Carbon Monoxide

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A short poem on Carbon Monoxide and its deadly effects

Submitted: June 23, 2017

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Submitted: June 23, 2017



The window is sealed 


The engine is running 


The pipe is nice and wide 


Let the fumes flow freely 


It gives me a reassuring pat on the back, telling me everything will be fine


I take deep and big breaths, filling my lungs with it


Just let me die, with no surprises 


I hear the door open, it's my mother


I was hiding in the garage


Playing hide and seek, just like I used to as a child


Only this time, she'll never find me


I hear her screaming as she discovers and unfolds my plot


She runs to the car and bashes on the window 


Her pleas are drowned out by my depression, as I don't care


I turn to her and smile, as the carbon monoxide cycles around my veins, killing me slowly


Cold and lifeless tears are streaming down cheeks, her face expresses desperation and sadness 


My head feels light, my oxygen is beginning to deplete


I stare into her eyes, as I take my finals breaths


And I say "Goodbye" to her, as I fade away into the fumes

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