Beautiful Chaos

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Submitted: June 22, 2017

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Submitted: June 22, 2017



I fell in love with the idea that somewhere out there, there's someone made just for you.

But the biggest flaw in life to me was saying I love you too. 

A vulnerability to me in the past was falling in love to hard, to fast.

In love with people whose love did not last.

Beautiful chaos, beautiful storm. 

Rainy days caused by relationships that lacked a platform. 

You can't change the person you were yesterday. 

Just like you can't go back once your on the highway.

Would you come over, would you stay

Stay till I'm sober

Just until these storms in my head are over.

 And I know I can be the hardest to love at times

I'm not the greatest I draw out of the lines.

Beautiful chaos, beautiful storm.

Mistakes came so often it started to feel like at art form.

And how many lightbulbs would it take to change a person.

And I'm no where close to perfect. But I'm building

I am building myself up into a lighthouse

Breaking free from a life that felt like a jailhouse

Building my walls high enough no matter what wavelength

Building walls made with my strength.

A strength that can hold even the roughest of seas

No longer feeling like I can't get up off my knees.

My roof is a crafted masterpiece of forgiveness.

I am building myself.









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