The Terrific Two II-Rise of the Fearsome Four

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Heinrich Ottoman II

Submitted: August 03, 2017

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Submitted: August 03, 2017



Chapter 5-Heinrich Ottoman II


Plans to start drilling for Project Deepstar went underway immediately. Rita herself insisted she do the calculations for the location of the first rig.

Erwin appeared to make it his sole life mission to make Heinrich as miserable as possible. It didn't take a rocket scientist to discern that Rita had probably come whining to him about her and Heinrich's confrontation.

The trouble for Erwin was that there was hardly anything he knew of that could be used against Heinrich. He did his job and did it well. Never making any mistakes, always showing up on time for work, and even putting in late hours to make sure all was done correctly.

Rita and Erwin started snorting crack and having sex right in Erwin's office. He made it clear to his secretary that she was not to let anyone disturb him during those times, no matter what.

A few weeks before the final completion of the main drilling platform a large black tie formal celebration was to take place in the grand ballroom of the ritziest hotel in New York.

On the Saturday morning of the event, Heinrich woke up early and could not go back to sleep. He looked at the time which said six twenty three AM.

He had a bad feeling and he knew something was wrong as he had these feelings before and they all had turned out to be well founded. Over the decades, Heinrich had developed somewhat of a sixth sense regarding Old Man Trouble.

He turned to his wife and saw she was still in a deep sleep. He rose, put on a jacket and jeans over his pajamas and put on a New York Jets cap. He left a note for Greta and got behind the wheel of his Ford Crown Victoria.

About fifteen minutes after coming out of a drive through with his coffee, he pulled into his parking spot and took the elevator to the top floor where his corner office was.

He sat at his desk for a moment and then it struck him. He had always made a habit of double checking critical calculations regarding all facets of their operations. He couldn't check them all of course; just the very important ones.

For some reason he had never gotten around to checking Rita's calculations for determing the exact location where they should start drilling for Deepstar.

Everything was kept in software files and backed up with paper, as in most other businesses.

He accessed and opened the file "Deepstar Drilling Point Calcs"

About five minutes into the review, he spotted something extremely questionable. Then he dug deeper.

The first drilling point was too far outside the company'ssafety parameters to drill. Pressure readings indicated that.

Heinrich checked again and again. Same result. He collapsed back in his chair. What the hell was Rita thinking?

The percentage of the safety factor in the safe zone was much greater than in the unsafe. However, it STILL did not meet the company's criteria, which was very stringent, as it was in all other exploration companies.

Heinrich looked down at his desk and shook his head. The rig, Goliath One, was over sixty per cent complete. If the opening drill date was pushed back, Fathom would lose millions in royalties. And the drilling company possibly would also, depending on what the contracts had specified. Then Fathom could be faced with lawsuits.

He had to inform Erwin right away. They could not proceed with drilling in that location. A gigantic eruption could result, which might destroy or severly damage the rig. Worst of all was the possibilty of personal injuries and death of rig workers.

As he walked out of the building and pressed his car's lock release, he recalled hearing rumors of Rita's drug use. She had been late for work several times in the last few months and her eyes had been bloodshot when she came in. Her temprament had also gotten worse over this period of time, if that was even possible.

He tried Erwin on his cell but could not get through.  A few minutes later he was at the guarded entrance of Erwin's estate.

He showed the guard his business card and driver's license. Heinrich explained that he must talk to Erwin immediately as this was an emergency.

The guard called, spoke to someone, and then hung up. He opened the gate and signalled Heinrich to enter.

As Heinrich pulled into the curved driveway in the front, he saw Rita's car sitting there.


End of Chapter 5


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