The Terrific Two II-Rise of the Fearsome Four

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Chapter 44 (v.1) - Destiny Calls

Submitted: September 08, 2018

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Submitted: September 08, 2018



Chapter 44- Destiny Calls


Ray lay Xana down in the soft grass. He had to stop the bleeding, which was now pouring out of her. He tore the sleeves off his costume and used them as turniquets. 

This did some good. However, Xana was now very pale. He put his ear to her chest and listened. Though very faint, there was still a hearbeat.

His sleeves grew back right away. The power of the glove.

A tear streaming down his cheek, he laid his gloved hand on Xana's chest.

"Please," he said hoarsley, "please save her. I beg you. Please save her."

The substance which resembled a crystaline liquid came out of the glove and covered Xana's chest and head. It sparkled.

After about a minute Xana opened her eyes. She looked at Ray. He suddenly smiled and pulled her to his chest. "You're going to live!" he shouted.

Then he let her back down a little, still keeping her in his arms.

"No, my love," she said, " the spirits of your glove have communicated with me."  Her voice was a whisper and she was coughing up blood. The smile vanished from Ray's face.

"I have lost too much blood, “ she continued, "even they cannot save me. But they have given me just enough power to show you where you need to go and to send you back to where you live."

Bowing his head in sorrow, Ray replied "I understand."

Xana waved her arm and a scene appeared a few feet above them. It showed a large estate mansion and street sign next to it. 

"This is in the small town of Ivey Cove, just about twenty seven miles north of where you and your friend reside," Xana said.

Ray looked back down at her and silently nodded

"I must send you back now," she said, followed by heavy coughing.'You know what you must do. Don't think about me. Just do what the fates have set before you. Godspeed to you.'

She reached up and touched Ray's face. Then she looked over his shoulder and  her eyes widened as if she were seeing something beautiful. 

She then waved her hand. As the scene around him started to vanish, Ray's last sight was that of Xana's head falling sideways.


Mike switched off the news. They had struck again. This time at another major oil corporation's headquarters which was located in Toronto.

He had watched as the fire trucks were trying to put out the flames and the bodies were being put in ambulances.

He sat in silence. If only he knew where their hideout was.

Suddenly, a human form started taking shape in front of the television.

Next, Mike found himself looking at Ray, who had what appeared to be a ball of red light in his hands.


End of Chapter 44


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