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Submitted: June 22, 2017

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Submitted: June 22, 2017





Some people might have thought that everything would be perfect me and Shadow Girl just all chillax and stuff like that.  I lit a candle this time right next to her book when we got home and closed the blinds.

"Shadow Girl I haven't seen Light Girl for days?  Where is she?"  I said.

"I don't know?" 

"Hm, troubling."  I said, but who is a guy like me to wonder where a Light Girl hangs out anyways.

"She will probably be home today, that is when Seth shows up, her worker."

"Oh I see, that is great."  I said.

"Far from great really.  Ya’ see Light Girl is disabled.  Whatever she touches tends to burn up like the sun and Seth is her disability worker.  They do a bunch of drugs together and then he gives her pills."  Shadow Girl said.

"Oh that sound's terrible."

"Yeah they smoke a bunch of meth together and then he leaves the pills ... but Light Girl is all I have and we split her money so that we can live?"  Shadow Girl said in her cutest little concerned voice.

"Oh wow, that sounds terrible.  I mean the drugs and all, not that you two have this great place."  I said commenting on the neat studio apartment.

Just about that time Light Girl came stumbling in, a condition that I had never seen before.  There was Seth with her and they immediately headed for the living room space and the glass pipe.  The pipe turned a glowing reddish color as Light Girl took a rip off of the pipe.  Seth put the bag of drugs on the table and noticed me for a second, got all vicious with me really ... suggested that I better not be making any moves on his Light Girl and that I was still lucky to have my front teeth.  Well it wasn't that bad but I was a little scared.  I thought to myself that this wasn't the best sitch’ for the Light and Shadow Girl so ... but I didn't know what to do?  Not to say that all people that do meth are bad but sometimes bad people do meth?

So I did what any responsible boy would do and put the pills up, didn't think that Light Girl needed to take the pills with the smoke.

I really thought about it for a long time but all I could keep thinking about is how much I loved Shadow Girl and that while it was too bad her current living situation with Light Girl, all though they were really good friends that there must be something that I could do to help.  They are really a great pair though.

"Light Girl, do you think that you can stand on Shadow Girl's book?  I mean if that is alright with you Shadow Girl?"  I asked.

Well Light Girl didn't speak but she did take a seat on the book by Shadow Girl and I felt better about that. 

"Shadow Girl you never did tell me why you stand on the book and take all of those notes on me all the time?"  I said.

"It's because I am as old as the Earth and shadow and I know everything and you are an idiot loser."

"Oh, I see.  I love when you call me Loser, could you do that again?"  I pleaded.


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