Rise of the Fearsome Four

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Chapter 38 (v.1) - The Evasion

Submitted: August 04, 2018

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Submitted: August 04, 2018



Chapter 38- The Evasion


Mike watched as another skyscraper housing the corporate office of a major petrolem company crumbled to the ground in flames. This was another located in Houston.

It sickened him. No matter how hard he fought it, the control of his mind was much too strong for him to overcome.

He turned and glared at The Rustler, who just laughed.

"What's the matter?!" the despotic villain shouted, "I thought your mission in life was to destroy evil! And that is exactly what you are doing!"

A few seconds later, Mike's glove began to glow more intensely. Then, on it's own, made his hand into a fist and aimed itself at the device surrounding his neck

The Rustler saw what was going on and the grin left his face.

The glove was acting independent of Mike's thoughts. Or The Ruslter's thoughts!

A familiar dark blue energy beam fired from the glove and destroyed the device controlling Mike's mind. 

After blasting The Rustler off his mount and then the other two, Mike zoomed towards the Houston ship channel.

He did not look back as he put all his concentration into his speed and acceleration.  He held his breath and crashed through the water's surface, fairly close to a huge oil tanker.

Luck was with him as he spied a sunken vessle on the channel's floor. He headed straight for it and then went through a doorway. 

From a not too far distance, he heard something crash the water's surface.

Mike knew it had to be Clint the robot.


Ray and Xana had fallen asleep. Ray was suddenly awoken by sounds from right outside the cave.

He got up and walked towards the entrance

The pair of eyes in the dark from a large head continued to watch them

Ray saw several apes with their weapons walking around. The leader was amoung them

They were sniffing!

Xana's obscurity spell had made the cave invisible, but apparently the apes had a strong sense of smell and could detect them!

Ray woke Xana.

"They'r right outside and they can smell us!" Ray said in a harsh whisper, "that's probably how they captured us in the first place!"

That and hidden motion detectors, unbeknownst to the pair

Xana stood up and looked also.She saw the same thing Ray did.

"Let me transport us out of here," Xana whispered back

An instant later, the thing with the eyes appeared from the recessed darkness

It was a huge serpent!  It's head was about four feet wide!

Apparently it had become hungry.

It was purple colored and had to be at least three feet in diameter. It rared up, showing it's enormous fangs and gave a gigantic hiss

With lightening speed, it scooped Xana up into it's mouth.

She screamed.

The apes outside the cave heard it.


Mike, still holding his breath, looked out a portal of the sunken ship.

He saw Clint stop and then start rotating his head. Mike was running out of air so went through another doorway and stayed close to the bottom of the channel. He looked up and saw the bottom of another tanker.

He knew he was taking an awful chance, but he had to get some more air. He surfaced close to the tanker's hull, doing his best to keep hidden.

Mike prayed that he had thrown the robot off his trail. Then he remembered. Ray and he had deduced the thing has infrared heat sensors.

Then he felt a huge metallic hand grab his ankle


End of Chapter 38



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