The Terrific Two II-Rise of the Fearsome Four

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - The Unhappiest Place on Earth

Submitted: October 10, 2017

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Submitted: October 10, 2017




Author's note- Apologies for taking so long to post. Had to deal with Hurricane Harvey, getting fired, finding new job, and working my ass off in it. Only just now getting really up to speed. On top of all that still a shitty typest. At least now I have the energy to write at the end of the day.


Chapter 8-The Unhappiest Place on Earth


Helicopters, flashing siren lights, news vans, and cameras surrounding the main castle in Disneyworld came into view as Mike and Ray circled in the dark sky overhead. 

Ray flew up to Mike. "Let's blend in and get down closer. Maybe we can hear better exactly what the hell's going on, " he said.

"Agreed," Mike replied

They flew down towards what appeared to be the command center. All kinds of police were in it. A van was parked next to it with multiple screens inside showing the castle from all angles. All the interior lights of the castle were off. Spotlights from several different locations lit it up the outside.

The park, of course, had been totally evecuated.

A large man in the tent, who had a dark jacket on with big FBI letters on it's back, stood up from a table and lit a cigarette. He had several other FBI personnel around him as well as who appeared to be the local Chief of Police , and a few more in uniform and one or two dressed in plain clothes.

A woman agent came walking swiftly up to him.

"They're still not having any communication with us, sir," she said. All eyes turned toward him, where upon he looked at his watch.

"All SWAT teams in position?" he turned to a man and asked

"Yes sir,," the man replied. "and all scopes centered on the windows."

The man blew out smoke and looked back at the woman.

"Keep trying to talk to them. This is gonna be something we have to play strictly by ear."  He then looked at a man dressed in a suit.

"Are they gonna have those castle blue prints here soon?" he asked

"Let me check," the man replied and raised a walkie talkie to his lips.

Mike and Ray then flew to a secluded area. 

"You think we should let them know we're here?" Ray asked.

"Maybe we should," Mike answered, "they may know some things that could be helpful,".

"Or they may tell us we're interfering and to buzz off," Ray replied.

Mike looked over in time to see a SWAT member take off his gear belt and go into one of those portable restrooms. He recognized a pair of night goggles on the belt

Mike quickly whispered an idea to Ray. Next he took the goggles and, still blending with the sky, flew towards the castle.

He reached the highest window and, floating in the air, looked inside.

He saw what appeared to be a family on one side of the bedroom and some figures on the other side. Mike put the upper part of his bottom left wrist close to his mouth. There was a microphone there he used to stay in radio contact with Ray.

"I count one, two, four of what appears to be a family. A man, woman, and two kids. There's two others in there sitting about six feet away with what looks like automatics trained on them. There is no movement.. In back of them and I see what looks like three good size backpacks."

"There's probably more guarding  the entrances," Ray replied, "can you get a look into any other windows?"

"Affirmative," Mike answered. He flew around and looked briefly into each of the remaining ones.

"No sign of life in any of the others", he said. Then he flew back towards Ray


Lance was a distant cousin of Greta's. They were the only family he had left.

Wounded in the Vietnam war, he lived on disabiltiy and had been single all his life. He lived in a trailer not too far from where Heinrich lived. He was slovenly, lazy, and had no manners.

"Howya doin, Heinrich?" he asked as he entered. Then he walked over and plopped himself down in the living room.

"Oh, not so good these days" Heinrich replied.

"I know," Lance answered, getting up from the couch. He opened the refrigerator and saw that there was no beer. He then looked at Heinrich.

"It takes a long time to get over the death of someone close," he said, "especially somebody as fine as Greta."

Heinrich just stared back at him.

The two uncannily resembled each other. White hair, same kind of glasses, build, and facial features. It was often said they could pass as twins. Both were right at six feet tall and had blue eyes and a medium build

"Like to go for a beer run?" Lance asked, "I'll buy if you fly."

"Agreed," answered Heinrich, "and I have another idea. This place is kind of depressing to me right now. Can we head over to the trailer?"

"Sounds like a good idea to me," Lance answered, "and I got plenty of beer in the fridge.."

It was dusk by the time they reached the trailer. Heinrich just followed him in his Lincoln. Lance backed his Chevy Silverado next to his 1985 Holiday Rambler like he always did.

They set up lawn chairs and Lance came out with his cans of Busch.  They sat and talked, watching Lance's bug zapper. After it zapped one Lance looked over to Heinrich and asked 'Dontcha just love them things? I musta seen a thousand bugs get zapped since I bought it."

They had been talking for about a half hour when Lance had to excuse himself and went back into the trailer. Heinrich walked over, popped the trunk of his Lincoln,  and took out a tire tool and then a flashlight out of the glove compartment. He then walked over and stood in back of the truck.

A couple strolled by with their dog and waved.

Lance came back out and Heinrich said "Lance! You need to come look at this!"

"What?" Lance replied and stepped to where Heinrich was. He looked where Heinrich was pointing the flashlight.

Heinrich stepped back a few feet and hit him on the back of the head as hard as he could.

Lance fell over, stone cold dead.


End of Chapter 8.




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