The Terrific Two II-Rise of the Fearsome Four

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Chapter 40 (v.1) - The Orb and the Hounds

Submitted: August 18, 2018

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Submitted: August 18, 2018



Chapter 40-The Orb and the Hounds


The demons moved with lightening speed and were on top of Ray and Xana in just milliseconds.

Ray noticed, as he struggled with them, they were damn near as strong as he was!

He managed to keep a frame of mind enough to shine his light over to Xana right after, with all his effort, he pushed the demons off of him

He saw her legs protruding from a gang of the demons on top of her! Ray surmised that she was unconscious and would probably be torn apart in seconds.

Ray fought like a mad man.. He swung his fists and blasted and blasted until he got to her. 

But they were right on top of them again.

He picked one up by the ankles and swung it like a bat, knocking a bunch of them back. They were still in pitch darkness. He didn't know how many there were, but there were plenty enough!

Ray managed to put a dome of ice around and above them. This gave him only a few seconds reprieve, but it was long enough for him to blast a hole in the floor, grab Zana around the waist, and fall through. Once he landed on the floor below, he sealed the hole with ice and lay Xana down. He shook her and shouted.

Finally she woke.

Ray had made the ice as thick as he could but the hellish beasts were breaking through.

"We need to make ourselves invisible and hover near the ceiling!!" Ray yelled as she was coming to.

The did just that. As they rose, Ray blasted a hole in another wall.

The demons started dropping down. They saw the hole in the wall and, thinking that was where their prey went to, started going through it.

Ray noticed a crimson hue coming from the hole.

Then he and Xana heard the most awful squealing and screams that they had ever heard in their lives..

Apparently they had entered the chamber where the orb was.

And had encountered the robotic hounds!

A few seconds later, it was all quiet.

All of these creatures, except for these hounds, were products of highly advanced genetic engineering by the Pleadians. But they still proved to be no match for the hounds.


After about two minutes, Ray and Xana floated back down to the floor.

The stench from the other room was horrible.

What was worse, Ray noticed that it took only less than half a minute for all the demons to be destroyed. And there had to have been at least a dozen of them!

The two just sat in silence in the darkness

Xana put her hand over Ray's

"We need to pray," she said.


The silence was eerie. The two looked at one another, the soft glow providing just enough light for them to see.

"We will probably be killed,"  Xana said, "are you sure you want to do this? It will be a waste of our lives."

"Xana," Ray repiled, "at this point if you want to return to the other side of this planet where we came from, then so be it. I can't blame you. It is not your world that were are trying to save. If you choose to do so, then all I can say is I wish that I could express in words my gratitude for all your help so far.You're right; we'll probably not make it out of there alive. Our corpses may even stay in there for all eternity."

Niether one knew how much time had passed before Ray stood. He looked down at Xana. She raised her arm. He took it and pulled her to her feet.

"I am with you," she said.

They looked in each other's eyes for several seconds. Then they embraced.

Finally Ray related his plan to her.

She didn't like it and insisted it be changed or she would leave.

Ray reluctantly consented

They became invisible once again and slipped through the hole in the wall.

Right after they made it through, they beheld the scene before them.

The orb was about the size of a soft ball and floated right above a pedestal. The crimson hue radiated from it. It was in the center of the room with three hounds on each of the four sides, guarding it.

The hounds were all metallic and shiny and had red eyes. They were in the shape of canines with long snouts and were about seven feet tall from head to foot, and about twelve feet long.

All their heads turned, focusing their glowing red eyes on the two just after they entered.

Even though Ray and the sorceress were invisible, they could still detect them. Ray figured this would happen because of the level of technology they had been and were now facing.

"Now!" Xana said in a hash whisper. Then she bacame visible and formed a glowing shield in front of her.

Ray zoomed to the right as red colored beams shot from the hound's eyes, striking Xana's shield. She screamed. Ray looked and saw she was still alive and  deduced that the scream was because of all the energy she had to funnel into the shield

Ray had almost made it to the orb, but was jumped on by two of the hounds

He was pinned to the floor.They had to weigh at least a couple of tons each.  He pushed as hard as he could on their necks, as their jagged toothed  jaws snapped only inches from his face!


End of Chapter 40


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