The Terrific Two II-Rise of the Fearsome Four

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Chapter 39 (v.1) - The Vault

Submitted: August 11, 2018

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Submitted: August 11, 2018



Chapter 39-The Vault


With all the strength he could muster, Mike yanked his ankle out of Clint's grasp and flew out of the water.

Clint followed. Mike stopped in mid air and turned. Then he put Clint in a huge block of ice, which fell back into the channel.

He knew he had only a few seconds, so, concentrating as hard as he could, he rocketed towards the horizon and banked a hard right.

He rose way above thick clouds and started zooming back to New York.

After about three minutes, he turned and looked towards his rear.

Nobody was following him.

The spirit of the glove had once again saved his life!


Xana formed an electrical field around her, electocuting the huge serpent. It roared in pain and dropped her out of it's mouth.

By this time the apes had seen them and were running towards the mouth of the cave. The ones in front, including the leader, raised their weapons.

Ray quickly got right next to Xana and forced her down to the dirt. The beams from the ape's weapons sailed over their heads, hitting the serpent in the face.

It roared again and quickly went back into the caves dark recesses.

"TRANSPORT US OUT OF HERE!" Ray shouted to Xana as he formed an ice wall over the cave's entrance. It was broken through in just a couple of seconds, but that was plenty of time for the two to disappear.

In the last half second though, before they were out of there, Ray blasted the leader in the face and shouted "Better luck next time, King Shitape!"


The pair appeared in the middle of a forest that had huge trees; similar to the Redwoods in Califonia. Once again they collapsed in each other’s arms, exhausted and breathing very hard.

Xana waved her arm, putting an obscurity spell over them.

After a few moments, Ray rose up on his elbows and looked at Xana.

"Hadn't had this much fun since my second week in SEAL training where they try to kill you. This may be a stupid question and a little late on top of that, but why can't you just transport us down into this vault?"

Xana, still lying down on her back, looked at him. "There is a barrier which prevents us from getting in there by mystical means," she answered

"Well ain't that just fuckin peachy ?" Ray answered

He then stood up and looked around.

Again, he beheld much beauty. The trees were all different colors; navy blue, crimson, gold, amoung others. There were also beautiful butterflies floating around.

He lay back down next to Xana in the soft grass.

"I think we should rest for now," she said

"I sure won't argue with that" Ray replied

A few minutes later, they were fast asleep in each other's arms.


Some time later, Ray woke and raised his head, only to find Xana looking up at him. Her head was still on his chest.

"I guess we better get moving," Ray said

"I have something better in mind; for now, that is." she replied.

With that she made the bottom half of Ray's costume disappear. Then she grabbed his member and started stroking it, making her gown disappear.

She was on top of him in an instant.


Night soon was upon them. It had been about a half hour since they had awoken and they were now making their way through the forest back towards where the vault was.

Blending in, they came within about five hundred feet of it.

Not too far from them, flying around in ths sky, were the ape guards.

"Step back," Ray said to Xana

Then he started blasting a tunnel. Xana joined in, firing her bolts.

Deeper and deeper they went, blasting their way. 

About ten minutes later they crashed through a wall and landed on a hard floor. 

They lay in pitch darkness for just a couple of seconds. Then Ray stood and shined his glove's light beam all around.

Xana stood up next to him.

They were in a huge empty room.  It was dead silent. 

They both walked around as Ray kept shining his beam. No doors or doorways.

"Well," Ray said, "I guess we'll have to start blasting our way through walls too."

Suddenly the floor started vibrating. Then the whole room started shaking as if there was an earthquake.

Ray and Xana looked at each other.

Then a hole in the floor suddenly formed. Ray shined his beam down on it.

A large arm came out of it, followed by a dark figure.

It was a pointed eared demon! Pitch black in color with red eyes and a horrible grin. It was very muscular and about seven feet tall!

Next, more large cracks and holes appeared.

And more demons like the first started climbing out!


End of Chapter 39








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