The Contest

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Amber Foster Convinces her step sister Josephine Hart to enter a music contest. Amber plans on playing the guitar while Josephine sings to win first place in the contest. The day of the contest Amber is sick and Josephine is on her own to try and win the contest.

Submitted: June 22, 2017

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Submitted: June 22, 2017



Josephine Hart was in the kitchen fixing to leave when her step sister Amber Foster came into the kitchen. “Joey, Joey! I want you to read this” exclaimed Amber with excitement as she handed a flier to Josephine. “Radio Station PPOR is conducting a music contest, at the Belmont Auditorium, Saturday, March 25th, starting at 9am,” said Josephine reading the flier. “Read on,” exclaimed Amber. “First place is a one hundred dollar shopping spree at Apparels, second place is a fifty dollar shopping spree at Morrell’s Designer Boutique, and third place is dinner for two at Cattle Rustlers Steakhouse,” said Josephine as she continued to read the flier. “With your singing talent and my guitar playing, we are guaranteed to win first place,” said Amber with a big smile on her face. “I don’t know,” said Josephine. “Please Joey, pretty please,” said Amber. “Ok,” said Josephine with a sigh. “Thank you, Joey, you are the greatest sister in the whole wide world,” said Amber hugging Josephine. 
“So, where are you going?” inquired Amber. “Mom is working late and she wanted me to go to Piggies and pick up supper,” said Josephine. “Can I come?” asked Amber. “I am only going to piggies,” said Josephine. “Ok, I understand we are just going to Piggies,” said Amber.
Josephine pulled  into the parking lot at Today’s Hot Looks. “Joey, What are we doing here?” I thought we were only going to Piggies,” said Amber. “Sis, we have been together almost three years; I know you how you think. Besides dad won’t be home until five and mom around six” said Josephine with a smile. Amber looked at her watch. “That means we have an hour to look,” exclaimed Amber with excitement..
Saturday morning Josephine went into Amber’s bedroom. “Sis, it is time to get up,” said Josephine. Amber rolled over. “Joey, I am sick and feel like I am fixing to puke ” moaned Amber. “I hate to say this but you look like crap,” said Josephine. “I feel like crap too,” said Amber. “Get some rest. I will be back in a little while,” said Josephine.
Karen Foster, Josephine’s mother and Amber’s step mother knocked on Amber’s bedroom door. “Amber there is someone here to see you,” said Karen. “Who is it?” asked Amber sitting up in bed. “Korey,” said Karen. Korey Hunter, Amber’s best friend entered Amber’s bedroom carrying a stuffed teddy bear. “Hi beautiful,” said Kory handing Amber the stuffed teddy bear. “I am far from that,” said Amber. “Joey, text me and said you were sick in bed. I thought I would bring you a get well gift,” said Korey. “Thank you,” said Amber as she laid back down. “Hope you get to feeling better,” said Korey kissing Amber on the cheek. “Korey, wait,” said Amber as Korey started to leave. “What do you need?” asked Korey. “Would you stay with me for a little while?” asked Amber. Korey sat down on the bed beside Amber and ran his fingers through her blond hair as she started to go to sleep.
“Our final contestant today is Ms. Josephine Hart,” said the announcer handing Josephine a microphone at the PPOR Music Contest. “Ok Joey, you can do this. You are doing this for Amber,” thought Josephine to herself. Josephine sung the song Your Heart is on the Line. “Will be right back with the judge’s decision,” said the announcer after Josephine finished singing.
Amber woke up to Korey sitting beside her. “I must be dreaming,” said Amber. “It’s not a dream,” said Korey. “I can’t believe you stayed,” said Amber. “Why wouldn’t I? I love you,” said Korey. “I must have a high fever and it is making me delusional because I thought I heard you say you loved me,” said Amber sitting up. “You are not delusional or imaging things, I really did say I love you,” said Korey putting his arm around Amber and then kissing her on the cheek. Amber looked over at the clock. “Oh man, I missed listening to the music contest on the radio,” said Amber with a sigh. “It is not important anyway, I am sick, Joey probably went and hung out with Jason since I couldn’t go,” continued Amber. “Actually Joey went to the singing contest,” said Korey. “What! Oh man!” exclaimed Amber.  
“The judges have made their decision. It is time to announce the winners in the PPOR Music Contest. In third place and winner of a dinner for two at Cattle Rustlers Steakhouse; Ms. Chantel Dickerson. The second place winner and winner of a fifty dollar shopping spree at Morrell’s Designer Boutique is Ms. Darlene Campbell. Now, The moment you have all been waiting for the winner of the PPOR Music Contest and winner of the one hundred dollar shopping spree at Apparels is,” said the announcer pausing. “The winner is Ms. Josephine Hart,” exclaimed the announcer. “What,” exclaimed Josephine. “Congratulations Ms. Josephine Hart,” said the announcer as he handed her a one hundred dollar gift certificate.
Josephine came into Amber’s bedroom. “How did it go?” asked Amber. “How did what go?” asked Josephine. “The contest,” exclaimed Amber. “Well, I tried my best,” said Josephine with a sigh. “It does suck we didn’t win but at least you tried your best,” said Amber putting her arm around Josephine. “I didn’t go away empty handed. I did win this,” said Josephine handing Amber the one dollar gift certificate. “Oh my Gosh, you won first place,” exclaimed Amber.
 Josephine started to leave Amber’s bedroom. “Joey, would you do one thing for your sick sister?” asked Amber.  “What?” asked Josephine. “When I was a little girl before my mom died when I was sick, she would sing me a lullaby. Since you have the musical talent in the family would you sing me a lullaby?” asked Amber. Josephine sat down on the bed and started singing a lullaby to Amber.
“There is America’s next country star,” said Jason Clark  as Josephine walked by him on her way to take a seat in music class at Piney Point High. “I am not going to be a county star. I only won first place in a stupid contest,” said Josephine as she took her seat.
“Ms. Hart, I need to talk to you for a minute,” said Wilson Stephens, Josephine’s music teacher, as the students were walking out after music class. “Yes, Mr. Stephens,” said Josephine with a worried look on her face. “I overheard what you said about winning the contest and you should be looking at it as inspiration instead of just winning a stupid contest,” said Wilson. “Inspiration,” said Josephine with a puzzled look on her face. “Yes, Ms. Hart, it should inspire you to work harder, set bigger goals, and be a role model to your peers,” said Wilson. “Me? A role model,” said Josephine. “Yes, Ms. Hart, in today’s society whether something is good or bad young people always find someone to look up to and some even consider them a hero,” said Wilson. “Thank you, Mr. Stephens, I will think about what you said,” said Josephine. “Go on, it is time for your next class. By the way Ms. Hart, do more than think about it, do it,” said Wilson.


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