Florence Ascends

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Submitted: June 22, 2017

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Submitted: June 22, 2017



Amnesia sickness. A part of memory fades. That loses years that crept through time. She has a shadow mind. Lives on some gentle dawn . Beneath the pin hole stars. Where my love belongs . This heart is here and gone.

Past galaxy ashes. Where the comets burn. Is a fairytale etched inside her yearn. Fantasy dreams . On a shallow spine . Will I lose her then? Before she finds mankind? Black hearts always cry . In another world . Her love went wrong. But crawled back to forever belong. This heart is here and gone.

My cup holds no time. To anyone's belief. She always waits for tyrants. Warrants. Psychos just like me. Florence ascends . Into the space where rage begins . Up and beyond , Infinite calms . That veer my pistol vision. Into a suicide gone wrong . Drain my heart, Empty. Drink this cup .. of pity. Waiting to steal me once again . Ascend florence.

A daring intervention. Of a soul's lost intention To mutilate the seasons that linger in my time . Florence are you sleeping up there ? With the man in the moon ? My fears bleed my ears . Deafness to what I can't deny. As florence ascends again . Drain this love. empty. Drink this cup Of pity. Are you happy Now that I'm lost and left with nothing ?

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