The Terrific Two II-Rise of the Fearsome Four

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Chapter 45 (v.1) - The End?

Submitted: September 17, 2018

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Submitted: September 17, 2018



Chapter 45-The End?


Mike and Ray were closing in so fast there was not much time for any preparation after Clint picked them up on his radar. The robot raced to the alarm button and pushed it just as the duo crashed through the mansion's livimg room bay window.

Johnny, who was in the living room also, stood and raced towards the switch which opened the door to the elevator. He flipped it, causing both the bookcase which hid it and the door to open at the same time, but as he did so he started feeling as if he was going to faint.

The Rustler, who was in the laboratory, switched on the TV screen which showed the living room. He saw both Clint and Johnny down, lying on their backs while a reddish light pulsated and and covered the room. It's source appeared to be something one of those damn superheroes were holding.

Next he saw them racing to the elevator. Then he heard them blasting their way down the shaft.

"Fine!" he thought to himself, "I'll give them a red carpet welcome!"

He took cover behind his mount and reached for his six gun. But when he looked up, the two were in the lab and that reddeish light was filling the room.

The Rustler started blacking out; he squeezed the trigger but his shot went wild, exploding in the ceiling.

The super villain struggled to stay awake. Next, when he looked up, the pair were standing over him. One of them continued to hold the source of the light.

Mustering all the strength he possibly could, he jumped on his mount and zoomed into the interdimensional tunnel.  Ray and Mike gave chase

"YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME!! "the mad man shouted , "NEVER!!"

Recognizing that this orb was somehow stealing his strength, he sped up. But when he looked back, Ray was almost on top of him. Mike was not too far behind. He raised his glove and blasted The Rustler in the back.

The Rustler roared in pain. Ray was on top of him now; the villain pushing his chin back with one hand and trying to push the orb away with the other.

The Rustler's mount, with Ray still on it as well, started spinning and spinning. 

Then the mount veered off course and an instant later the three found themselves in the skies above an enormous city. It was night and all it's lights shown brightly

They landed in the steets of what appeared to be downtown.

Mike glanced around for just an instant. He recognized that they were in downtown Tokyo.

Ray continued to struggle with The Rustler as Mike blasted him once again. 

Ray wondered how his advesary could maintain his resistance to the orb for so long.

Then, it started happening.

Somehow, some way, The Rustler started becoming bigger. He shoved Ray off of him and grew larger and larger.

Mike and Ray looked at the orb, and to their shock it was growing dimmer! Then, they watched as it's light started leaving it and going into The Rustler.

This now monstrous villain was draining it's power!!

The orb's light went out completely. They looked up as The Rustler, now a one hundred foot tall giant, soared into the night sky!

Next his body dissappeared and his his face took it's place, red eyes gleaming. His face was outlined in glowing red.

It took up about a third of the sky!  His loud maniacle laughter thundered in the two's ears.




End of chapter 45

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