The Terrific Two II-Rise of the Fearsome Four

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Heinrich Ottoman I

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Submitted: July 14, 2017




Chapter 4-Heinrich Ottoman I

Heinrich Ottoman sat at his desk and opened another bill that he had no idea how he was going to pay. He had been unempolyed for eight months now and had gone through all his savings. Most of it had gone to the doctor bills for Greta's treatments. The energy exploration business had been in a severe slump for a long time and there was very little opportunity for employment in his field.

It was approaching the summer now and the heat would soon be upon him.How was he going to pay his electric bill?  He was also facing eviction if he did not pay next month's mortgage.

His mind wandered back to his early days at Fathom Exploration. They were the best geological exploration company in the world, hands down. All the major oil and gas companies used their services. Their fees were a little higher than most, but the energy corporations used them anyway because they knew the job would be done right.

Ottoman, whose grandparents were immigrants from Germany, was able to get a scholarship at the age of seventeen to The Colorado School of Mines. He majored in Geophysics and graduared Magna Cum Laude along with his childhood friend Eric Hauffman.

Eric borrowed money from a well known bank and started Fathom Exploration about thirty seven years ago. He was highly intelligent, not only in the science fields but in business as well. As a young man during his teenage and college years, he learned mangement and financial skills from his mother and father, who owned a printing business.

His parents had very high standards. They instilled in Eric that if you were going to do something, do it better than everyone else and do it right the first time.

Heinrich and Eric parted ways and both went to work for different companies. After a few years, Eric had saved a decent amount of money and made appointments with several banks. He was turned down by all but one. Fathom was then established in just a few weeks.

After a few days of cajoling, Eric finally convinced Hienrich to come to work at his new company. It then wasn't long until Heinrich was made head opertaions manager.

He did a superb job. He settled for nothing less than excellence in the company's work and was always fair but firm with the people that reported to him. Business thrived because of their reputation.

Then the dark day came when Eric had a heart attack. The doctors persuaded him to retire. His son Erwin then took over and a few years later, Eric had another heart attack and died.

Erwin was a twenty eight year old spoiled brat. He was an only child and born with a silver spoon in his mouth. 

As president of Fathom Exploration he ran things with an iron hand. His idea was to make it so profitable it would shine like a diamond amongst rocks and gather attention from holding companies and the like so he could sell it and make a fortune one day.

He cut all salaries and benefits, except of course, his. Erwin started living in the fast lane, snorting crack and driving cars that cost more than most people's houses. 

One day Erwin received a resume from a Ms Rita Gallo. She also included her picture.

A University of California in Los Angelesgraduate with honors and a double major to boot. Physics and Ocean Engineering.

She was stunningly beautiful as well; with long red hair and deep set blue eyes.

Two days after Erwin received her resume she was sitting in his office. Heinrich, now vice president of operations,the head of engineering, and the vice president of human resources were in there as well.

Rita had read about Erwin in Fortune 500 and did some research on him. She knew he had a weakness for attractive women, among other things.

In two weeks she was employed at Fathom and made head of the engineering department, promoted above many others that were much more qualified. She took the place of a close freind of Heinrich, who was forced into retirement.

In just a short while, being a staunch feminist, she succeded in alienating all who worked for her because of her humorless "I've got something to prove" menatlity. It was said by some that Adolf Hitler had better people skills.

She and Heinrich butted heads often.Heinrich approached Erwin twice about demoting or terminating her because of the damage she was doing. It fell on deaf ears.

It was also noted Erwin and Rita went to lunch often. And their lunchtime was never less than two hours.

Rita also wore no underwear and spent a lot of time in Erwin's office; when he bothered to show up, that is.

Part of Rita's package to come to work at Fathom was a car allowance and expense account. A Porche convertable always sat in her private parking space.

In the following weeks after she was hired, several valuable engineers had resigned. 

Heinrich started spending a lot of time in his study at home, just sitting and trying to figure out how to solve this terrible problem.


One day Norway Petroleum contacted Fathom.They wanted to expand their operations into The Gulf of Mexico.

Norway Petroleum was a rising mammoth in the oil industry. Banks were coming to them, not the other way around. Their profits had been incredible.

Their primary areas of operation had been in The North Sea. Now they were ready to move on to other parts of the globe and they chose Fathom Exploration to be their spearhead.

A few weeks later, after several meetings and handshakes, mostly headed by Heinrich, things were set into motion.

After a relatively short period of time into gathering oceanic geographical and siesmic data, readings indicated that there was the most vast and enormous find of crude oil on any ocean floor in history, just slightly north of Merida, Mexico. 

Three days after the reports came in, Heinrich was on a helicopter speeding towards the exploration vessel.Rita wanted to go but Hienrich had said no.

"I'm sorry Rita, but due to the attrition in your department I think you and I both know how far behind you are with your projects.You must concentrate on getting caught up for now.After that we can see about you accompanying me on future visits."

Rita started spouting off her normal "sexist"  drivel but Heinrich's patience with her had run out. He told to her to shut up and grow up in front of everyone. Then he put his hands over his ears in case she was going to do anymore childish raving and walked away. He could feel her eyes glaring at his back.

After making his way to the engineering room on board the ship, Heinrich looked over the readings charts and graphs. His eyes widened. This was it. This was it, indeed.

Thus, Project Deepstar came into being


End of Chapter 4



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