The Terrific Two II-Rise of the Fearsome Four

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Chapter 43 (v.1) - Triumph and Tragedy

Submitted: September 04, 2018

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Submitted: September 04, 2018



Chapter 43- Triumph and Tragedy


Ray pushed as hard as he could, lifting the hounds off their front feet for just a second; long enough for him to get loose and fly sideways.

Like a Chicago Bears offensive lineman, he rammed himself into the side of one of the mechanical monsters, causing it to slam against the one beside it. Both went tumbling over.

He raced for the orb, but was blasted by several laser like beams from the hounds, slamming him and pinning him against a wall. It was like being burned with a blowtorch and getting kicked by over a dozen Missouri mules at the same time. 

Ray shouted in pain.

He couldn't stay blended in any longer as it required so much energy, and it really would not have done that much good anyway.

He froze the ones firing on him, giving him just enough time to grasp the orb.

But one that he didn't see lept on top of him, causing him to lose his grasp.


Mike stood on the balcony of his penthouse and gently swirled his scotch. He had always been a Cutty Sark man.

He had narrowly escaped certain doom, thanks to the spirit of the glove.

He had had several sessions since then, turning off all the lights, sitting down in the darkness of his living room, and trying to contact them. Despite his extreme efforts of concentration, they could not be reached.

It had become apparent that these spirits, if in fact that is what they were,, would only pick and choose when they wanted to be of any help.

And right now, it was quite obvious that they had decided to remain docile.

Mike surmised that they certainly had to have their reasons. Were these sentient beings of the unknown busy in some other realm, doing whatever the hell it was they did?

Martial law was still in affect. Mike looked up and saw that the moon was full and it was a clear night.

He took his last drink and went back inside.


Several hounds were on top of the mystical dome Xana had protecting herself. She knew that if Ray did not get to the orb very very soon her power would falter.

She managed to look over and see Ray pounding and pounding the face of one of the hounds; driving it back.

But the ones he had frozen were starting to break free.

Xana knew that there was only one choice. She had to rescue Ray.

With all the power she could muster, she flew straight up while unleashing her bolts at the hound, knocking it backwards.

Ray dove for the orb. He snatched it only to be hit by the hound's beams again. He blasted back, but there were just too many.

Then a scream and purplish light filled the room. All the hounds were frozen still. Ray looked to Xana, who was radiating this light.

Unfortunately, it had taken all her energy. She fell to the floor. Then a split second before Ray could reach her, she was snatched up in the jaws of one of the hellish hounds.

It chomped down on her and she screamed.  "NOOOOOO!" Ray shouted, as he saw a couple of her limbs come flying away from her body.

While being hit by more eye beams in the back, Ray got close to the hound that had Xana in it's jaws and blasted it's face with a heat beam. It's head exploded and it dropped Xana.

In the next instant, Ray had her in one arm and the orb in the other. At supersonic speed he crashed through the walls and made it back into the tunnel they had made.

A second later he was zooming into the sky.

Xana's blood was all over his costume.


End of Chapter 43

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