Dear Jenny,

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic
Chapter 1
A Father comes home to find His Daughter missing,
Abducted by a Mysterious Man code named Albert,
He will test a Fathers love for His Child.

Submitted: June 23, 2017

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Submitted: June 23, 2017



The Day has Come again I find Myself sinking into a depression since Melanie's tragic Death 1 year ago her mutilated face gives me nightmares my Daughter Jennifer who's about to turn Seven looks just like her mom everyday seems like just yesterday mommy and I had to change Your diaper but that was then it seems Jennifer has been the one cheering me up instead of the other way around making drawings of mommy & Me. the baby sitter will be here anytime now I must prepare to get things ready for their evening together daddy is so exhausted if your reading this Jenny know that i love you big girl Your My Angel the light that guides me in the night I will be with you even though Daddy needs to go to Work 100 miles away although far apart I feel as Though We're together.


Damn my Boss was such a miserable bastard sorry Jenny I missed your Birthday Daddy just has a lot on his mind too busy worrying about my own problems rather then your needs I don't blame you if you never speak to me again but just know this I will always love you.


Returning back home the door seemed to be ajar it's not normal I hope the sitter and Jenny are ok looking into the home it's grown all dark after Searching a bit Matthew finds a Blood trail, opening the Door to the Closet reveals a Gruesome sight the Babysitter has been Murdered The Closet Reek's of Her Blood. feeling Faint Matthew Leaves the Room searching for a Weapon, He find's an old Bat as He Gets up he stumbles upon a letter that lay atop the table "Jenny has been kidnapped" is all Matthew can Think of its all my fault I wasn't there for you I must find you please god send an angel from the sky granting me solice and point me in the direction of her.


Soon the Phone Rings 

After answering the Phone a Deep Voice Speaks


Mysterious Voice: Hey Matthew sorry to invade but I have someone Here who would like a Word with You!

Jenny: I'm Here Daddy 

Matthew: Are You alright Jenny?

Jenny: I'm Fine Daddy This kind Man is gonna Treat Me to some Ice Cream!

Matthew: Ice Cream? 

Matthew: Where are You Honey?

Jenny: I don't know it's pretty Big a Big City!

Matthew: can You see any landmarks perhaps a Big Statue?

Matthew: Jenny answer Me!?

Matthew: Jenny! Jenny? Are You alright?

Mysterious Voice: She is Fine For now Matthew! However You owe Me a Huge Favor A Favor so Huge that its Deserving of Fresh Blood!

Matthew: don't hurt Jenny You Son of a b- 

Mysterious Voice: Shh Jenny is Right next to Me Matthew Its just like You to get all upset over Nothing Come find Me in First and Grand Ave in the Alley behind the Bar in an Hour read the Note carefully as it'll reveal where Were at come Alone! I shall be Waiting!

Don't disappoint Me Now, You understand Matthew That Daughter of Your's is Depending on You! 


Matthew is then Hung Up on  carefully reading the Letter reveals the Town of Anaheim Matthew heads towards the Strange Town with only an Address 

In the hopes it'll lead Him to Jenny!



(To Be Continued)


Chapter Two Teaser



Searching for Answers

Matthew arrives in the Town 

Of Anaheim with one Goal in 

Mind, to Save Jenny and put a stop to The twisted Maniac on the other End of the Phone!

After arriving in the town the Most violent of Thing's Happen Beaten and Bruised and Nothing more to Do but Listen to the Demand's of a Mysterious Man CodeNamed Albert! 

How far Can One Man go to Save One Precious Soul? Stay Tuned to find Out.

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