A Heart Of Valor

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Submitted: June 22, 2017

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Submitted: June 22, 2017



Rage in silence speaks. To pain so quietly. You can hear the hearts set free in urgency. Don't wander off too far. My love.. It's time for the end of misery. Triumph in the secret room. A bed of thorns that welcomes gloom. All your eleven dreams . Look into my heart and you'll believe. As these binds come undone. You are my only one. Is this what you wait for?

Flower , capture the hours you did and I wait. Slowly dreaming of your wake. I wait. No way out . Taste me , as I seep . Devour my need. Interstellar constance , packs a painful sting. I dream. Beauty , it goes on taunting . It hurts. Lover unfold the cover I'm rotting . In a place where I am wanting. To escape this haunting. ..

Tower, the pain will cleanse away. Just wait. When the moonlight climbs through your window. . Into your bed. . When I wake I am so weak. Your throwing my life away. Sorry , Heart... Of valor. I'm out of power. Mother, In this light I pray . She'll wait. For the forces to answer the far out .. Cries for help. Stone stand, hold my lonely hand. I ran. Faster than the speed of sound. I fear, that angels are distant to the near. Is this what you wait for ??

Wait for me , My love... This vengeance will fit you like a glove. You'll see. My face in the faded memories. You'll scream. When you wake you are so weak . From throwing my life away. Someday , never ... Coming home. Sorry , heart.... Of valor. I've let you down. Sunshine, return through this window. .. And out of my bed. .

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